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2014 Fall Football Information

PRACTICE INFORMATION: Fall football for the 2014 Season will begin on Monday, July 21, 2014.  During the summer months, all teams practice Monday y - Friday from 6pm - 8:00pm.  When school starts, all Coaches cut practices to three nights per week.  Which nights will be at your Coaches discretion.  The first week of practice is always held *without equipment*.  The second week, Coaches will begin holding practices in full equipment or helmets only; depending on the schedule of the team and as weather permits.
FIELD INFORMATION:  All OMYA practices are held at OLD MILL SOUTHGATE Park.  There are TWO entrances to our field.  The "football side" entrance is off of Old Mill Blvd (which is off of Old Mill Road), this entrance brings you closest to the football field.  The other entrance is off of Oakwood Road and brings you closer to the baseball fields (where several teams practice) and the Green Building (where equipment hand outs take place). 
GAMES:  All OMYA games are held at Old Mill High School turf football fields.  OMHS is considered to be our HOME FIELD.  However, while we have use of these fields, we are considered a guest of the schools.  Therefore; we must adhere to certain rules set in place by AACO R&P and OMHA Administrators. 
GAME SCHEDULES:  All game schedules are created by Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Department.  Most games are scheduled Saturdays and Sundays at various times, Friday evening games are scheduled.  Typically, the youngest teams (70lb.) play the earliest in the morning.  OMYA has no control over game schedules or game locations.
UNIFORMS:  All OMYA players are issued a set of OM shoulder pads (including straps),  one red OM helmet (including chin straps), one pair of integrated practice pants, one pair of integrated game pants, one game jersey, one mouth piece.  Players are responsible to have their own cleats and supporter. 
EQUIPMENT DEPOSIT CHECK:  Every year OMYA requires an Equipment Deposit Check for each player.  Checks are made payable to OMYA, dated for 11/01/2014, in the amount of $250.00.  These checks are HELD by the Secretary.  Your check will be returned to you at the end of the season; when all OMYA equipment is returned.  If the equipment is held and not returned within 2 weeks of the close of the season, your check is cashed and the equipment becomes yours to keep.

AACO Youth Football Contract

AACO Youth Player Contract
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AAYFA 2013 Season 






July (TBD)  AAYFA/Rec & Parks FOOTBALL Coaches Clinic (8am-12p) OMHS

July 22 First week of practice NO PADS

July 29 First week of Practice with PADS & HELMENTS


August 31 FIRST Weigh-In & ID Cards - Time/Location TBA

August (TBD) R&P Coaches Certification Clinic, SPHS, 6pm- 9pm

August 17 2nd Weigh-In 

August 24 AAYFA Pre-Season Scrimmages 

August 26 2013 Season Schedules posted On-Line 

August 30 Season Begins Week #1



October 27 Last League Game of End of Season

October 28 Playoff Meeting/Standings Updates


November 1-3 Round 1 Playoffs

November 8-10 Round 2 Playoffs 

November 12 Championship Meeting 

November 15 & 17 National & Central Conference Championship Games 

November 16 American Conference Championship Games


 This information provided by Anne Arundel Youth Football Association. OMYA does not guarantee these dates as they are subject to change through AACO Recreation and Parks.