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Rancho Dominguez Prep

Click for map
Click for Map

Take the Santa Fe Avenue exit off the 405 Fwy and go North. The field is 2 blocks north of the 405 Fwy at Santa Fe Avenue and Carson Street in Long Beach. Enter the field on Carson Street near the railroad tracks down the right field line.

Rancho Dominguez Prep
4110 Santa Fe Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90810

Note: If you are coming from the north (going south on the 405) Santa Fe Avenue is a little bit tricky. The offramp is after Alameda; then stay in the right lane as if you were taking the 710 Fwy to Pasadena.

Restroom location: Portable facility behind the storage container off the 1st base side area.

To get directions click on 'Click for Map'. When the Google map comes up, simply put in the location you are coming from in the 'From' box on the left side. A map and driving instuctions should come up. Use the sliders on the left side of the map to "zoom in" and to change directions. Maps are shown in 'Hybrid' (satellite photos), if you prefer a regular map just click on the 'Map' tab.