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Little League® International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information that includes the latest bat information, current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists.

Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard will be implemented. Little League-approved baseball bats that are approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018.

This page was last updated on November 28, 2016.

2017 Baseball Bat Standard: What You Need to Know+

2017 Season Bat Lists


 Full Printable List of 2 1/4 Baseball Bats
For quick reference on the field, with composites included (printable PDF format). 
Visual List - 2 1/4, Baseball
List of licensed, approved composite-barrel baseball bats for Majors and below. 
Mobile List
Licensed 2 1/4 baseball bats, for convenient and scalable display on smart phones, tablets and other internet-enabled portable digital devices. 
Decertified Bats
Failed NCAA BBCOR Testing and Failed Performance Compliance Testing (2 ¼ inch barrel bats only).

2018 Baseball Bat Standard: What You Need to Know+

2017-2018 Bat Comparison Chart

Minors & Majors

BPF 1.15 marking/ 2 ¼” barrel maximum

USA Baseball marking
2 5/8” barrel maximum

Intermediate (50/70) & Junior

1) 2 ¼" alloy/metal barrel with BPF stamp of 1.15
2) 2 5/8" alloy/metal barrel (no marking required)
3) 2 5/8" composite barrel with BBCOR stamp

USA Baseball marking
2 5/8” barrel maximum


ALL bats must be BBCOR

ALL bats must be BBCOR

Note: Softball Bats



The composite moratorium only applies to baseball bats with 2 1/4 inch barrels. It DOES NOT apply to any divisions of Little League Softball. Also, there is no list of approved softball bats. In softball, the bat only needs to meet the specifications of Rule 1.10 for a softball bat.