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Concord Sunset League 18+

The Sunset League, the oldest after-supper amateur baseball league in the United States, was officially organized here at White Park in 1909. The original teams were the Haymakers, the Old Timers, the Sluggers, and the White Parks. Rich in history and tradition, the league was the training ground for stars such as Red Rolfe of the New York Yankees. Games continue on the original site.

Coastal New England Baseball League 29+

The Coastal NEBL consists of 6 teams and plays a 14-game season that starts last week of April and ends around Labor Day. All teams make the playoffs. Games are generally played on Sundays and last approximately 2 1/2 hours. This is a wood bat league and good sportsmanship is required.
New Hampshire Baseball League 38+

The New Hampshire Baseball League +40 (NHBL40) is an adult recreational wood bat baseball league for players who meet the minimum age threshhold as specified in the league's bylaws for 2011. The league began in 2003 when it spun off from the Granite State Men’s Baseball League.

The league offers its players the chance to rekindle their youth. Each player has the chance to have some fun in the sun! Sometimes in New England this fun is held under clouds, drizzle and maybe even a passing shower! However, on a few Sundays over the summer the weather is just perfect and the stress of everyday work life is removed for a few hours so you can throw and hit a ball with your teammates. If you are interested in playing in our league please click on "Register to Play". This gets you either on a team or on our waiting list. The NHBL40 consists of a +38 age group. Sufficiently competitive players in the older age group can play on teams within the younger age group.

Teams within each age group play a separate regular season schedule as well as a post-season tournament. The +38 age group has 10 teams for 2010.

All regular-season games will be played on weekends, with the possible exception of games rescheduled due to prior rainouts. Games are generally not played on holiday weekends. Each age group has its own set of bylaws that specify how the game of baseball shall be played by the particular age group. +38 games are 9 innings in duration.

Each year the league tries to improve by adding quality teams, new fields, and individual players to teams currently in the league. It is our goal to provide players with the opportunity to participate in a highly competitive league while still maintaining a social and friendly atmosphere.
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