Last Updated: November 14, 2017

Midwest Linemans Camp

Off Line - counter, G/T pulls

Off Line - fold, skip pulls

Off Line - short trap pulls

Off Line - sweep pulls
Coach Todd Carter at the Midwest Line Camp teaches how to pull correctly outside for sweep, truck, and pin/pull type plays.

2016 Knights Youth Football Club
Web site for all Union Knight football organzied activity including 3-6th padded (MFL) and K-2nd flag league. Chris Behrens is the director for the KYFC and the director for the flag league. All KYFC practices are held in Dysart at the Park.

Press Box Radio
Up to the minute score on home and away games via your phone or internet. Also LIVE broadcast with the PBR team and replay opportunity within 48 hours after the games.

Iowa High School Athletic Association
Site designed for scores at all levels of football in Iowa and including statistics compiled for individual and teams.

2014 2A D6 Quick Stats

Be A Champion Video-Austin Bunz

Be A Champion Video-Cole Hinders

Be A Champion Video-Jake Clark

Be A Champion Video-Kolten Bader

Be A Champion Video-Tanner Heckt

Be A Champion Video-Trev Hadachek

Be A Champion Video-Wes Burnside

Agility Ladder Drills
All drills for 2015-2016 to be used for non-winter, non-spring athletes.

5 Tips to Increase Your Squat
Big time coaching points!

How to Improve Your Bench Press
Some great tips. Small changes can make a big difference.

Snatch technique/warmup (Burgener)
This is the best teacher with the Olympic lifts. Nearly all crossfit
gyms use Burgener as the top resource. Mike' son, Casey, was a
special athlete competing for the Olympics also.

Foam rolling exercises and technique
This is how to properly use the foam roller for post workout or during workout.