2014 North Shore CYO Playoffs

  Saturday, Feb, 8 at St. Joseph 

1.     Game #1  1:15    Bantam girls: St, Raphael v. St. Adelaide 

2.     Game#11  2:30    Cadet girls: St. Adelaide Red v. St. Raphael

3.     Game#7   5:30     Bantam boys(2): St. Pius v. St. Ann

4.     Game#8   6:45    Bantam boys(2): St. John Peabody v. Sacred Heart(EB)

Saturday, Feb. 8 at Breed 

1.      Game #18  12:15   Cadet boys(2): St. Adelaide Red v. St. John Swampscott

2.     Game #15    1:30   Cadet girls(2): St. Pius v. St. John Swampscott 

Sunday, Feb. 9 at St. Joseph   

1.      Game#16   1:15   Cadet girls(2): St. Adelaide White v. St. Joseph

2.     Game#19    2:30  Cadet boys(2): St. Joseph v, Sacred Heart(EB)

Sunday, Feb. 9 at Breed

1.      Game#24  12:30  Junior boys: St. Pius v. Blessed Sacrement

2.     Game#9     1:45  Bantam boys(2): St. Ann v. St. Adelaide             

 Sunday, Feb, 16 at Breed-Championship Games

 1.      Game#10    12:30 Bantam boys(2): St. John Peabody v. St. Adelaide

 2.     Game#17     2:00 Cadet girls(2):  St. John Swampscott v. St. Joseph

 3.     Game#20     3:30 Cadet boys(2): St. John Swampscott v.Sacred Heart(EB)


Saturday, Feb. 15 at Belmont Hill- Court #1 


1.     Game# 21         8:45      Cadet boys: St. John Peabody v.  St. Raphael

2.     Game#22          10:00    Cadet boys: St. Pius v. St. Adelaide White

3.     Game#4            3:30      Bantam boys: IC Revere v. St. Raphael

4.     Game#5            4:45      Bantam boys: St, John Swampscott v. St. Mary Winchester-CANCELLED

Saturday, Feb, 15 at Belmont Hill- Court #2

1.     Game #12         8:45      Cadet girls:  St, Francis v. OLA

2.     Game#13          10:00   Cadet girls:  St. Raphael v. IC Revere

3.     Game#2            3:30      Bantam girls: St. Adelaide v. St. Francis

4.     Game#25          4:45      Junior boys: St. Pius v. St. Raphael Green-CANCELLED

5.     Game#26          6:00      Junior Boys:  St. John Peabody v. St. Raphael White-CANCELLED

Saturday, Feb. 22 at Belmont Hill- Court #1-Championship Games

1.     Game#6            10:00    Bantam boys: St. Mary Winchester v. St. Raphael

2.     Game#23          11:30    Cadet boys:  St. Raphael v. St. Adelaide White

3.     Game#26.           1:00    Junior boys: St. John Peabody v. St. Raphael White (semifinal)

Saturday, Feb. 22 at Belmont Hill- Court #2-Championship Games

1.     Game#25            9:30    Junior boys: St. Pius v. St. Raphael Green (semifinal)

2.     Game#3            11:00    Bantam girls: St. Adelaide  v. IC Revere

3.   Game#14          12:30    Cadet girls: OLA v. IC Revere

 Sunday, Feb. 23 at St. Joseph Medford-Championship Games

1.   Game#27              1:30    Junior boys: Winner Game #26 v. Winner Game #25

There will be admission charges for ALL Games! 

$3/Child & $5/adult (This helps pay for the referees, trophies, medals, and gym time)


Make up Games & Playoffs

As the regular season is winding down and the playoffs start the Saturday February 9th , the time to make the games up is running out. All games must be made up before the 1st playoff game is played. This has been a challenging season to play games with the obvious weather conditions, followed by parish/school functions, and trying to accomidated many teams with their Travel/School league schedules. If the games are not made up by the first playoff game, I will determine the seeding for the playoffs.

The playoff schedules will be out this week, once I confirm the times again with Belmont Hill. With two playoff brackets, participation from the AD and coaches is crucial if this is going to be a success!

2013 New England's CYO Champions!!!

Congratulations to the following New England's CYO Winners
St. Francis Medford-Girls' Bantam Championship 
St. Adelaides Peabody-Girls' Cadet Championship

2012-2013 North Shore CYO Champions!!!

Congratulations to the following CYO Division Winners
St. Raphael-Boys' Junior Championship
St. Francis-Girls' Bantam Championship
Sacred Heart-Boys' Bantam Championship
ST. Adelaides-Girls' Cadet Championship
Sacred Heart-Boys' Cadet Championship

Playoff Information for Games on 2/23 & 2/24

Championship Games Sunday 2/24 at Pope John HS In Everett

 There will be admission charges finals:

 $3/Child & $5/adult (This helps pay for the referees, trophies, and gym time)


2013-2014 North Shore CYO Champions!!!

Congratulations to the following CYO Division Winners
St. Raphael's "Green Team"-Boys' Junior Championship
I/C Revere-Girls' Bantam Championship
St. Raphael-Boys' Bantam Championship 
OLA-Girls' Cadet Championship
St. Raphael-Boys' Cadet Championship

2012-2013 North Shore Playoff Schedule



The playoff schedule is below. There is no need to make up the games that were snowed out. You can still play them, but they will not impact the playoffs. If you want to try and schedule the games, please notify me and I will see if there are any referees available.

Saturday 2/16 & Sunday 2/17

 Each team is responsible to pay for one referee for games on Saturday 2/16 and Sunday 2/17. Also, the home team (on the right on the schedule below) is the team with the better record. There is NO admission charges for games played on 2/16 & 2/17.

Saturday 2/23 & Sunday 2/24

 There will be admission charges for the semifinals and finals:

 $3 for Child $5.00 adult (This helps pay for the referees, trophies, and gym time)

The schedule for playoff coverage will be out shortly.


#1.   2/16    St. Pius     v. IC Revere           

#2.   2/16    St. Thomas   v. St. John Swampscott 

#3.   2/21    IC Revere    v. St. Raphael       

#4.   2/23    Lowest seed  v. St. Francis (St.John Swamp or IC if IC wins)       

#5.   2/23    Highest seed v. St. Adelaide     

#6.   2/24    Championship     12:30 Pope John's Everett



#1.   2/16   OLA                   v. St. Adelaide Red    

#2.   2/16   St. Ann               v. St. John Swampscott 

#3.   2/16   St. Joseph            v. St. Raphael         

#4.   2/16   St. Adelaide White    v. St. Pius 

#5.   2/20   St. Adelaide's Red    vSt. Pius        

#6.   2/21   St. John's Swampscott v. St. Raphael       

#7.   2/23   Lowest seed           v. Sacred Heart 

#8.   2/23   Highest seed          v. IC Revere    

#9.   2/24   Championship     3:30    Pope John's Everett


#1.   2/16   St. John Peabody    v. St. John Swampscott

#2.   2/16   St. Joseph          v. St. Ann 

#3.   2/16   OLA                 v. St. Francis

#4.   2/16   St. Pius            v. St. Raphael

#5.   2/23   St. John Swampscott v. St. Raphael 

#6.   2/20   St. Ann             v. OLA

#7.   2/23   Lowest seed         v. St. Adelaide

#8.   2/23   Highest seed        v. IC Revere

#9.   2/24   Championship    2:00  Pope John's Everett 


#1.   2/16   St. John Peabody    v. St. Pius 

#2.   2/16   OLA                 v. IC Salem 

#3.   2/16   St. John Swampscott v. St. Joseph   

#4.   2/20   OLA                 v. Sacred Heart 

#5.   2/21   St. Pius            v. St. Joseph 

#6.   2/23   Lowest seed         v. St. Raphael 

#7    2/23   Highest seed        v. St. Adelaide(W)

#8.   2/24   Championship       5:00. Pope John's Everett 


#1     2/16    St. Pius          v.  Blessed Sacrament   

#2.    2/23    Blessed Scarament v.  St. Raphael        

#3     2/23    St. Joseph        v.  St. John Peabody   

#4     2/24    Championship     11:00 AM    Pope John's Everett 


New England CYO Basketball Tournament 2013

Friday, April 5 - Sunday, April 7 

Host City: Boston,MA

  Please Help Support NE Tournament - Calling on Parishes, Businesses, and Others! Show your support to CYO Basketball. This year the New England CYO Basketball Tournament is held in Boston. To purchase an Advertisement in the Official Tournament Book, please email ljdietrichs@comcast.net or you may contact Peter Williams, Archdiocesan Athletic Director. His email address is pwilliams@rcab.org. More information will be available shortly.   Thank You

FYI: Please keep in mind - Many volunteers will be needed in order to make this a successful tournament. 

Pictures Wanted!!

We would like to post pictures of the winning teams and also so action photos from the season. If you have any you would like to share, please attach the to the following email address: CYO Pictures

2010-2011 CYO Playoff Champions!

Congratulations to the following CYO Division Winners
St. Raphael-Boys Bantam Championship
St. Adelaide's-Girls Bantam Championship
St. Adelaide's-Boys Cadet Championship
St. Pius-Girls Cadet Championship
St. Pius-Boys Junior Championship

2011 Archdiocese Champions

Congradulations to the Archdiocese Tournament Champions!
Bantam Girls Division
• St. Adelaide's
Girls Cadets Division
• St. Raphael's

Archdiocese Tournament

Please check the brackets for the Archdiocese Tournament. Games start on Saturday 3/1/12
Click on this link:


Athletic Directors' Meeting-Tuesday 1/22/13

It’s that time of year to discuss the playoffs and any other items Athletic Directors would like to add to the agenda. We will meet on Tueday evening January 22 @ 7PM at St. Joseph. If you have any items you wish to be discussed at the meeting, PLEASE email me ahead of time, so I can add it to the agenda.

The Playoffs are scheduled to take place during the last two weeks in February! The locations are to be determined.

2013 Archdiocese Tournament in Milton

Congratulations to the Archdiocese Tournament Winners!
St. Francis Medford-Girls' Bantam Championship
Immaculate Conception Revere-Boys' Bantam Championship
St. Adelaides Peabody-Girls' Cadet Championship