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$35 includes camp shirt(register early to guarantee size)

May 30


Bring some extra cash for the bake sale at the end of camp.

World Class Athletics 

17621A Ashley Dr

PCB, Fl 32413

Mail check ($35) and shirt size to

Cyndi Wilkinson

19211 Panama City Beach Pkwy

Box 140

PCB, FL 32413






 Why be a BARRACUDA?
There are several reasons that parents of hundreds of youth have joined the Barracuda family over the years versus other organizations, but here are just a few:

1. All games are LOCAL! Games are never more than 15 miles from the Beach. In fact, the majority of our games our played right here on Panama City Beach without ever having to cross a bridge. NO TRAVELING!

2. Coaching. Most of our coaches have coached within our organization for several years. In many cases, our coaches work with kids in other sports as well...Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer. You know that when your child plays with the Barracudas, they'll not only learn football, but also sportsmanship and leadership. Most importantly, our coaches have the experience to make it as safe as possible.
3. Go where the growth is. The Barracudas have grown from a small organization begging for participants and coaches, to one of the largest sanctioned areas in the Northwest Florida. We are part of the Gulf Coast Youth Football Association.  Great kids and great parents made it all possible.

4. Winning is Fun. It isn't everything, but it sure is fun when your team wins. Oh sure, we've had teams with down years, but our teams our always competitive.
2014:    Pee Wee and JV Teams win COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP!
2013:    Mighty Mites AND JV Teams win COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP!
              3 of 4 teams played in the playoffs!
2012:    Pee Wee Team Undefeated County Champions
             Tiny Mites and Mighty Mites Runner-up in County Championship
2011:    Tiny Mite County Runner-Up
             Open Nationals Junior Varsity CHEER 1st Place
             Open Nationals Mighty Mite CHEER  3rd Place
2010:    Mighty Mite County Champions
             Varsity County Runner-Up
2009:    Varsity County Runner-Up

2008:    Varsity County Champions
             Tiny Mite County Runner-Up
              3 of 4 Barracuda squads in the county playoffs
2007:    Snapper Bowl 14& Under Champions (Varsity Squad)
               2 of 4 Barracuda squads in the county playoffs

2006:    3 of 4 Barracuda squads in county playoffs
              JVy County Runner-Ups
              Snapper Bowl 14 & Under Champions (JV Squad)

2005:    3 of 4 Barracuda squads in county playoffs (2 in Semifinals)

2004:    3 of 3 Barracuda squads in county  playoffs (1 in Semifinals)

2003:    2 of 3 Barracuda squads in county playoffs

2002:    County JV County Champions

5. Multiple age divisions.  As a member of GCYFA, the Barracudas have four age divisions:
Junior Varsity:    Ages 12-14
Pee Wee:      Ages 10-11
Mighty Mite:       Ages 8-9
Tiny Mite:      Ages 5-7
For more information about playing for the Barracudas, contact us via our Contact Info section.


PCB Barracuda Mission


Our mission is to provide to the Panama City Beach community a non-profit community based program that encourages our youth to develop as a team and as individuals through the sports of football and cheer. 


·      Cultivate lifelong lessons that will guide our youth to become positive role models and leaders in our community

·      Serve as a source of pride for our youth and community

·      Teach our youth the values of HITS: Hard work, Identity, Teamwork and Self-discipline





H-Hard work:

“Hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard.” Coach Steve


I-Identity, pride and leadership:

You define yourself.

Take pride in what you accomplish.

Leadership is doing the right things.           Peter Drucker

T-Teamwork, dedication, sacrifice:

The way a team play as a whole determines its success.  You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.        Babe Ruth

A team will always appreciate a great individual if he's willing to sacrifice for the group.                Kareem Abdul-Jabbar



Discipline is based on pride, on meticulous attention to details, and on mutual respect and confidence. Discipline must be a habit so ingrained that it is stronger than the excitement of the goal or the fear of failure.

With self-discipline most anything is possible. – Theodore Roosevelt


PCB Barracuda History


           2014 PCB Barracudas Pee Wee and Junior Varsity Teams win the GCYFA County Championship.


            2013 PCB Barracuda Mighty Mite Team and Junior Varsity Team win the GCYFA County Championship.



         2012 PCB Barracuda Pee Wee team goes undefeated 10-0 and wins the GCYFA County Championship.

§        Panama City Beach Youth Athletic Club Inc. replaces Panama City Beach Barracuda Club



 §         2011 PCB Barracuda Junior Varsity Cheer place 1st in Open Nationals Competition

§         2011 PCB Barracuda Tiny Mite place as Runners-Up in the GCYFA County Championship



§         2010 PCB Barracuda Mighty Mite wins GCYFA County Championship

§         2010 PCB Barracuda Junior Varsity place as Runners-Up in the GCYFA County Championship



§         GCMFL is dissolved and replaced by GCYFA. 

§         2009 PCB Barracuda Junior Varsity place as Runners-Up in GCYFA County Championship


§         2008 PCB Barracuda Junior Varsity wins GCMFL County Championship

§         2008 PCB Barracuda Tiny Mites place as Runners-Up in GCMFL County Championship           



 §         2007 PCB Barracuda Junior Varsity wins Snapper Bowl Championship


§        2006 PCB Barracuda Junior Varsity wins Snapper Bowl Championship

§        2006 PCB Barracuda Junior Varsity places as Runners-Up in GCMFL County Championship


§             2002 PCB Barracuda Junior Varsity Squad wins Gulf Coast Midget Football League County Championship



          PCB Patronis Panthers mascot is replaced by the PCB Barracuda mascot


          PCB Patronis Panthers is established as a member of the Gulf Coast Midget Football      League