Last Updated: August 6, 2017 
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Message from our President:

You and your student athlete are a part of the Raider Huddle Club program, and we look forward to working with you.  Your journey as a Raider can have some wonderful memories to cherish, if you get involved.  Allow us to tell you how you can make a difference by supporting the Raider Huddle Club, but first you need to know Who We Are and What We Do.

We are working parents just like you, who have taken on the responsibility of being a Huddle Club Member.  We are required to raise the necessary funds to cover the cost of the program, through fundraisers, and your financial contribution.

That being said, here’s how you can make a difference – by participating in fundraisers, by volunteering to chair one of the many committees, make your financial contribution, attend meetings, show up for your student athlete’s  games, be in the stadium and make plenty of noise!!!!!!!  Don’t just know the coaches; make sure the coaches know who you are, and what you are doing to support your student athlete, and this program.  We encourage you to come on board and spread the Raider Spirit! 

Huddle Club Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the faculty lounge (next to the Hide Out).  You are welcome to join us.

Go Raiders!

Nat Ornelas
Raider Huddle Club