Marlin fan counter

March 23-24  Diamond Nation- Spring Fling

 April 13-14  Diamond Nation - Spring Invitational

 April 27-28  The Rock Sports Park - Easton Invitational

 May 4-5  Diamond Nation - Battle at the Turf

 May 18-19  Sport at the Beach - Crackerjack Classic

 May 24-27   Bergen County Charity Classic - Memorial Day Tourney

 June 6th & 13th   Smash Burger Tournament -  Montclair, New Jersey

 June 26-30  NABF World Series/ NYBC Qualifier - New Jersey

 July 18-21   NYBC Qualifier via New England AAU - Rhode Island

 July 26-28 Baseball Heaven- Tommy Lasorda's Summer Showdown

 August 17-18 Best of the Best Northeast Championship- NYEB, Newburgh

 August 21-25  New Era Youth Baseball Championships - Memphis TN   **(If we qualify)

 August 24-30 Cooperstown (If we do not qualify)-will combine w/ Team Dominican Republic