Last Updated: October 19, 2017
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Div 8 Head Coach

Alicia Dionne


Assistant Coaches

Kimberly Petersen 

David Gagne 



Div 10 Head Coach

James Reed


Assistant coaches 

Kimberly Petersen

Angela Desrosiers

Melanie Raymond

Robyn Perry 



Div 14 Head Coach

Marissa Charest


Assistant Coaches

Melissa Russell 

Heidi Bourque 

Sarah-jane Nadeau

Head Coaches are the heart and motivation behind the GSE and NHYFSC Youth Cheerleading program.  
This leadership role is best characterized by an individual that will pour their enthusiasm, encouragement, discipline and 
character into the lives of young cheerleaders. Their leadership will impact and influence a squad and each member of 
that squad to be game time cheerleaders on and off the field.  A Head Coach represents the GSE and NHYFSC
Youth Cheerleading program and at all times acts in support and cooperation with the GSE Cheer Director, GSE 
Executive Board in the town's of Goffstown, New Boston, Dunbarton & Weare. 

A Head Coach is: 

-Respectful and inclusive so that her squad will be respectful and inclusive 
-Organized and disciplined so that her squad will be organized and disciplined 
-Cheerful and friendly so that her squad will be cheerful and friendly 
-A hardworking leader so that her squad will be hardworking leaders 
-Plugged into the game and community so that her squad will be plugged into the game and community they cheer for 
A Head Coach, to the best of their ability: 

-Remembers that the volunteer role is youth Cheer Coach and any cheering event is for the children and not the adults  
-Provides a safe practice and game situation for cheerleaders 
-Demonstrates and facilitates cheerleading fundamentals to all cheerleaders 
-Emphasizes the priority of real game time cheering that impacts the crowd  
-Ensures a quality, performance ready dance and cheer routine is used at half-time, community and competition events. 
-Uses coaching techniques appropriate for each skill level within the developmental age group 
-Creates a fun and challenging atmosphere for the cheerleaders 

Assistant Cheer Coach:

An Assistant Cheer Coach’s responsibility is to assist the Head Coach and follow the same guidelines as the GSE Head 
Coach while at all times acts in support and cooperation with the Head Coach and the GSE Cheer Director. 

Team Mom: 
Each Head Coach may, at her discretion, utilize the position of Team Mom. If a Team Mom position is utilized, the Team 
Mom responsibility is to assist, communicate, organize and support the squad’s needs as outlined by the Head Coach. 
The Team Mom, at all times acts in support and cooperation with the Head Coach and the GSE Cheer Director.