Last Updated: March 7, 2017

2016 PYFCO Coach & Board Member Ethics Form

2016 Parent Code of Ethics Form

2016 PYFCO CHEER Working Roster Form

2016 PYFCO Coaches Roster Form
To be filled out and turned in on or before first PYFCO eligibility day

2016 Working Roster for Eligibility Day
To be filled out in alphabetical order by last name and electronically submitted to the Commissioners office prior to the first eligibility day. A hard copy must be brought to the first eligibility day as well.

2016 PYFCO Transfer Request Form
Form that must be signed by both the losing and gaining league presidents for a player or cheerleader transfer to another league.

2016 PYFCO Waiver Request Form
Form needed for player movement to a different age division.

2016 Middle School Player Waiver Request (NEW)
Waiver form that must be filled out and signed for parents of Middle School players who are also playing for PYFCO.

2016 PYFCO Game Summary Sheet
A form for use by Blue Hats on game day to record the events of each game. To be turned in the following week with the rosters from previous game.

2016 PYFCO Injury Report
This form must be filled out and turned into the PYFCO Commissioners whenever an injury to a football player or cheerleader occurs at practice or games.

2016 PYFCO Protest Form
Form that needs to be used whenever a protest of a call or a game is lodged with the PYFCO.

PYFCO Super Bowl Ad Form
This is the form that is needed to submit ads for the Super Bowl program.

To be filled out after every game and turned into the Commissioners office weekly.