Last Updated: October 16, 2017

Add/Delete to roster
Use this form to add and delete players before deadline. Deadline is commonly at the half way point.

Team Registration Form
Must be turned in with payment. Please fill out completely. Revised 9/5/12.

Code of Conduct

Adult Team Sponsorship
Let me know if you need an updated version

Team Roster
All players must sign the official team roster prior to playing; I.D. checks may be made

Softball League Bylaws
Updated September 2017

Adult Futsal Rules

Adult soccer league player waiver and parent release form

Soccer Bylaws - updated 10/27/15
Updated 2015

Basketball sponsor letter
If you'd like to get a trophy or party sponsor

Basketball Bylaws 5-6

Basketball Bylaws 7-8

Youth basketball 9-10

Youth basketball 11-12

Youth baskteball 13-14

Teen basketball 15-17

Girl's basketball 9-11

Disc Golf Scorecard
Doris Davies Park Disc Golf Course

Volleyball Bylaws
Volleyball rules

Adult Flag Football Bylaws