2018 Provincial Playdowns

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2018 Provinicials


Category Host IMH Representative(s)
Midget AA/A Sagkeeng Gimli, Lake MB, AND Peguis (NO PLAYOFF)
Midget B/C Winnipegosis TBD - Playoff requied - Fisher River/Lakeside/Fairford/Teulon (two teams)
Bantam Rural AA OCN Peguis
Bantam A Virden Gimli
Bantam B Teulon TBD - Playoff required - Fisher River/Lake MB/Peguis 2
Bantam C McCreary Fairford
Peewee AA Dauphin Peguis
Peewee A1 The Pas Stonewall 2
Peewee A La Broquerie Gimli
Peewee B Notre Dame TBD - Playoff Required - Arborg/St. Laurent (B)/Fisher River/ Warren
Peewee C Shoal Lake/Birtle TBD - Playoff Required - Fairford/Stony Mountain/Riverton/St. Laurent (W)
Atom AA Morden Peguis
Atom A1 Steinbach Peguis
Atom A Ste. Anne Teulon
Atom B Arborg  TBD - Playoff Required - Fisher River/Lake MB/Stony Mountain/Lakeside
Atom C Grand Plains TBD - Playoff Required - Fisher Branch/Riverton/Stony Mountain

2018 Provincial Playdowns

First Round to be completed by January 19th , second round by January 31st

Midget only - third round February 10th.  


All series must be completed on time.


All scores to be reported to Jay Charison (jaycharison@outlook.com) or 204-467-5759


For home ice, East goes West and if in question, North travels South 


Best of three series. Each team provides their own referee. On the third game you can request to have neutral referees.


Please avoid using the same referees for same series games AND referees related to players should not be used.


Midget B/C


    (loser)   (winner)  
      Lakeside (5-3)    
  (winner)  B Side   A Side (winner to provincials)
      Teulon (6-4, 9-2)    
(winner to provincials)   Fisher River   Teulon  
      Fisher River    
  (loser - A Side)        


Bantam B

Round 1

Fisher River (11-2) vs Peguis


Round 2

Lake MB vs winner Fisher River/Peguis


Peewee B

Round 1

Fisher River vs Arborg (11-3)

St. Laurent Blue vs Warren (18-1, 17-0)

Round 2

Warren vs Fisher River/Arborg 


Peewee C

Round 1

Riverton vs Stony Mountain (5-2, 5-2)

Fairford (9-4, 8-6) vs St. Laurent White

Round 2

Fiarford vs Stony Mountain (9-8)


Atom A1

Round 1

Peguis (8-7 OT, 4-3) vs Stonewall - Peguis advances


Atom B

Round 1

Lake MB vs Lakeside (20-10, 19-9)

Fisher River vs Stony Mountain (9-3, 11-0)

Round 2

Lakeside vs Stony Mountain


Atom C

Round 1

Fisher Branch vs Riverton (7-0, 12-0)


Round 2

Stony Mountain vs Riverton

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