Profiles of Austin

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Please use the Drop Down Box above to read accounts about the men and women of our community who’ve made a difference. But before doing that please take time to read the message below.
Profiles of Austin
This section of the Website is dedicated to the men and women who’ve made a difference in our community through their businesses, their professional careers and their involvement in making Austin a better place to live and visit. Here is where we can learn and share the histories of people and events that have shaped our comunity.  This section is for honoring those who have passed away, and for honoring the people who still live or work in our community, making a positive impact in Austin.  It’s a place to learn about the people behind our current and past Austin businesses.  

This section is not near completion, and is not possible without your contributions in providing us with the history of your family or business.  Please share with us your stories and histories of the families and businesses that made Austin a better place to live, a better place to raise our children and good place to call home.

 We hope these true accounts inspire you to share biographical information with us about yourself or someone you love.  This is your opportunity to tell the story of your family or business in your own words.  There are hundreds of stories out there about people who grew up in Austin, and went on to success in other places, or who moved to Austin and found success in a business or other avenue.  That’s what we’re after here, the stories of courage, the stories of determination and the stories about people like you and me, who love Austin and think it’s a good place to live and a place to be proud of. 


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