Last Updated: April 8, 2017
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Be one of the hundreds of players at 5 Tool that have experienced the Pro Batter

It simulates a real live pitcher - you choose a right handed or left handed pitcher

Visually you can face a Minor League or Little League pitcher

Speed settings range from 30 to 90 MPH

Have one of our professional instructors assist you with your practice,
making it fun and affordable
Only $30 extra on top of your cage rental fee

 Click Here to learn the most effective ways to use the batting cage



Leg presses to develop powerful legs

Cable Crossover - Universal machine to develop and strengthen all body parts

Ab Machines to develop abdominal muscles

Back Row to strengthen lats

Fly and Reverse Fly Machine to define and sculpt your chest and back

Bike to build your endurance while being easy on your knees

Dumbells ranging from 5 to 80 pounds

Training Tools including numerous agility bands, ladders, hurdles and resistance balls

The Gym is equiped with a surround sound speaker system so players can listen to music to keep their intensity up

Contact Krista at 718-344-8118 or for gym availability and rental rates