November 22, 2017




Revised 01/30/2017







Section 1.  Structure 

The Board shall consist of a President, Vice President, Statistician, Treasurer and Secretary, all duly elected and participating members on a roster of a team throughout their term.


Section 2.  Term Limits 

Each Board member will serve a term of three (3) consecutive sessions. 

Each Board member may serve up to two (2) consecutive terms in any given positon.  

A Board member may be elected to a different Board position at the completion of two (2) consecutive terms.


Section 3.  Election of Board Members

Elections will be held at a general league meeting when any board member reaches the end of his/her term. 

Team Captains will submit one nomination per board position up for election. 

Votes will be cast by ballot prior to starting the general meeting. 

One vote per member per position of those attending the meeting only will be counted.


Section 4.  Removal of Board members

Board members can only be removed prior to end of term for a violation of the bylaws or rules for league play. 

A written notice of violation detailing the infraction must be submitted to the President of the Board, or Vice President if the President is the one being charged and reviewed by the Board. 

A general meeting of the league will be convened and at least 51% of members in good standing must be present. 

The violation will be presented to the league and the alleged violator will be allowed to present his defense. 

The league will vote on removal or retention.






Section 1.  President

Act as Chief Executive Officer of the League. Preside at all Board, Captain’s, and general membership meetings. 

Act as spokesperson for the league. 

Execute all agreements, contracts, and other legal documents on behalf of the League. 

Appoint substitutes or replacements for any Board member in their absence or vacancy. 

Create committees and appoint committee heads as deemed necessary for the function of the League.


Section 2.  Vice President

Act as President should the position become vacant or the President is unable to fulfill his/her obligation. 

Supervises committees created and affirmed by the Board. 

Assist the President as required in all duties and obligations required for operation of the League.


Section 3.  Statistician

Compile team standings and individual statistics. 

Watch for and inform Captains of ineligible players during the season. 

Assist applicable webmaster on maintenance of website. 

Complete each sessions match schedule.


Section 4.  Treasurer

Receive, deposit and account for all funds received and payed out by the League. 

Render invoices for funds due to the League. 

Prepare financial statements as needed by the Board. 

Provide financial statements to any member upon request in writing. 

Set up accounts as required with access by the Treasurer and President.


Section 5.  Secretary

Record the minutes for all Board, Captain’s, and general meetings. 

Maintain official League membership roster. 

Coordinate with webmaster to update website with League items. 

Prepare and disburse all communications between Board and league.


Section 6.  Board Duties

The Board has the power to interpret, apply, amend, and revise all bylaws and rules of play and is responsible for publishing, interpreting and enforcing all the bylaws and rules. 

A majority of the board must approve all committees and committee heads. 

The Board will classify divisions based on number of teams playing, and each team will be classified based upon the aggregate team member’s skills.

Approve each session match schedule. 


Approve of all roster changes after the start of the session.  


Plan and execute the session end banquet. 

Handle League sponsored events such as blind draws and raffles and coordinate with sponsoring bars to hold these events. 

When a Board member is approached with an idea, supply the idea to the Board for discussion and approval/rejection. 

The right to investigate and act on any and all reports or findings related to the bylaws or rules, whether an official complaint was lodged or not. 

The Board reserves the right to levy penalties against any member, team or sponsoring bar if found to be in violation of any of the bylaws or rules. 

Determine length of suspension from League if member is ejected for conduct, bylaw or rule violations. 

Responsible for informing team captains of events, schedules and decision as rendered by the Board. 

Approve all match schedules for the session when provided by the Statistician. 





Section 1.  Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship shall prevail at all League events and activities. 

Home team captains will see to it that the visiting team is treated with fairly and with courtesy.

Visiting team captains shall ensure the home team is treated with courtesy and respect. 

Both team captains will ensure their teams conduct themselves with courtesy to the owner, or agent of the owner, of the venue where the event is taking place. 

In the interest of good sportsmanship, the home team should make every attempt to ensure adequate space is provided for the visiting team to both watch and play the match. 

The visiting team should be aware of the home team’s right to choose their space to set up in.


Section 2.  General Conduct

All players are asked to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. 

Attempts to distract a player while they are throwing will not be tolerated. 

The player being distracted has the right to suspend play till the distraction stops. 

If requested by the thrower, all persons should remove themselves from the line of sight of the thrower.


Section 3.  Physical violence

Physical violence will not be tolerated and is subject to immediate suspension from all League activities, whether provoked or not, except in the case of self-defense. 

Self-defense must be proven to the satisfaction of all Board members. 

Members involved in physical violence will be given a hearing before the Board. 

If a member decides to not attend this hearing, the Board will still be allowed to impose penalties.





Section 1.  General guide to penalties

The League operates on a 3-strike rule. 

First offence will receive a verbal warning. 

Second offence will receive a written warning. 

Third offense will result in suspension from the League. 

The Board will decide the length of time for all suspensions. 

All suspensions will be subject to forfeiture of League payments and payouts.


Section 2.  Suspensions

For non-violence related suspensions, the member will be suspended from all League activities for a minimum period of the remainder of the session and a maximum period of twelve (12) months. 

For all violence related suspensions, the member will be suspended from all league activities for a minimum period of the remainder of the session and a maximum period of twenty-four (24) months.


Section 3.  Failure to make required payments

Sponsorship fees not paid by the end of the session will be deducted by the team(s) winnings.

If team dues are behind two (2) weeks, the team will not be allowed to play on the third week unless the dues are provided to the board prior to starting the match. 

If after the third week the dues are not paid, the team will not be allowed to play till all dues are caught up, all unpaid weeks will be changed to forfeits in the stats, and individual stats for the unpaid weeks will be removed. 

If paying by check, a $15.00 will be levied for all return checks. 

If two (2) checks are returned for insufficient funds, payment by check will no longer be allowed.


Section 4.  Last two match requirement

Members of a team forfeiting the last two matches of the session will not be afforded the right to participate in the rest of the sessions scheduled events. 

They will also forfeit all prize money or other prizes.


Section 5.  Protests

Only Captains or co-captains may file protests, and the opposing team’s Captain must be informed of the protest at the time of the incident. 

In order to be able to appeal the Board’s decision, specific details of the protest must be submitted in writing no later than seven (7) days after the infraction took place, except on the final night of play where details must be submitted in writing no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the infraction took place. 

Protests involving time and playing conditions must be called in to a Board member prior to commencement of the match in question. 

If, upon investigation, the Board finds that the conditions protested were in violation of conditions required for play, the home team will forfeit the match. 

Protests involving incorrect lineups or rosters must be called into a Board member prior to commencement of the match in question.


Section 5.  Appeals

Decisions of the Board may be appealed as long as all of the following conditions are met: 

No request for an appeal may be made once the playoffs are finished. 

Only Captains directly involved in said protest or decision may appeal. 

The appeal is submitted in writing within seven (7) days of the notification of the original decision of the Board. 

The basis for the appeal must be directly related to the issue in question and substantiated by evidence that the original decision of the Board was contrary to the published bylaws and rules of play.

If all requirements are met, and appeal will be heard by the Board, with all players involved having the opportunity to explain his/her actions. 

The Board’s decision upon appeal will be final.







Section 1.  Sponsors and their responsibilities

Sponsoring bars are responsible for maintaining and ensuring the dart machines are in good working condition before all scheduled match/matches. 

Sponsoring bars are responsible for ensuring there are enough dart machines in their establishment on the scheduled night of play and that regulation throwing lines are properly placed for each dart machine. 

Sponsoring bars are responsible for providing the quarters to play all hosted matches, regardless of the number of rounds. 

Each venue is subject to inspection by the Board to ensure dart board placement, no obstructions in line of throw, throwing lines are in place.


Section 2.  Teams

A team shall have four (4) to eight (8) players. 

Teams are required to place their designated weekly dues in the designated drop box. 

Pictures of the completed score sheets are due the night of play after the match has ended.

Pictures of the completed score sheet shall be sent to the statistician listed at the bottom of the score sheet. 

After start of the session, all roster changes must be approved by the Board. 

No additions to the roster will be allowed after the third week of play except as may be required for survival of a team, and Board approval will be required. 

Members of a team may not be a substitute on another team. 

Any substitute for a team, may only be a substitute for that team, and may not play for any other team during that session.



Section 3.  Captains and their responsibilities

A team Captain shall be any member in good standing selected by the team. 

Team Captains may be Board members as well, but it shall be strictly enforced that Board member/team Captain cannot vote or rule on a protest involving their own team. 

The Captain may appoint a co-captain to carry out their official duties in the event of their absence. 

The Captain will represent the team at all meetings, but may appoint a representative to attend on his/her behalf.

Captains are ultimately responsible for team dues being paid. 

Captains should also ensure their sponsor has paid the appropriate fee for their team in accordance with the bylaws. 

Captains are responsible for keeping their team informed of all league matters, including distribution of league documents. 

Captains are required to ensure each team member has the required minimum number of games required to be in good standing for that team. 

Captains are responsible for ensuring timely lodging of protests and rule infractions to the Board, and for filing appeals as appropriate. 

Away team captains are responsible for ensuring proper distance is marked and the dart machines is set correctly prior to the start of play and must inform home team captain of any irregularities. 

All comments or protests concerning the equipment or playing area will be brought to the attention of the home team captain. 

If the condition is not or cannot be corrected, the home team captain must be notified of your team playing under protests and the Board must be notified prior to start of play. 

Captains are responsible for ensuring no member of their team uses darts that weigh more than eighteen (18) grams. 

If a player is found to be in violation of the dart weight limit, that member will be suspended for the remainder of the match, and for the next two matches. 

All Captains are responsible for ensuring compliance with good conduct and sportsmanship of their team members.


Section 4.  Survival of a team

Survival of the team is defined as having only three players remaining on a team of the official printed roster. 

Having four people, but only three members showing up for games is not sufficient for this rule.

Teams may only add players for survival of the team twice in any given session.


Section 5.  Minimum number of games

Each team member is required to meet a minimum number of games. 

Any member who does not meet the minimum number of games will automatically be dropped from the team and the league and their individual statistics will be moved to the bottom of the list. 

Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis as will survival of the team. 

Excluding byes and forfeits the following numbers will apply:  4 games by the end of week 4, 8 games by the end of week 8, 12 games by the end of week 12, 16 games by the end of week 16, 20 games by the end of week 20, etc.




Section 1.  The Board

At its discretion, the board may schedule special fundraising events, blind draw tournaments or other events that will foster and promote camaraderie among the League.


Section 2.  Special Tournaments

The Board may schedule special tournaments designed to raise extra funds for the League during each session. 

Participation is voluntary. 

Special tournaments will be promoted and the League informed in advance so all my decide whether to participate or not. 

Specifics will be announced at the time of these specific events.


Section 3.  Blind Draws

Blind draw tournaments may be held during the session. 

They are voluntary and open to all players, regardless of division, of the League. 

Buy in is $5.00 per person. 

Pay outs will be variable depending on number of people playing. 

Partners are randomly selected and teams are placed on a tournament play sheet. 

  The Board may not change order of play once tournament play has begun.






Section 1.  Sponsors

Sponsors will pay $50.00 per team per session payable to the Board by no later than the 4th week of the session. 


Section 2.  Teams

Team dues are $20.00 per week. 

No dues are required if a team has a bye or if there is no game scheduled during a given week.

Both teams are still required to provide their dues even if a forfeit for any reason occurs.


Section 3.  Payouts

Regular session prize money will be paid out by percentages after League expenses at the post session banquet. 

Below is a rough chart, not exact, of how prizes are awarded.  Each division will be awarded separately. 





4 teams

5 teams

6 teams

7 teams

8 teams

9 teams

10 teams

11 teams

12 teams


























































































































  Playoffs are awarded based on winners.  1st place is $100.  2nd place is $75.  3rd place is $50.  4th place is $25.






Section 1.  Basic setup

Both captains should be early to account for choosing board for play, prepping the score sheet for game play and ensuring the board and play area are ready for play. 

The home team captain is responsible for the score sheet. 

The home team captain will choose the board to be used. 

If more than one match will be played at a given bar, the two home team captains will agree on which board each will play on. 

If agreement can’t be reached, a flip of a coin will decide. 

If a coin flip does not resolve the dispute, a Board member will make a final decision on which team will play where. 

Captains will fill out the team member’s names, and order of throw for each game will be determined randomly by roll of dice. 

Bullseye will be set to single. 

For Division A only, Masters out will be used on 301 and 501. 

The blocking rule will be followed for 301. 

For 301, there will be four (4) positions displayed. 

For 501, there will be two (2) positions displayed.

NOTE:  It is assumed that team members already know the basics of 301, Cricket and 501.  Team captains are responsible to ensure their team members know the basic rules.


Section 2.  Starting and forfeiting

The game will start at 7:30 p.m. 

With sportsmanship as a guide, forfeits may be forced at 7:45 p.m. 

Forfeits may be for a team no show, which requires a Board members notification and approval, or for insufficient players, less than three (3). 

Play may start with only two (2) players, so long as a third player will arrive no later than 8:00 p.m. 

A forfeit for insufficient players or no show may not be noted if the match has started.

Forfeiting a game may still occur after the match has started if for some reason a team will not be able to finish the match.


Section 3.  Cork and team order

Team order will be decided by corking. 

Home team first, the first player in each team will get one throw. 

The team closest to the bullseye will go first. 

The losing team of each game will be first to throw on each successive game.


Section 4.  Rounds

Rounds will consist of two games of 301, followed by two games of Cricket, followed by two games of 301, etc., until the set number of games is won (nine (9) for Division A and seven (7) for Division B) or until a tie is reached (a tie being eight to eight (8-8) for Division A and seven to seven (7-7) for Division B) or the required number of games determined with handicaps.

If a tie is reached, then one game of 501 will be the tie breaker with 4 team members from each team throwing.


Section 5.  Scoring and throwing out of turn

 NOTE:  If both captains agree for fairness of the game, the captains may override any rule regarding scoring and throwing out of turn.  If both captains do not agree, the rule stands as written.

The League will follow the “board is always right rule”. 

Exceptions may be made for faulty equipment. 

If a dart sticks in the board and the board does not register the score and both team captains agree, the dart may be manually scored. 

If both captains do not agree, the board is always right rule will be used.

If play commences with double bulls turned on, play will continue with double bulls. 

It is each players, and their captain’s, responsibility to ensure it is their turn and the board has cycled through and is ready for their turn to throw darts. 

If a member throws out of turn on 501 their team will forfeit the game and the match. 

If a member throws out of turn and ends the game, their team will lose that game.


Section 6:  Ranking

Team rank will be determined by the team’s match’s win/loss percentage.  This number is calculated by dividing the number of matches won by the total number of matches played.  In the event two teams have the same match percentage, the team with the higher win/loss percentage will be ranked higher.

Individual rank will be determined upon the individual’s win/loss percentage and total number of games played.  This number is calculated by dividing the number of games won by the total number of games played.

In the case of a forfeit, the forfeiting team will be given a team loss and the other team will be given a team win.  The team score for the forfeiting team will be 0-9 (Division A) or 0-7 (Division B) and the team that did not forfeit will be given a 9-0 (Division A) or a 7-0 (Division B). 

No individual scores will be credited for a forfeit.





Section 1:  General

Each division will have its own playoff.  Format of play will be the same as the regular season.

The top 6 teams will play in the playoffs with three rounds of play.  If there are only 4 teams in a division, then there will be two rounds of play. 

The Board will post the playoff schedule to the website. 

Captains are responsible for notifying their team of when and where to play.


Section 2:  Playoffs

Round 1:

First place and second place teams will have a bye. 

Match 1:  The third place team will be the home team and play the sixth place team. 

Match 2:  The fourth place team will be the home team and will play the fifth place team.

The loser of each game will be out of the play offs.


Round 2: 

Match 3:  The first place team will be the home team and play the winner of Match 1.

Match 4:  The second place team will be the home team and will play the winner of Match 2.


Round 3 (Final round):

Match 5:  The winner of Match 3 and the winner of Match 4 will play each other.  The team with the higher stats will be the home team.

Match 6:  The loser of Match 3 and the loser of Match 4 will play each other.  The team with the higher stats will be the home team.


The winner of Match 5 will be 1st place, the loser of match 5 will be 2nd place, the winner of Match 6 will be 3rd place and the loser of Match 6 will be 4th place, with playoff prizes being awarded appropriately.