Last Updated: October 18, 2017
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Futsal (Gym Soccer) Rules - effective October 1, 2016
This updated version now includes a couple of rule changes (accumulated fouls, restart distance, goalkeeper distribution, and new coed rules).

Team Registration form
This form needs to be handed in prior to the season starting to reserve your spot in the league. It also has to be accompanied by the payment of the registration fees

6 vs. 6 Outdoor Soccer Bylaws
Latest revision of bylaws, dated February 27th, 2012

Gym Soccer (Futsal) Player Registration Form in English
The City needs this Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk form completed prior to playing

Gym Soccer (Futsal) Player Registration Form in Spanish
La Ciudad de Victorville requiere que cualquier jugador llene este formulario antes de jugar.

Credit Card Authorization Form for Registration
This form can be used to register a team via fax (when accompanied by the Registration Form) if you are unable to physically visit Hook Community Building.

Sports Code of Conduct
The code of conduct shall apply to all participants in City of Victorville Recreation division leagues and tournaments and will be enforced before, during and after all games.

Team Roster
This is the official roster that teams have to sign at the beginning of each season.

Tie-breaker system
In the event of a tie, the tie-breakers - as stipulated in the handout - will identify who has the better record

6 vs 6 new adopted CalSouth Rules
Here are some new rules that will be adopted by the 6 vs 6 outdoor soccer league, falling in line within Cal South guidelines.

Previous 6 vs. 6 Soccer Bylaws
Previous revision of soccer Bylaws as of August 17, 2011

Previous 6 vs. 6 Outdoor Soccer Bylaws
Revision: 7-5-2011

Referee Invoice form
This is a new form (effective June 18, 2012) to be used by referees to submit their invoices