Last Updated: October 17, 2017

2013 Calendar Raffle Winners

June 15: Dori Frechette $375 (Jersey City, NJ) Seller: Pat Walsh $25 (McCabe's)
June 8: Dameon Armour $375 (Newark, NJ) Seller: Shawn Agosto $25 (Archie's Cab)
June 1: Mack & Gail Obrycki $375 (Branchburg, NJ) Seller: Nolan Family $25 (Michael, Bielan Law)
May 24: Ashley Mueller $375 (Bayonne, NJ) Seller: Roberto Mueller $25 (Hudacko's Pharmacy)
May 17: Joe Giampaglia $375 (Bayonne, NJ) Seller: Johnston Family $25 (Mark Sports)
May 10: Barbara Kuzminski $750 (Bayonne, NJ)Seller: Paul Kuzminski $25 (Archie's Cab)
May 3: Josephine Trumbetta $375 (Bayonne, NJ) Seller: Kristen Calderone $25 (sons play on Burger King & The Rock)
April 27: Jose Acosta $375 (Bayonne, NJ) Seller: Danny Reyes $25 (PBA)

April 20: Robert Raparelli $375 (Bayonne, NJ) Seller: Ryan Raparelli $25 (Archie's Cab)

April 13: Katie O'Donovan $375 (Franklin Lakes, NJ) Seller: Darlene McAllister $25 (Dr. Gabe Doria Astros)

April 6: Leonard Kopacz $750 (Bayonne, NJ) Seller: Ryan Cotter $25 (Sea Wolf Marine)


2012 Calendar Raffle Winners

June 23: Jean Marie Dizzine $750, Bayonne, NJ
Seller: Jared Dizzine $25 (Burger King)

June 16: Joseph Hojnacki, Bayonne, NJ $375
Seller: Joseph Hojnacki $25 (PBA)

June 9: Linda Hansson, Bayonne, NJ $375
Seller: Chris Cerbone $25 (McCabes)

June 2: Noel Cotter, Bayonne, NJ $375
Seller: Conor Sharp $25 (AFC/Babe Ruth)

May 26: Jeannette Martinez, Bayonne, NJ $375
Seller: Andy Rivera $25 (The Rock)

May 19: Marc Morgenbesser, Manalapan, NJ $750
Seller: Joseph DeChiaro $25 (Verve)

May 12: Eleanor & Rich Bergalowski, Forked River, NJ $375
Seller: Rich Bergalowski $25 (The Rock)

May 5: Sharon & Pat Pecoraro, Bayonne, NJ $375.
Seller: Dean Larwa $25 (Mark Sports)

April 28: Dugan Family, Bayonne, NJ $375
Seller: John Dugan, Jr. (McCabes)

April 21: Stas Chmara, Bayonne, NJ $375
Seller: Brandon Kuhl (The Rock)

April 14: Brian O'Connor, Bayonne, NJ $375
Seller: Justin O'Connor $25 (DiBella Construction)

April 7: Angelise Vallejo, Bronx, NY $750
Sellers: The George Boys who play on Big Apple and Pizza Masters $25

2011 Calendar Raffle Winners

May 23, 2011

5/21 Winner $750: Ali Brattole $750. Seller: George Brattole $25 (A-Rod's Indians-Instructional)
5/28 Winner $375: Pam Dolan $375. Seller: Sean Dolan $25 (Pizza Masters-Majors)
6/4 Winner $375: Antonio Dominguez $375. Seller: Antonio Dominguez $25 (DiBella Construction-Rookie)
6/11 Winner $375: Francessco Figliuzzi $375. Seller: Francessco Figliuzzi $25 (Hudacko's Pharmacy-Prep)
6/18 Winner $750: Jacqueline Veverka $750. Seller: Jakob Sanniola $25 (Kens Marine Giants)
6/25 Winner $375: Cheryl Krempa $375. Seller: Christopher Caballero $25 (DiBella Construction-Rookie)
7/2 Winner $375: Jerry Cole $375. Seller: John Murray $25 (John has donated the $25 back to the league)
7/9 Winner $375: Mary Bloom $375. Seller: Robby Bloom $25
7/16 Winner $375: Susan Christopolous $375. Seller: Susan Christopolous $25
7/23 Winner $375: Larwa Family $375. Seller: Larwa Family $25
7/30 Winner $375: Nolan Family $375. Seller: Nolan Family $25
8/6 Winner $750: Eunice Veloz $750. Seller: Eunice Veloz $25

2010 Calendar Raffle Winners

5/1 Winner $750: Leticia Dela Cruz $750. Seller: Steven Custodio $25 (Big Apple-Ruth)
5/8 Winner $375: Winner: Jack Nevins $375. Seller: Christopher Caballero $25 (Dr. Paul Roses)
5/15 Winner $375: Winner: The Timoldi Family $375. Seller: Stephen Timoldi $25 (Burger King)The Timoldi's have donated the winnings back to the league! Thanks Timoldi Family
5/22 Winner $375: John DiBenedetto who lives in New Providence NJ. Seller: Zachary Barra(A+ Custom T-shirts-Prep)
5/29 Winner $375: Bobby Cole Sr Bobby. Seller: Dave Hoffman(Child plays in Instructional League)
Bobby and his wife are long time supporters of the Ripken league(had a child in it 10 yrs ago) and were kind enough to donate $100 back to the league. Thanks!!!6/5 Winner: Debra Arroyo $375. Seller: Donovan Arroyo(MJ Desmonds-Prep). Debra has donated the $50 of winnings back to the league! Thanks Debra
6/12 Winner: Cindy Hooper $375. Seller: The George family whose kids play on Broadway Diner Nationals in Bambino league and Big Apple in the rookie league.
6/19 Winner: Kristen Calderone $750. Seller: Vincent Calderone(Archie's). The Calderone family have donated $100 back to the league! Thanks Calderone's!
6/26 Winner: Ginger Mecka $375. Seller: Michael Sullivan(Hudacko's).
7/3 Winner: Teddy Melendez $375. Seller: Shawn Agosto Jr.(Cardinals in Instructional League).
7/10 Winner: Robert Mettrick $375. Seller: Danny Paradine(McCabes in Ruth)Mr Mettrick has donated half back to the league! Thanks!
7/17 Winner: Patricia Prokop $750. Seller: Michael Nargi(Red Sox in Instructional League).

2009 Calendar Raffle Winners

Our first drawing was held Sat, May 2nd and the winner was Eileen Gertzkis. She won $750. The seller was Brandon Christian who plays on the TenEast Mets in Ripken Instructional division.
-May 9th Winner: George Peddie Jr $375. Seller George Peddie Jr of Chris Corner in Majors.
-May 16th Winner: Aphrodite Cavalucci $375. Seller: Brandon Syphrett of PBA in Ruth division.
-May 23rd Winner: Dobronsky Family $375. Seller: Matthew Dobronsky of Dr Paul Roses Braves in Instructional division.
-May 30th Winner: Anne Boyle $375. Seller: Liam O'Brien of Dr. Gabe Doria in Rookie division.
-June 6th Winner: Joseph Rubino $375. Seller: Anthony Rubino of Vemma Orioles in Bambino division.
-June 13th Winner: Christopher Barbero $375. Seller: Anthony Klich Jr of Archie's Cab A's in the Bambino division.
-June 20th Winner: Diane Canio $750. Seller: Vinny DeFazio of Nacirema in Major division.
-June 27th Winner: Ronald Scheriff $375. Seller: Angel Cruz of MJ Desmonds in Majors.
-July 4th Winner: Carol Lintao $375. Seller: Devin Lintao of Perpetual in Majors.
-July 11th Winner: Jack Kennedy $375. Seller: Thomas Cotter of Mark Sports in Rookie league.
-July 18th Winner: Greg Kennedy $750. Seller: Gabriel George of Pamrapo Bank Cardinals in Instructional division.

2008 Calendar Raffle Winners

Our first drawing was held Sat, May 3rd and the winner was Debra Arroyo. She won $750. The seller was Debra Arroyo. Her son plays on Bayonne Police in Ripken Prep division.
-May 10th Winner: Carl & Maria Biscaldi $375. Seller Matt Biscaldi of McCabes in Babe Ruth.
-May 17th Winner: Kerri Boyle $375. Seller Thomas Fienan of Pamrapo Cardinals in Ripken Instructional Division.
-May 24th Winner: Dave & Ginny Finn $375. Seller: Jesse Matos Jr of Big Apple in Ripken Rookie Division.
-May 31st Winner: Kevin O'Callahan $375. Seller: Kevin O'Callahan whose son plays on Orioles in Ripken Bambino Division.
-June 7th Winner: Devin Baret $375. Seller: Devin Beret who plays on Dr. G's in Ripken Rookie Division.
-June 14th Winner: Mike Aiello $750. Seller: Mike Aiello whose son plays on the Phillies in Ripken Bambino Division.
-June 21st Winner: Abraham Syphrett $375. Seller: Brandon Syphrett who plays on PBA in the Ruth division.
-June 28th Winner: Adrina Corrigan $375. Seller: Scott Corrigan who is an umpire in the organization.
-July 5th Winner: Nicholas Napoleon $375. Seller: Nicholas Napoleon who is a player on Unico in the Ruth division.
-July 12th Winner: William Golden III $375. Seller: Anthony Golden who plays on Bayonne Police in the Prep league.
-July 19th and FINAL Winner: Alma Vivas $750. Seller: Bryon Giron of Mama Rosa's in Ripken Major division.

2007 Calendar Raffle winners!!!

Our first drawing was held Sat, May 5th and the winner was Nancy Petrowski. She won $750. The seller was Robert Petrowski from STS Auto.
May 12th Winner: Jack & Sue Nilan $375. Seller Sue Nilan, son is on Dr Gabe Doria.
May 19th Winner: Elaine Reichert $375. Seller Brandon Walsh, Big Apple(Babe Ruth).
May 26th Winner: Nikki Guthrie $375. Seller The Guthrie Family- STS Auto & Mayor Joe Doria.
June 2nd Winner: Joe Melone $375. Seller Joe Melone, Chris Corner
June 9th Winner: Susan Ottino $375. Seller: Kevin Ottino(PBA-Babe Ruth)
June 16th Winner: Steve Sarnowski $750. Seller: Mark Sarnowksi(AFC-Babe Ruth)
June 23rd Winner: Rita Trebour $375. Seller: Chris Bergalowski-STS.
June 30th Winner: Colleen DiBella-Sullivan $375 Seller: Colleen DiBella-Sullivan(son plays on Dr G's)
July 7th Winner: Barbara Winters $375. Seller: Justin Winters-PBA(Babe Ruth)
July 14th Winner:Winner: Lorrie & William High $375 Seller: Alan Strickland(AFC-Babe Ruth)
July 21st Winner: Pat Biegal $750 Seller: Tom Striffolino (Dr Silber's).

That concludes this year's raffle.... Thanks to all who participated!!!!