GWBA Code of Conduct

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The Greater Whiteland Baseball Association recognizes the positive effect of participation in extracurricular activities; however, the need exists to start a uniform code of conduct for extracurricular activities. The purpose of this code is to assist players, coaches and parents in making positive decisions when participating and/or attending a Greater Whiteland Baseball Association contest.

It is a privilege to participate in and/or attend a baseball game. Spectators and coaches are expected to exhibit pride in self and in his/her team. They are expected to exemplify standards consistent with good citizenship as well as good sportsmanship.

Please keep in mind, by allowing your son or daughter to participate, the experience becomes theirs.  Coaches, umpires, and players will make mistakes, that is a given.  Each of these groups will try to do their best in all situations.  The role of a parent for their child and their child’s team is to be a silent supporter.   A coach is a volunteer and is selected to coach a team, please respect their dedication and commitment to your child by allowing them to do what they have signed up to do.  Umpires are contracted by the league to enforce the rules of the games under their judgment, please respect their time commitment and training and allow them to do their jobs.  Your child has a desire to learn and play a sport, please allow them the opportunity to learn, to make great plays, and to learn from their mistakes in a supportive environment.  Support your child, use positive statements and cheer when they do good, let the coaches correct any fault in their play.  With that said, let your child experience the game of baseball for themselves; do not in any way make this experience about yourself as a parent.

Please read the rules carefully. Your signature on the section of the sign-up form labeled “Acknowledgement of Greater Whiteland Baseball Association Code of Conduct” indicates you, and any guest who attends the contest with you, understand the rules and will abide by them.

Each participant, coach and/or parent must comply with the following rules:
A. Each participant must have a signed “Code of Conduct” form on file before participating in any contest.
B. Each participant, coach and/or spectator will conduct themselves as ladies or gentlemen at all times. The following types of behavior will NOT be tolerated:
1. Yelling at umpires, coaches, participants, or spectators in a degrading or disrespectful manner.
2. Throwing any objects on the field.
3. Entering the playing field at any time before, during or after any contest unless instructed to do so by Association officials.
4. Conduct that will disrupt the continuation of any contest.
C. All participants must regularly attend all practices.

Violations of any of the rules mentioned above may result in any or all of the following consequences:
1. Requested removal from field and/or Baseball Park.
2. One or more game suspensions from participating in or attending a baseball game at GWBA.
3. Removal of participants from the team and/or total ban from the GWBA.

A. GWBA Executive Board has final approval over any penalty.
B. GWBA Board reserves the right to use whatever means necessary to enforce the rules and penalties mentioned above.

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