Playoff FAQ

Here is a quick FAQ to help clear up some forseeable questions: 
What are my referee fees?
     The referee fees and procedures are the same as they are during the regular 8 games. 
How far in advance will I know my gametimes?
      As soon as your 8th game is finalized, I will fill in your chart and you will receive a phone call and/or email with your gametime and schedule. 
Can I request gametimes?
       Because of the nature of playoff games and the schedule manuvering with other programs we have going on here at the Y-Zone, we need to stick to the times that are currently assigned.  We did our very best to keep game days and times what they were during the regular season, so for the most part, these games will be on your regular nights/time slots. 
What happens in the event of a tie?
       In the event of a tie, seedings will be determined by goal differential.  A maximum 5-point differential may be taken for each game, regardless of final score. 

Tiebreaker Procedures

In the event of a tie, the following rules will be applied:  

(a) Any player may take the Shootout;

(b) All players serving Time Penalties are seated in their appropriate Penalty Area. All players of the attacking team stand on or behind the Halfway Line and outside of the Center Circle. Players of the defending team stand behind the Halfway Line and inside of the Center Circle;

(c) The ball is placed at the Restart Mark nearer the attacking Goal;

(d) The Goalkeeper has at least one foot on his Goal Line and may not move off of it until after the Referee whistles the Shootout to begin;

(e) Once the Referee whistles the Shootout to begin, the ball is "in play" and the player taking the Shootout plays the ball.

A Tiebreaker proceeds by Shootouts, except that:

(a) The Referee designates the Goal at which both teams shoot and the team which shoots first (according to administrative policy);
(b) All players, other than the player taking the shot and the defending Goalkeeper, remain within their Team Bench areas;

(c) Both teams have up to 3 shots, with players from each team kicking alternately;

(d) If, at any time, a team obtains a 2-goal advantage, the Tiebreaker ceases and the winner is declared;

(e) If, after both teams have taken 3 shots, neither has an advantage, the Tiebreaker continues, alternating one player at a time, until both teams have taken an equal number of shots and one team has scored when the other has not;

(f) The player has 5 seconds to score after the Referee’s whistle.

U12 Girls Week 1

Sun 3.18 G1 12p 4 v 5   Grove City Laurel
  G2 1p 2 v 3   Wilmington LC United
  G3 2p 1 v W1   Blackhawk WINNER G1
***The winner of the first game (Grove City v Laurel) must stay to play Blackhawk at 2pm***

U12 Girls Week 2

Sun 3.25   12p W3 v W2   Blackhawk Wilmington
    1p L2 v L1   LC United Laurel

U12 Boys Week 1

Sat 3.17 G1 9a 1 v 5   Blackhawk Strikers
  G2 10a 2 v 3   Wilmington Riverside Republic
  G3 1p 4 v 8   Riverside U10 LC United
  G4 2p 7 v 6   Hickory Dynamite Riverside U12

U12 Boys Week 2

Sat 3.24   9a W1 v W2   Blackhawk Riverside Republic
    10a L2 v L1   Wilmington Strikers
    1p W3 v W4   Riverside U10 Riverside U12
    2p L4 v L3   Hickory Dynamite LC United

U14 Girls Week 1

Sun 3.11 G1 3p 2 v 3   Grove City Strikers
  G2 4p 1 v 4   Jen Kmick Blackhawk

U14 Girls Week 2

Sun 3.18   3p W1 v W2   Strikers Blackhawk
    4p L1 v L2   Grove City Jen Kmick

U14 Boys Week 1

Sat 3.17 G1 3p 1 v 4   Strikers Blackhawk
  G2 4p 2 v 3   Shenango Valley Hickory Dynamite
  G3 5p 5 v 6   Orange Crush Riverside (McAfee)

U14 Boys Week 2

Sat 3.24   3p W1 v W2   Strikers Hickory Dynamite
    4p W3 v L3   Orange Crush Riverside (McAfee)

Blackhawk (Win on Forfeit)

U16 Boys Week 1

Wed 3.21 G1 7p 4 v 5   Shenango Valley Grove City Avengers
  G2 8p 2 v 3   Neshannock Mohawk
  G3 9p 1 v W1   Wilmington Winner G1
***The winner of the first game (Shenango Valley v Grove City Avengers) must stay to play Wilmington at 2pm***

U16 Boys Week 2

Wednesday 3.28  7:00p Wilmington v Mohawk (championship game) 
                                 8:00p  Shenango Valley v Grove City Avengers

U19 Girls Week 1

Mon 3.19 G1 7p 4 v 5   Neshannock Mercer
  G2 8p 2 v 3   Neon Strikers Grove City Lady Eagles
  G3 9p 1 v W1   B-Gurlz Winner G1
***The winner of the first game (Neshannock v Mercer) must stay to play B-Gurlz at 9pm***

U19 Girls Week 2

Monday 3.26 7:00pm- b-gurlz v. neon strikers (championship game) 
                        8:00pm- grove city lady eagles v. Mercer

U19 Boys Week 1

Thurs 3.22 G1 7p 4 v 5   Pain Train Grove City
  G2 8p 2 v 3   Grove City (Henriquez) Mercer
  G3 9p 1 v W1   Dirty Magic Winner G1
***The winner of the first game (Pain Train v Grove City) must stay to play Dirty Magic at 9pm***

U19 Boys Week 2

3.29 U19 Boys Week 2
Championship game: 7:00pm: Dirty Magic v Grove City (Henriquez)
                                      8:00pm:  Mercer v Grove City

Adult Premier

ADULT PREMIER                
Tue 3.20 G1 8p 9 v 8   Grove City Grove City (Arnhold)
  G2 9p 5 v W3   Wizz Grove City (Arnhold)
Sun 3.25 G3 2p 2 v 3   Wilmington (Kaufman) Smurfs
  G4 3p 1 v 4   Honeybadgers Slippery Rock
  G5 4p 6 v 7   Young Gunz Westminster
    5p   v     Honeybadgers    Wilmington (Kaufman)
    6p   v     Slippery Rock Smurfs
Tue 3.27   8p   v     Wizz Young Gunz
    9p   v     Westminster Grove City
***PLEASE NOTE: The teams who win and/or lose may play their second game on the same day.  Plesae keep track of the schedule***