Last Updated: November 14, 2017 

Please use only the forms for the 2017 season. Last years form may have been updated and I am working on the rest of the list. If you need one not here please let me know.

Concussion info from Chris and Mike Golic
Handout at a presentation by Chris and Mike Golic at the USA Football National Convention January, 2017

Study on Flag vs Tackle
Study starts out saying Flag is safer but reading entire article it changes to flag has more injuries than tackle

Datalys Center Youth Football Study
Study done of youth football by DATALYSCENTER

2017 Participant Contract and Parental Consent form
Version 1/5/2017

2017 Physical Fitness & Medical History Form
1/5/2017 Version

2017 Volunteer Application and CORI Form
This form is used to approve all volunteers to your program including your board of directors and to request a Criminal Background check. The background check must be through Mass CHB as well as a National Carrier.

2016 Insurance claim form
Claim form should be complete and sent to Joe Panniello, 83 Cedar Street, Everett, MA 02149

2016 National Rule book
This is a protected document used for the association use only.

2017 Volunteer Of The Year Application
Paper work to nominate your volunteer of the year! Due date is Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 Pop Warner Admin Manual
Latest version of Pop Warner Administration Manual. It is pass word protected for PW associations use.

2017 Risk Management for Coaches
Each coach should receive a copy of this manual and review and understand it. hey should sign the last page and turn it into their Association President

2017 PWFCEM Rulebook
2017 Rulebook updated 6/22/2017

2017 PWFCEM Cover Sheet excel
Excel version

2017 PWFCEM Cover Sheet doc
This is a word document and can be used in a mail merge to have the pages produced for the entire team/squad/association

2017 Absentee Form
2017 Absentee form to be used for all play-offs and cheer competitions

2017 Event form
Please see this form to request permission for your program to be involved in an event

2017 Conference Calendar
Conference Calendar Subject to Change Without Notice 6/22/17

2017 Conference New Rule Proposal
Form to submit a new rule for the conference. Deadline for 2017 is May 15th.

2017 Conference Change Rule form
2017 Conference rule change request form. Deadline for 2017 is May 15th

2017 Sport Parent Code of Conduct form
Revised 1/25/2017

2017 Transfer/Release form
This form must be approved by the association where the player is coming from as well as the conference before the child can begin practicing.

2017 Patch Order Form

2017 Proper Patch Placement
Patch placement, to be used on game jersey for both home and away.

2017 Conference Association Registration form
2017 Association Registration due May 1st

2017 Association Registration Instructions
Instructions for completing the Association registration form

2017 Parental Behavior Memo

2017 Ethical Behavior and Personal Inurement Memo

2017 Association Board of Directors Form
Complete form and send to Joe Panniello, President PWFCEM at no later than April 1st

2017 Association Conflict of Interest form

2017 Basic Accounting practices for Non-Profit
Please use this link to obtain some sound basic accounting principles to meet your reporting requirements

2017 Tiny - Mite (F) MPR Sheet
Tab 1 to be used for rosters with 22 or less...2nd tab for rosters 23 and over

2017 EMT back page of MPR
2017 EMT info for MPR sheets

2017 MPR Sheet A - D
Mandatory play sheet for Teams A through D. To be used until the roster has been approved in the software

2017 MPR Sheet Mitey Mites
Mandatory play sheet for E Team only (Mitey-Mites)

2017 Guide for Board Members
Guide for Board Members of Charitable Organizations

2017 Non Profit Information
IRS information regarding Non Profit

2017 Document Destruction
Document retention requirements

2017 Pop Warner Conflict of Interest - Association
Conflict of Interest statement for association. Please update highlighted fields before printing for board members

2017 Scholastic Rules
All American rules

2017 Scholar Frequently Asked Questions
Most recent update

2017 Grading Conversion Chart

2017 All American Application
Use 2017 form only. There are 3 tabs with tab 2 being All-American Addendum & tab 3 Additional addendum

2017 Scholastic Eligibilty Form
The League should be PWFC of Eastern Massachusetts

2017 Home School Form
The League should be PWFC of Eastern Massachusetts

2017 Squad Declaration A - D
This is a editable PDF file and you may enter the info and print this. However, you can not save this data.

2017 Squad Declaration E & F
This is a editable PDF file and you may enter the info and print this. However, you can not save this data.

2017 Prop and Costume Approval form for Dance