Fundraisers-Prior & Done

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Here are the details for the Mums Fundraiser

Mums are in 8'pots and will be sold for $8.00 per plant. $3.50 for each plant you sell will go into your funds account. DS Cole Growers will bring us assorted colors when they deliver them to us. Our delivery date will be either Sept. 17 or 24. I will know the exact date later this week. And Mums will be delivered to Sarrette Field where you will come to pick up them up. Start selling those Mums! Thank you!

Raffle Tickets Mandatory Fundraiser


Raffle ticket pickup for those who want to begin selling now.  Contact Amanda or Tina

Reminder: Each family is required to sell one book (10 tickets at $5 each) and money must be turned in before our first game. You can sell more than the required one book, and additional book sales will go into your player account minus the current 5% to GSE.

Candy Fundraisers

Boxes of Candy Fundraiser

For those who are interested in selling boxes of candy please contact your fundraising person for the information.

You can sell as many boxes as you wish but you have to turn in your money for the boxes sold before you can get more!

Thank you

Amanda Coutu

Tina Cote

Tagging Fundraiser

Tagging - an email is being sent now. 

Please make special note of the following information:

- Tagging is a commitment. It is imperative that if you sign up for a spot that you follow thru. In the event you are unable to make your spot, you MUST contact either myself or Tina so that we can find a replacement. No Contact/No Show could subject you to removal from future tagging slots

- Each slot is for 2 (two) players/cheerleaders - they must be from 2 different families.

- No other children or siblings can be at the tagging location. This is imperative as failing to follow this has resulted in us being restricted from locations.

- ACE Hardware tagging - You MUST sell something - Raffle tickets, water, candy, etc.

- Taggers must be either by a table or in a standing location near the entrance/door- you cannot walk around parking areas to approach people.

Please be conscious that there are many families so please limit your sign ups to 2-3 max at this time. As time goes on any open slots can certainly be claimed that are open. If slots are full and we receive notification from families with no slots, families with multiple slots will be removed from some slots to accommodate for those with none.


As always feel free to contact us with any questions!

Amanda and Tina

Sky Zone tickets: $15 each for a 60-minute jump pass.

$5 from each ticket goes back to your player account

Krispy Kreme Donuts Fundraiser

Krispy Kreme Donuts Fundraiser


    Krispy Kreme Donuts Fundraiser Money is due to be by April 11

Keychain Fundraiser

GSE Keychains: $8 each with 3 different choices.

$4 from each sold will go to your player account.

Pizza Hut Night Out Fundraiser

 Pizza Hut is donating 20% of ALL proceeds to GSE!

This includes dine in and take out! Just be sure to mention GSE when ordering!