Definition Of A SoftBall Player

soft*ball play*er (softball player) A girl who steps out on the field transformed from "daddy's little girl",into a fierce,unrelenting competitor who will stop at nothing, in order to win a game. Characteristically with dirt all across her face, knotty and sweaty hair, bloody knee's and dirt stained all over her socks and unifrom. A diligent hard-worker who knows the real meaning of team-work, spirit and fearing nothing. Contradictorily she personifies all of this while she wears cute, colored polka dotted ribbons and sleeve straps.
Softball Player Prayer

"Lord give me the strength to hit the ball,

and if I do don't let me fall.

Help me to pick the pitch that's right,

then let me knock it out of sight.

Then let me run with deer-like grace,

don't let me miss but tag first base

Then on to second, stay with me, Lord,

cause this one out, we can'afford.

Then let me zoom like a flying bird

Right down the line and on to third

Then let me slide with feet out-thrust

Across home plate in the swishing dust.

But first of all, Dear Lord, I pray

Just tell the coach to let me play."