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Fast Plastic
Fast Plastic - The Wiffle®Ball National Championship.In mid-October, 30 or more teams converge in Austin, TX to compete for the undisputed title of National Champion. Large Cash Prizes & Trophy.Fast Plastic hosted 55 tournaments drawing more than 600 teams and 2000 players nationwide.They expect to exceed 80 tournaments, 900 teams and 2500 players in ’04.

Fast Plastic Swingers vs Team Trenton 2004 NJ Playoffs
Swingers vs Team Trenton 2004 Fastplastic NJ Playoffs- Swingers over Team Trenton 8-0

FP 2006 NCT Short

It's Tom's Wiffleball Page!
Learn how to throw a Wiffle

NJ Regional Site

New Jersey Wiffle Ball Association,Mike Palinczar President of NJWA

Sports Science Wiffle Ball Wiffleball james loney dodgers
Wicked Wiffle segment from Sport Science episode 209. On the set of Sport Science, Wiffle Ball Cy Young Winner Joel Deroche attempts to strikeout MLB star James Loney

Video's from GSW Wiffle League
Wiffle Video clips

16 city tour offering both medium pitch and fast pitch divisions. Cash Prizes awarded to the top 2 teams in each division. Top 4 teams advance Wiffle Up! World Finals. Wiffle Up! Everybody's Game

Wiffleball Network
Wiffleball Network... your key to wiffler found. Simply register here and you instantly put yourself within the "Lost Wiffler" files - open to be found.

Yard Work Wiffle Ball documentary
Yard Work is is a film about the highly competitive world of pro wiffle ball, the fantastic replica parks, the physics behind what makes the ball dance and most importantly it's just about having fun. Swingers