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History of Austin High School Outstanding Alumnus Recipients


Austin Alumni Association

Outstanding Alumnus Recipients


A Message from the Austin Alumni Association President


Ishmael White (2011)


In photo at right is 2011 Co-Recipient Sonny Fugate (left) with Austin Alumni Association President Ishmael White (AHS 1972). Fugate was a 1962 Austin High School Graduate and shared the 2011 honor with 1956 AHS graduate Tom Chilton.


In 1977 the Austin Alumni Association established the Outstanding Alumni Award. Over the past 35 years this distinction has been bestowed upon 54 individuals. As a person reads through the list, it becomes quickly apparent that Austin High School and the community can take pride in the people that have walked the hallowed halls of AHS. Our mantra for selection is simple “People who make a difference”. The recipients range from farmers to Rocket Scientists, Educators to business people, Community advocates to Government officials, people who gave simply of their time and energy, Local business people to leaders of industry, people who helped out the few to people who have touched the masses, people who have made an impact locally to people who have made an impact at the four corners of the earth. We have had husbands and wives, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, and whole families recognized.

The oldest recipient is Cloyd Julian who, at 101, is still with us to Joseph Malcolm Kilburn who would be 26 if he were still with us. This demonstrates that some made a difference which spanned a century and others who were with us only a fraction of that time made a profound difference in that short time.

I have had the privilege of knowing 50 of these people and each of them will tell you they take pride in being from Austin and being a product of the Austin School System. They have been successful ambassadors of our community. They are examples of our dedication to excellence and our commitment to a quality education. This list represent less than 1 percent of the over 5,000 graduates of Austin High School, over the past 101 years. I would like to challenge everyone who reads this with the following phrase: “Second Century-Make Your Own History”.
1977- Ellsworth Chandler (Class of 1936)

1978- James Buchanan (Class of 1950)

1979- Mary Guynn (Class of 1925

1980- Julian Brothers: Cloyd (Class of 1928), Delbert (Class of 1933), Altus (Class of 1934) , Ray Dean (Class of 1936), Harold (Class of 1940), Wilbur (Class of 1948), and Gordon (Class of 1950)

1981- Garland (Class of 1926) and Cleo Langdon (Class of 1930)

1982- Harold (Class of 1939) and Rick Rigel (Class of 1971)

1983- Mary Ellen Buchanan (Class of 1952)

1984- Robert Lakins (Class of 1963)

1985- Andy Watts (Class of 1967)

1986- Robert S. Parks (Class of 1942) Awarded after military service

1987- Cloyd Julian (Class of 1928) & Arthur Mitchell (Class of 1941)

1988- Gardner Barger (Class of 1960)

1989- Bernadine (Class of 1942) and Loretta Thomas (Class of 1934)

1990- James Buchanan (Class of 1950)

1991- Sara Zook (Class of 1982)

1992- Robert Cathcart Sr. (Class of 1953)

1993- Raymond Lewis Rigel (Class of 1960)

1994- John H. (Class of 1942) and Theodore Kurtz (Class of 1970)

1995- Jimmy Morgan (Class of 1972)

1996- Mark Lueking (Class of 1992) and Kristen Caudill (Class of 1991)

1997- Robert (Bobby) Anderson (Class of 1975)

1998- Jeff Sexton (Class of 1981)

1999- Ishmael White (Class of 1972) and Janie (Buchanan) Alexander (Class of 78)

2000- Father Donald Buchanan (Class of 1950)

2001- Carl Rose (Class of 1957)

2002- Berley (Class of 1957), Terry (Class of 1985), Jerry (Class of 1985) and Lisa Goodin (Class of 1980)

2003- Roger McIntosh (Class of 1978)

2004- Jack Napier (Class of 1963)

2005- Rufus Coomer (Class of 1955)

2006- Jo Nell Buchanan (Class of 1962) and James Peacock (Class of 1941)

2007- Janet Payne (Class of 1960) and Don Hounshell (Class of 1974)

2008- Joseph M. Kilburn (Class of 2003) (posthumously)

2009- J.C. Helton (Class of 1959)

2010- Roy Lynn Schneck (Class of 1958)

2011- Tom Chilton (Class of 1955) and Sonny Fugate (Class of 1961)
2012 - Patty West Lapp (Class of 1962)