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Referee Coordinator Contact Info.


In the event that you must reschedule a game, you are REQUIRED to contact the Referee Coordinator of the home club at the moment the game has been called off.  This has to be done immediately to allow for that game's referees to be contacted, cancelled, and re-scheduled.

 Below you will find the contact information for the various club's coordinators.

Chas. Metro/West Side   Cody Freas             (304) 546-3932

Elk River Soccer           Scott Menefee        (304) 553-6961

Great Teays Soccer      Bryan Shepherd      (304) 356-0318

KVU Soccer                   Bill Bragg                (304) 881-6787

Riverside Soccer          Brad White             (304) 545-9909

Sissonville Soccer        Dennis Carney        (304) 543-5653

South Chas./Dunbar     Aaron Wood             (304) 932-8873

South Hills Soccer       Mark Glover             (304) 553-4408