Why Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken?- More Focus is placed on the local league season. Participation allows a
child to grow and excel at their own pace and ability while learning
individual skills, sportsmanship and teamwork.

- We aim to recapture the good old-fashioned values and traditions of the
past – promoting excellence in academics, athletics and the arts;
nurturing character development; fostering an understanding and an
appreciation for others; offering a wholesome outlet for children to
engage in group activities; guiding children to take responsibility for
their actions; and fostering a sense for family and community.

- Honesty, Respect, Caring and Commitment are stressed to our children.

- Believing that childhood is a crucial time of our life that molds the
kind of adult we will become is what sets BRL head and shoulders above
the rest.

- Using youth baseball and softball as an avenue to teach how to play well
the game of life is detailed utmost in our policies.

- We promote youth baseball and softball as venues to foster fair play and
honest competition instead of a win-at-all-costs attitude.

- Last, but certainly not least, WE PLAY BY THE RULES and strongly
emphasize respect for the rules by ALL participants.

Our Motto is: “Where the PLAYER comes first!”

Cal Ripken vs. Little League
Cal Ripken vs. Little League
Base Paths: Progressive Bases vs. Static Bases
Bases move from 60' to
70' as player gets older vs. bases stay at 60' to age 13

Pitching Distance: Moves from 46'
to 50' as player
gets older vs. remains at 46' to age 13

Base Stealing: Players are able to Players must wait for the
take leads from bases vs. ball to cross the plate

Coaching &

"Cal Ripken offers a great chance for players to develop more baseball skills at a younger age -thus will help better prepare them for the Transition to the 60'6" pitching distance and 90' base paths at the high school level"

"The Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth system allows youngsters to learn and play Baseball with a gradual increase in the level of difficulty"