Our 2016 tryout schedule is now posted 
on our "Calendar" page.

We will offer teams for grades 3 through 11 for boys and teams for grades 3 through 9 for girls. 

There is a $25 tryout fee for all players new to the Pittsburgh Pride. This money will be applied to a player's balance if he/she decides to play for one of our teams. This money is non-refundable if a player decides not to play for us.

We offer two tryout sessions for each grade level.  While it is not mandatory for players to come to both sessions, we do recommend it.  The more we see the kids play the better we will be able to assess their abilities.  Players are only required to pay the tryout fee once regardless of how many sessions they attend.

After the last tryout session we need to know which players are definitely interested in playing for the Pittsburgh Pride.  We will immediately begin organizing our teams after tryouts.

We will have a spot on one of our grade school teams for every player who wants to play for us. We use the tryouts to help us put our teams together.

Our tryouts will consist of both drills and scrimmages.