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Look Who's Coming - 2014 Chesterfield Softball Tourneys

January 14, 2013 – 05:00 PM



Worth Gateway Shootout---May 29, 2014-June 1, 2014

This event is FULL.  The Deadline to PAY for this event is May 18th.  If payment is not received by then, your spot will be released to a wail listed team.


*Denotes PAID



*Missouri Heat (Leigraf)

*Worth Prospects 03 (Wood)

*Cedar Rapids Blue Devils (Keeney)

*Capital City Crush (Shaw)

Worth Prospects (Frelich)

*St. Louis Chaos 03 (Stelzer)

*Fury 04 (Blondin)

*St. Louis Chaos 04 (Mazzola)

*Illinois Esprit (Flanigan)



*Worth Prospects 02 (Eagan)

*Worth Crushers (Eads)

*Mid MO Heat (White)

*Worth Prospects 01 (Nixon)

*St. Louis Selects (Ashley)

*Jeff Co Xpress 02 (Montgomery)

MO Crushers 01 (Callier)



*St. Louis Fusion (Jones)

*Worth Tigers (Davis)

*JEFFCO Xpress 99 (Sampson)

*Worth Prospects (Wagner)

*Mo Fury 99 (Blondin)

*St. Louis Mustangs (Drake)

*St. Louis Academy Eclipse (Sloan)

*Worth Prospects (Boehme)

*Velocity (Atkinson)

*Mid MO Inferno (Sparks)

*Capital City Crush (Baxter)

*STL Diamond Cats (Bayer)

*Midwest Intensity (Williams)

WISA Aftershock (Bliss)

*NEMO Hotshots (Jennings)



*Jeff Co Express 99 (Gardner)

*Stl Nemesis (Herweck)

*Worth Tigers (Schade)

*Missouri Ice (McDaniels)

*Missouri Stealth (Jones)

*Missouri Fury 98 (McCrory)

*Worth Prospects 98 (Hansen)

*St. Louis Crush 97 (Blank)

*Southern Illinois NITRO (Hutchcraft)

*Missouri Warcats (Dart)

*St. Louis Angels 97 (Wunderlich)

*Missouri Outlaws (Garner)

*MO Classics (Meyer)

*Triple Threat (Unnerstall)

*STL Sluggers (Dillinger)

*St. Louis Extreme Elite (Ybarra)

* St. Louis Crush 98 (Williams)

*St. Louis Nemesis (Lane)

*Kansas City Riptide (Amos)

*STL Academy Premiere (Sullivan/Roberts)



*Patriots (Boehmer)

*MO Fury 97 (Langdon)

*St. Louis Classics (Morgan)

*Stars Elite (Hotop)

*St. Louis Pride (Thomas)

*STL Nemesis (Macias)

*St. Louis Fusion (Pollard)

*St. Louis Illusions (Bergman)

*MO Fury 96 (Eudy)

 *St. Louis Extreme (Fleming)

*STL Academy (Sullivan)

*St. Louis Diamond Cats (Seltzer)

*STL Crush (McCormack)

Missouri Rattlers (Cowan)



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