History of the Northview Youth Athletic Association(NYAA)

The Northview Youth Athletic Association(NYAA) was formed in 2003 to support football and cheerleading for the kids in the Northview community. Growing out of the old basketball booster club and supplemented by new members who wanted to bring a new sport to the kids of Northview. With that three football teams and three cheer-leading squads; Grasscutters ages 5-7 Super grasscutters 8-9, and Peewees 10-12* (*to be eligible you can not have reached your 12th birthday by Aug 1) were born!

The first years were interesting. We had no field, no facilities, and no money all we had was a dream and a bunch of kids who wanted to play. For the first two season we traveled to King's Academy in Seymour to play our home games. We loaded up cars and trucks with concessions, tables, gear, supplies, and everything else needed for our games. In the off season we held fundraisers, sought donations, and worked on finding a home. We took our dream to the school board and they agreed to let us use the once thought unusable land behind the what is known now as Northview  Intermediate School for our field. We worked the field picking rock after rock out of the clay and dirt. Eventually the seeding began and the grass grew. With the help of parents and supporters we mounted the score board, built the bleachers, and erected the field house all with community donations "Cougar Field" was here!

Along the way we also helped the Northview Middle School build their own football and cheerleading teams. We purchased their equipment, and uniforms. We continued to support that program till it was moved over to the Northview Academy in 2013. Knowing that a good education is important for all the kids we support our schools in our area with monetary donations given at the end of every year.

Our football teams play under the rules and regulations set forth by English Mountain Football Conference(EMFC) while our cheerleaders follow the rules and regulations set forth by English Mountain Cheerleading Conference(EMCC)

These last three years have been busy! With the help of our parents and volunteers 2012 we hosted the English Mountain Cheerleading Presentation, 2013 we hosted EMFC super bowl and 2014 EMFC jamboree. Our football program maintains a high level of athleticism with numerous appearances in the EMFC super bowl while our cheer squads have had a consistent level of excellent to superior ratings at the EMCC cheer competitions.

The Northview Youth Athletic Association maintains a high level of competitiveness but never forgets the core values of our roots and the dream that brought us all here our Northview community KIDS!


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