Final Top Ten 2014

September 8, 2014


Every team had some ups and downs, but with the dust finally settled on the 2014 season, here is the final top ten of the year.


1. Tecumseh Thunder (1) (34-12)

Without a doubt the Thunder were the best team in 2014.  They had high hopes coming into the season and they more than fulfilled them.  Their only blip on the radar was a 6 game losing streak at the beginning of the year.  They rebounded to win the Lakeside tournament, the Can-Am playoffs, the Eliminations and silver at the Nationals.  A lot of their older players are planning to retire after this great run, but they have plenty of young talent both now and on the way to keep them good for quite some time.

Team needs: for 2015 the Thunder just need to keep their core intact.  On offence, they need Kevin Mailloux, Mitch Delaney, Curtis Lambkin and company to return.  On the hill, they need Mitch Kramer, Zack Breault and Brandon Lindquist to return.  With juniors like Brandon Gignac and Keifer Quick coming through the ranks, this team is in good shape.

2. Mississauga Southwest Twins (2) (32-16)

The Twins had their share of struggles in league play.  A lot of that was attributed to attendance issues.  Once they had their roster intact they were unbeatable against every team not named Tecumseh.  The Twins finished second at the Eliminations and won the bronze at the Nationals. They had their backs against the wall and were down and out plenty of times in 2014 but they always found a way to get it done.  They are still young and figure to continue to be a force in 2015 and onward. 

Team needs: the Twins seemed like they were missing a bat but addressed that need with the addition of Troy Black.  They have a solid pitching staff, but a couple of reliable arms coming out of the 'pen would make this team that much more dangerous.

3. Strathroy Royals (3) (29-7)

The Royals started their season off with 2 straight losses in league play then went on to run the table in their league, including a 3 game sweep against Ilderton in the finals.  They did pretty well in tournaments also, losing in the finals in Vaughan and making it to the final 5 at the Elims.  It will be interesting to see who will return next year.

Team needs: the Royals just need to keep their pitching staff in tact.  They have a bushel of arms they can throw out there and need to keep them all in the fold.  A power bat would help this team a great deal.

4. Etobicoke Rangers (5) (31-12)

The Etobicoke Rangers disappointed in tournament play all year long.  That disappointment was capped off by a shocking 2 and out at the Eliminations.  They still had a pretty good year, winning 16 straight league games at one point.  Make no mistake about it: this team is good, and should be relevant for a long time.  At some point though they are going to have to get it done at the big dance and they know it.

Team needs: they have a handful of arms coming through their junior program in a couple of years, as well as a solid bat in Roman Testani.  Breitner, Hyde, Rose and Cambria are a legitimate quartet, but they need another guy or two to solidify the staff.

5. Thornhill Reds (9) (31-15)

The Reds were just 14-12 in games where Dave Anderson or Chadwick Cameron did not receive a decision.  They still managed to have some success, winning the Tillsonburg tournament and the league playoffs for the second year in a row.  If this team is to have any shot at success outside of it's league, it is going to have to add some pitching. If not, this is probably the ceiling for this team.

Team needs: they need pitching help.  They have two guys who can match up with anyone, but after that they are left scrambling.  They have lost guys like Dave McElroy and Andy Orfanakos over the years, and have not replaced them with anyone.

6. East York Bulldogs (6) (31-13)

The Bulldogs finished the season with the best overall record in the GTBL.  That good record was not accompanied by anything of significance.  They did not win the regular season or playoffs in their league and did not make any deep runs in tournaments.  They are a team that is good enough to win, but they must keep their core in tact going forward and be more consistent outside of the GTBL.

Team needs: another bat or two would help any team a great deal, but the Bulldogs seem to really need one in order to vault themselves to another level.

7. Leaside Leafs (4) (30-13)

The Leafs made the semi-finals at the Eliminations and also made it to the semi-finals at the London tournament.  They are right in the mix and they should be able to compete for a couple of more seasons.  Their pitching health will always be a huge question mark.  They need to get over the hump and beat Tecumseh and Mississauga SW when it counts.  One thing you can bank on is the fact that you have to beat those two teams to do anything of significance in the next couple of years and they were 0-4 against those two teams this year.  Since 2010 they are 0-3 against Tecumseh and 1-6 against Mississauga SW.

Team needs: a couple of young difference makers would help this team remain good for a longer period of time. All of their key guys will be north of 30 and time is ticking.  They will still be good enough to have a chance with the roster they have, but how long they will be good remains to be seen.

8. Niagara Metros (8) (31-13-1)

The Metros started off the season on fire and they were even ranked number 1 at one point.  Their big success of the season was winning the Vaughan tournament.  They are young and they have pieces in place that will allow them to compete and be successful for a very long time.  The question will always remain whether or not they can get it done at the Eliminations?  Until they do, that question will always be relevant when assessing this team.  

Team needs: another ace type pitcher would help this team a lot.  McKenna is legit and Strong is very good himself.  The rest of their pitchers provide very solid depth, but they seem like they need another front of the rotation type arm.

9. Windsor Stars (7) (25-14)

This is not familiar territory for the former perennial number 1 powerhouse.  This team is used to being atop the rankings and dominating teams. This season had a different feel for the Stars after they lost some dominant pitching.  If they are to regain their status as the top team in the province (or even their league for that matter) they are going to have to acquire some more talent.  They have a very good Junior program, and they figure to be in the mix no matter what.

Team needs: they still have a pitching staff that is pretty good with Teno, Little, Rustulka, Lauzon, Czerwieniec and Myers.  Their offence needs to be more reliable and can't have just two or three guys carrying the load next year.

10. Pickering Red Sox (NR) (26-24)

The Red Sox were one of just 11 teams to finish over .500.  They exhibited more success at tournaments than in their league.  They made some key acquisitions be taking advantage of the exodus from Martingrove players.  They must continue to build on that and acquire some more talent. 

Team needs: Binns really rebounded this season and they have three reliable pitchers with him, Vecchiarelli and Cheeseman.  They are still missing something in the pitching department and need to address that.  Dynes is not getting any younger and they need another power bat after losing Petrou and Moore over the last couple of years.



2015 Preseason Top 10



The Thunder were stacked last season, and they got even better this offseason- with the additions of Robbie Cooper and Paul Lamantia.

Best Case Scenario: they put their talent together on the field and steamroll everyone.

Worst Case Scenario: their fourth and fifth pitchers struggle in big moments, and they find a way to lose.



The Twins always seem to put it together at the right time. They have a tendency to wing it during the regular season, but when the chips are on the table, they are always ready to roll. Paul McKenna will make them that much better this year.

Best Case Scenario: they play like how the usually play come Eliminations time, and they earn another Nationals' berth.

Worst Case Scenario: they run in to a tough pitcher late at the Elims and fail to make it through.


3. EAST YORK (6)

East York came pretty close to a Nationals' berth a couple of years ago, but they took a step back last year. They have been very active this off-season and have a chance to do some big things this summer.

Best Case Scenario: their pitching staff continues to be one of the best in the province, and the additions from Thornhill and Kyle Fillier make them a formidable offensive team as well. They are a complete team and win it all come August.

Worst Case Scenario: all the new faces can't get on the same page, and they struggle to put together wins in key moments.



The Rangers have been one of the most successful programs in the history of senior baseball. That being said, they have not made it to the Nationals in over a decade, and you gotta figure that anything less than a Nationals' berth would be a disappointment for the team.

Best Case Scenario: winning it all. They have a loaded offence, two dominant pitchers (and possibly a couple more), plus some other decent arms. They have all the talent.

Worst Case Scenario: they find a way to lose when it matters the most, and another year passes without a Nationals' appearance.



They waltzed through their league last year, but will have more of a challenge this year. As always though, their performance will be assessed mostly on how they do in tournaments and at the Eliminations. They have been one of the few teams who have had a realistic chance, and this year will be much of the same.

Best Case Scenario: they get a favourable draw, and utilize their abundance of arms effectively- and win it all.

Worst Case Scenario: simply just finding a way to lose. They're good enough to win it all, and they need to put it all together at the right time.


6. LEASIDE (7)

The Leafs have been one of the more successful teams in Ontario for the last few years. They have a very dangerous lineup, and the addition of Brad Grieveson will help a pitching staff that has suffered from injuries, and as a result- a lack of depth.

Best Case Scenario: everything finally comes together for the team, and they catch a break and make it to the end at the Eliminations. 

Worst Case Scenario: the back end of their pitching staff cannot stay healthy, and the loss of Bryan Rock is bigger than they ever could have imagined. Due to these factors, they disappoint in key moments.


7. WINDSOR (9)

The Stars not being at the top of this list is different. Windsor had dominated the Senior baseball landscape for years, and we may be noticing a change in the balance of power. The Stars will be out to debunk that theory this year, and will be the hunter as opposed to the hunted. 

Best Case Scenario: Steve Teno, Dane Little and Matt Rustulka have great years, and the team plays solid defence all season long. Cam Goddard develops into one of the biggest power threats in Senior baseball, and the Stars get back to the top of the heap.

Worst Case Scenario: the Stars' pitching depth isn't enough to battle in the later rounds of tournaments and the Eliminations.


8. NIAGARA (8)

The Metros will be left with a huge void to fill with the departure of Paul McKenna. They do have a few young arms coming in that should be able to soften the blow a bit, but McKenna's loss definitely will be difficult to overcome. Former Metro great Brian Essery joins the coaching staff, and will be able to teach the young Metros' staff a thing or two about pitching. Their offence will still be very difficult for pitchers around the province to handle.

Best Case Scenario: Geoff Strong and Justin Ayles take their games to bigger heights, and help offset the loss of McKenna. Their young hitters continue to get better and destroy all pitching thrown at them. They are in the mix late in the Elims, with a chance to win it.

Worst Case Scenario: they can't overcome the losses of McKenna and Daniel Veres, and they don't have the pitching depth to perform well in tournaments, and at the Elims.



If the Hawks have been one thing over the years- it has been steady. You can always count on them to play .500 ball in the GTBL, and to perform well in tournaments and at the Eliminations. As of now, there haven't been too many notable additions or subtractions to note (that I know of), other than the addition of P/OF Brad Crone (which isn't even 100% confirmed).

Best Case Scenario: they show up to play in tournaments, on the strength of their solid defence and pretty good pitching. They advance to the playoff rounds in almost every tournament they play in, and they also make a deep run to late Sunday or Monday at the Eliminations. 

Worst Case Scenario: the age of their pitching staff starts to show, and their offence can't come up with the timely hits that it is accustomed to. This results in a sub .500 league record and poor performances in tournaments. 



The A's revamped their roster with some former players and some new blood. They were one of the worst teams in the province in 2014, and they are poised to be competitive once again in 2015. Manager Alex Hawley will have a lot more to work with this season.

Best Case Scenario: all the new pieces provide a huge boost for the team, and they are one of the top four teams in COBA. 

Worst Case Scenario: Gord Robertson and Mark Tourangeau are not as effective as they once were, and their "aces" cannot match up with other teams' best in tournaments.


Final Top 10

1. Tecumseh Thunder (1)
They won the Can-Am regular season, Can-Am playoffs, Ontario championship, and Canadian championship. Not bad for a team that lost its two best pitchers from last season. They should continue to be a force for a very long time.
2. Mississauga SW Twins (2)
The Twins were polar opposites of what they've been accustomed to doing over the years. They dominated COBA league play with a 21-6 record, but were only so-so in tournaments (outside of an elims finals run). It will be interesting to see how much longer their core remains in tact. As long as it does, they'll always be right up there with the Thunder.
3. Windsor Stars (3)
A late-inning meltdown in the elims semi-finals cost them a shot at yet another nationals' berth. They don't have the big-name pitchers that will blow you on paper, but they have a bunch of steady guys who could be aces on almost any team. Steve Teno is arguably the best in the business, and Skylar Janisse looks like he's going to be very good for a while as well.
4. Niagara Metros (5)
The return of Rob Nixon really gave this team a huge boost. He is as dominant as they come in senior baseball, and I look forward to seeing what he does for a full season. They have a good lineup, solid defence, and pretty good pitching. They should continue to be among the top teams in Ontario for a while, but they will be the first to tell you they need to get over the proverbial hump.
5. East York Bulldogs (6)
They loaded up their roster, but failed to get it done when they were playing for all the marbles. That doesn't take away from the great season they had. It will be interesting to see if a lot of their additions were just rental players, or players committed to making East York a force like it was a decade ago.
6. Etobicoke Rangers (4)
They'll need to add a couple of arms in the offseason, and hope to get Brett Sanders back in the fold somehow. They'll always be a pretty good team, but a couple of key additions can make them really good. You better bet that Steve Breitner will try his best to continue to add pieces.
7. Strathroy Royals (7)
The SWBL is not even fair, with Strathroy annihilating everyone for the last couple of years. They were tested in the league finals by Sarnia, but eventually emerged victorious. They have the pitching to be back in this position next season, if not higher.
8. Newmarket Hawks (8)
They won the GTBL playoffs, serving notice that the GTBL isn't just a two-horse race. They won't have the talent to be up with the big boys, but they will always be a good team, because they play hard and have good camaraderie; something that cannot be said about many teams.
9. Leaside Leafs (9)
On paper, they looked like a scary team. They fizzled down the stretch; especially when it mattered most. With their current pitching staff, and the ages of most of their key guys, the same roster likely won't have a shot to win outside of the GTBL next year.
10. Brampton Royals (HM)
Offensively, they put up some crooked numbers on almost every team this year. They definitely need to add some pitching, but they have youth and offensive prowess on their side. Let's see if they keep building to become better, or if they lose guys and don't replace them.
Honourable Mention:
Milton Red Sox (NR)
Pickering Red Sox (10)
Sarnia Braves (HM)
Thornhill Reds (NR)

Preseason Top 10


1. Tecumseh Thunder

2. Mississauga SW Twins

3. Windsor Stars

4. East York Bulldogs

5. Etobicoke Rangers

6. Strathroy Royals

7. Pickering Red Sox

8. Niagara Metros

9. Ilderton Red Army

10. Leaside Leafs


Final Top 10 Rankings

August 28, 2016



1. Tecumseh Thunder (1)

Thunder win Ontario gold and National gold.


2. Strathroy Royals (2)

Royals win Ontario silver and National silver.


3. Mississauga SW Twins (3)

Twins made the final five at elims for the sixth year in a row and had three pitchers picked up for Nationals.


4. East York Bulldogs (4)

Made the final five in elims and were good in GTBL season as well.


5. Niagara Metros (5)

Metros were one win away from Nationals berth and one win away from COBA playoff title.


6. Etobicoke Rangers (7)

Historic 25-3 regular season but no success in big games, including league playoffs.


7. Windsor Stars (6)

Not the team they once were, but still a top team in Ontario.


8. Thornhill Reds (NR)

Great season for a Reds team that overachieved all season, and could be good next year as well.


9. Pickering Red Sox (8)

They've been solid in tournaments and decent in GTBL as well.


10. Erindale Cardinals (NR)

Finished above .500 in COBA and won the league playoffs.





1. Windsor Stars (38-8; 1)
2. Oshawa Royals (25-7; 2)
3. Markham Pioneers (20-10; 4)
4. Strathroy Royals (17-11; 19)
5. Oakville A's (23-13; 9)
6. Leaside Leafs (20-12; 3)
7. Newmarket Hawks (17-19; 18)
8. St. Catharines Metros (17-12; 5)
9. Burlington Brants (19-11; 6)
10. Thornhill Reds (14-20; 17)

Honourable Mention:

Erindale Carindals (18-14)
Etobicoke Rangers (19-13)
Lakeside Lizards (17-8)
Tecumseh Thunder (18-14)
Milton Red Sox (14-14)


1. Windsor Stars
Someone is going to have to knock these guys off to take over the number one spot. As the last few years have shown - it will be easier said than done.

2. Oshawa Royals
After a disappointing season (for their standards), the Royals will look to regain their spot amongst the province's elite.

3. Leaside Leafs
The Leafs showed that they could play with anybody in Ontario. With the core of the team still intact, they figure to be right up there again this season.

4. Erindale Cardinals
The hard-hitting Cardinals added former Leaside OF Aaron Pitts, who will make the lineup that much more dangerous. With the emergence of a couple of solid pitchers, this team will be very tough to beat.

5. Markham Pioneers
After being one of the best teams in the province the past few years, the Pioneers struggled last season. Look for coach Mark Munro to get these guys near the top again this season.

6. Niagara Metros
This team will look to get over the hump this season. Their roster is usually one of the best, but they must put it together on the field this season.

7. Oakville A's
They have established themselves as a very capable team the last two seasons, and they look to make a jump into the elite this season.

8. Etobicoke Rangers
Last year was supposed to be a rebuilding year for them, but they were one of three teams standing come Monday at the Eliminations. They will find a way to be a tough opponent again this season.

9. Newmarket Hawks
They fly under everyones radar every season, but continue to do well year in and year out. This year figures to be no different.

10. Thornhill Reds
They underachieved last season, and still had a decent run at the Eliminations. With all of their key players returning, the Reds will look to do some damage this season.


Final Pre-Season Top Ten
1. Windsor Stars
2. Leaside Leafs
3. Glanbrook Grizzlies
4. Markham Mariners
5. Erindale Cardinals
6. Thornhill Reds
7. Ilderton Red Army
8. Lakeside Lizards
9. Newmarket Hawks
10. Tecumseh Thunder

Honourable Mention:

Mississauga Southwest Twins
Oakville A's
Strathroy Royals


May 14, 2011

1. Windsor Stars (2-0) (1)

The Stars beat the Windsor Selects and Tecumseh Juniors by scores of 14-4 and 14-0 respectively. Picco and Carter are a combined 7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 16 K.

2. Leaside Leafs (1-0-1) (2)

The Leafs tied the Mariners and then beat the Mariners 12-0 on consecutive days. Jorge Frugoni is starting to establish himself as the ace of the team. He posted a line of 4 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 6 K. Travis Skelton is off to a fine start in his new uniform, with a 2 run game-tying triple in the seventh inning of game one, and he went 1 for 1 with 3 BB and 4 R in game two.

3. Thornhill Reds (0-0-1) (6)

The Reds got off to a hot start in 2010 and found themselves near the top of the rankings, but tailed off in the middle of the year. This year's team looks poised to maintain a spot near the top in 2011. They tied East York in their first game, but were a bit shorthanded. Gary Rose went 5 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 8 K.

4. Ilderton Red Army (2-0) (7)

Last year's semi finalists are off to a fine start, with 7-3 and 2-1 wins over Tillsonburg and London.

5. Erindale Cardinals (1-0) (5)

The Cards took their opener 4-1 against the Oakville A's. Geoff Cullen was in his usual form, registering 2 doubles on the night.

6. Mississauga SW Twins (2-0) (HM)

The Twins beat the Etobicoke Rangers and Niagara Metros by scores of 15-5 and 8-3. They had a good debut in Senior AAA ball last year, and they look ready to take the next step this year, and remain amongst the elite teams of the province.

7. Tecumseh Thunder (1-0) (10)

The Thunder handled Troy Jet Box, who have been one of the top two teams in the Can-Am league for a long time standing. A very good start to the season for a team who made the final three last year at the Elims. Kyle Trudell was good on the mound for Tecumseh.

8. Glanbrook Grizzlies (0-1) (3)

A 1-0 loss in 11 innings probably doesn't warrant a drop from 3 to 8, but the teams ahead of them (except for Thornhill who tied their only game) have been impressive thus far. Chris Cooney tossed 6 shutout innings in the opener.

9. Lakeside Lizards (0-0) (8)

Haven't played a game yet.

10. Markham Mariners (0-1-1) (4)

Tied a game and lost a game to the Leafs this week. They will be fine once the season gets going a bit.

Honourable Mention:

Newmarket Hawks (0-1) (9)
Oakville A's (0-1) (HM)
Strathroy Royals (0-0) (HM)


Thornhill 5 East York 5 (HR- Tyler John)
Redbirds 3 (LP- Chris Gott) Martingrove 6 (WP- Mike Didier, SV- Dennis Hucal, HR- Mike Drzazga)
Markham 5 (HR- Jason Graham) Leaside 5
Leaside 12 (WP- Jorge Frugoni) Markham 0 (LP- John Frederick)
Newmarket 6 (LP- Travis Welder) Redbirds 7 (WP- Mark Nolan)


Burlington 1 (WP- Mike Bonnano) Glanbrook 0 (LP- Mike Grilli)
Erindale 4 (WP- Brad Kozak) Oakville 1
Etobicoke 5 (LP- Curtis Saunders) Mississauga SW 15 (WP- Jordan Petruska)
Brampton 8 Burlington 2
Mississauga SW 8 (WP- Andrew Foster) Niagara 3 (LP- Dustin Turner)

Can Am

Windsor Selects 4 Windsor Stars 14 (WP- Mike Girimonte)
Windsor Stars 14 (WP- Steve Carter) Tecumseh Juniors 0
Troy 1 (LP- Andy Bryant) Tecumseh 7 (WP- Kyle Trudell)
WAA 12 (WP- Barry Keith) Windsor Selects 2


Ilderton 7 Tillsonburg 3
Ilderton 2 London 1


Bryan Dufour, Windsor Stars

Dufour got off to a solid start for the Stars, as they try to three peat. He is 4 for 6 with a triple, 3 RBI, 4 Runs Scored and a Walk in 2 Windsor wins.


Gary Rose, Thornhill Reds

Rose tossed 5 shutout innings against the East York Bulldogs, allowing just 1 hit and striking out 8. This game meant a lot to not only Rose, but the Reds as well. They need a pitcher to step up and establish himself as an ace, and Rose showed the potential to do just that.


May 23, 2011

1. Windsor Stars (5-0) (1)

The Stars posted a spectacular week. They beat league rivals Tecumseh 3-1, then swept a double-header from Troy by scores of 5-4 and 8-0. John Picco and Steve Carter combined for 12 innings pitched and 1 run allowed.

2. Leaside Leafs (1-0-1) (2)

Did not play.

3. Thornhill Reds (0-0-1) (3)

Did not play.

4. Ilderton Red Army (2-0) (4)

Did not play.

5. Glanbrook Grizzlies (1-1) (8)

Glanbrook earned a hard-fought victory against Erindale, 10-7. The 10 runs is good news for a Grizzlies offence that got shutout in its first game.

6. Strathroy Royals (1-0) (NR)

The Royals will be around all year as a team that will be tough to beat. That was proven in a 7-5 win against the tough Lakeside Lizards.

7. Erindale Cardinals (2-1) (5)

The 'Cards lost 10-7 to Glanbrook, but rebounded with a 3-2 victory against Milton.

8. Markham Mariners (1-1-1) (10)

Markham posted a 13-0 win against Martingrove. They regained their long ball stroke from last year, as John Bell went deep and Jesse Dynes homered twice.

9. Mississauga SW Twins (2-2) (9)

The Twins had a tough week, losing both ends of a double-header against Brampton, by scores of 4-3 and 7-0.

10. Tecumseh Thunder (2-2) (7)

The Thunder lost 3-1 to the Stars, and split a double-header with the Windsor Selects Junior team. Mitch Kramer is in fine form early on the mound.

Honourable Mention:

Brampton Battlecats (3-1) (NR)
Lakeside Lizards (0-1) (9)
Newmarket Hawks (0-1) (NR)
Oakville A's (0-1) (NR)


Jesse Dynes, Markham Mariners

The veteran slugger showed that he still has a great deal to offer. Dynes went deep twice against Martingrove in a 13-0 road win. He went 3 for 4 with 5 RBI in the game.


Steve Carter, Windsor Stars

The former Oakland A's farmhand continued his assault on Senior Baseball, with a 7 inning shutout against Troy Jet Box. He allowed 3 hits, 4 walks, and struck out 5.

GTBL Scores

Markham 13 (WP- Brad Binns (1-0), HR- Jesse Dynes 2(2), John Bell (1))

COMBL Scores

Niagara 12 (WP- Brian Kusey (1-0), HR- Evan Baglieri (1)) Brampton 5 (LP- Mike Burke)
Mississauga SW 3 Brampton 4
Mississauga SW 0 Brampton 7
Erindale 7 (LP- Andrew Mullen) Glanbrook 10 (WP- Ryan Colling, SV- Mike Grilli)
Erindale 2 Milton 3 (LP- Liam Tennant)

Can-Am Scores

Windsor 3 (WP- John Picco) Tecumseh 1 (LP- Andrew Pierce)
WAA 0 Tecumseh Juniors 10
WAA 0 Tecumseh Juniors 6
Tecumseh 5 (WP- Jason Marentette) Windsor Selects 1 (LP- Jeff Walker)
Tecumseh 8 (LP- Jered Ferencik) Windsor Selects 10 (WP- BJ Small)
Windsor 8 (WP- Steve Carter) Troy 0
Windsor 5 (WP- Branden Robitaille) Troy 4

SWLBL Scores

Lakeside 5 Strathroy 7


May 30, 2011

TOP 10

1. WINDSOR STARS (7-0) (1)

Windsor has jumped out to a 7-0 start with just 10 runs allowed, after sweeping a twin bill against the Tecumseh Juniors by scores of 1-0 and 3-1.

2. LEASIDE LEAFS (1-0-1) (2)

Did not play.

3. THORNHILL REDS (2-0-1) (3)

Upended the Mariners twice, after beating them 7-3 and 12-3. JR Crosby homered in his first game with the Reds.


Did not play.


Did not play.

6. ILDERTON RED ARMY (2-1) (4)

Lost 2-0 to Tillsonburg, and dropped to 2-1 on the season.


Hung on to beat East York 8-7, after jumping out to an early 7-0 lead.


Did not play.

9. OAKVILLE A'S (1-1) (NR)

Beat Mississauga SW 8-4 in the lone game they played this week.


Lit up Erindale 13-2, then beat Niagara 6-5 and tied Niagara 4-4 in a double dip.

Honourable Mention

Brampton Battlecats (3-1) (NR)
Erindale Cardinals (2-2) (7)
Martingrove White Sox (2-1) (NR)


Newmarket 8 (WP- Dave MacPherson (1-0) SV- Mark West (1)) East York 7 (LP- Shawn Leah (0-1), HR- Adam Ross (1))

Martingrove 9 (WP- Ryan Donnelly) Redbirds 6 (LP- Peter Westlake)

Markham 3 (LP- Mark Cheeseman (0-1)) Thornhill 7 (WP- Andrew Bergman (1-0), HR- JR Crosby (1), Brian MacDonald (1))

Thornhill 12 (WP- Eric Wakeman (1-0)) Markham 3 (LP- Brad Binns (1-1))


Etobicoke 13 (WP- Josh Wood, HR- Jeff Altpeter) Erindale 2

Oakville 8 Mississauga SW 4

Etobicoke 6 (WP- Sasha Gerster) Niagara 5 (LP- Geoff Strong)

Etobicoke 4 Niagara 4

Milton 3 (WP- Ian Zettle) Mississauga SW 2

Milton 2 (LP- Tyler Wilson) Mississauga SW 6 (WP- Eric Ventura)


Tecumseh 2 (LP- Andrew Pierce) Troy 7 (WP- Jake Eliopolous)

Tecumseh 0 (LP- Rob Blunck) Troy 10 (WP- Johnny Darretto, HR- Matt Viggiano)

Windsor Selects 3 WAA 6

Tecumseh Juniors 0 Windsor 1

Tecumseh Juniors 1 Windsor 3

London Area

Ilderton 0 Tillsonburg 2


Mark Capone, Etobicoke

Capone seems to get overlooked sometimes, but make no mistake about it- he is one of the best, and most accomplished hitters in Senior Baseball. He has hit at every level, and holds many records at the University of British Columbia.

Mark led the Rangers to a big week, as they went 2-0-1. Against Erindale, Capone went 2 for 3 with 2 doubles, 3 walks, 3 RBI and scored 2 runs. Against Niagara, he added 2 more hits and 2 more RBI. He capped off the double header against Niagara with another hit in the second game.

Past Winners:
Bryan Dufour, Windsor
Jesse Dynes, Markham


Eric Wakeman, Thornhill

The rookie right hander was impressive in his Senior debut, tossing 5 shutout innings ans scattering 4 hits. Much has been said about the Thornhill offensive additions they have made, but Wakeman and many like him will be pivotal parts to Thornhill's success on the mound.

This was the third solid outing the Reds received from a starting pitcher in as many games.

Past Winners:
Gary Rose, Thornhill
Steve Carter, Windsor


June 6, 2011

1. Windsor Stars (10-0) (1)

The Stars got some more good pitching this week, and remain unbeaten.

2. Thornhill Reds (7-0-1) (3)

The Reds took care of business in Tillsonburg, going 4-0 and outscoring opponents 22-10 en route to the championship.

3. Ilderton Red Army (4-3) (6)

They lost to Milton in the tournament opener, but regrouped to make it to the finals.

4. Glanbrook Grizzlies (3-3) (4)

Lost to Thornhill in the semi-finals of Tillsonburg tournament.

5. Leaside Leafs (2-1-1) (2)

Lost only game of the week 6-4 to Martingrove.

6. Strathroy Royals (1-0) (5)

Did not play.

7. Newmarket Hawks (2-1) (7)

Beat Markham 13-0 in only game this week.

8. Martingrove White Sox (3-1) (NR)

Beat Leaside 6-4.

9. Etobicoke Rangers (3-2-1) (10)

Lost to Burlington and beat Erindale 7-0.

10. Brampton Battlecats (4-1) (NR)

First place in COMBL.

Honourable Mention:

Burlington Brants (4-2)
Markham Mariners (5-5-1)
Niagara Metros (2-2-1)
Tecumseh Thunder (4-5)


Justin Pennell, Thornhill Reds

Took him long enough to make this list! Pennell hit a go ahead homerun against East York on Wednesday. Hit another homerun in the opening game of the tournament on Friday. Then he hit a go ahead homerun against Glanbrook on Sunday in the semi-finals. It was a very clutch week for Pennell. His three homeruns now put hin in a tie for first place in Ontario.

Past Winners:
Bryan Dufour, Windsor
Jesse Dynes, Markham
Mark Capone, Etobicoke


Eric Wakeman, Thornhill

For the second week in a row, Wakeman gets the nod. He turned in a fine performance in the Tillsonburg final against Ilderton. It was a closely contested pitcher's duel, and Wakeman did not give in. The Reds won 1-0. For the season, Wakeman now has pitched 14 innings, and allowed just 1 run. He has a record of 3-0.

Past Winners:
Gary Rose, Thornhill
Steve Carter, Windsor
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill


LEASIDE 4 (LP- Joshua Howsam, HR- Andrew Morales) Martingrove 6 (WP- Ryan Donnelly, SV- Patrick Veccharelli)

Morales' first homerun as a Leaf not enough, as Sox hand Leafs first loss.

East York 2 (LP- Mark Sikorski) Thornhill 5 (WP- Eric Wakeman, HR- Justin Pennell)

Thornhill scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th to break open a 5-5 tie. Dave McElroy started and pitched 5 shutout innings for Thornhill. Their third starter to accomplish the feat in four games. Justin Pennell hit his first homerun of the season.

Markham 6 (WP- Tommy Kempt, SV- Alex Bruce, HR- Steve Anderson (2)) East York 5 (LP- Dan Symons)

Anderson went deep twice for Markham as they come from behind to win. Pat Smith pitched 6 shutout innings for East York, before handing a lead over to the bullpen.

Markham 0 (LP- Steve Horsley) Newmarket 13 (WP- PA DiLulio, HR- S. O'Brien)

Hawks knock around Markham pitching. Sean O' Brien had 3 hits, including a grand slam, and 7 RBI. Paul Anthony DiLulio tossed 7 innings for the complete game shutout.

LEASIDE 11 (WP- Jorge Frugoni, SV- Andrew Morales, HR- Adam Morton) Redbirds 6 (LP- Derek King)

Leafs score double digits for second straight game. Morton went 3 for 4 with a homerun and 3 RBI. Kristenbrun had 2 hits and 4 RBI. Gruchy is now 8 for 12 after going 3 for 4.


Erindale 0 Etobicoke 7 (WP- Tim Lawrence)

Time Lawrence, Andrew Hyde and Kyle Breitner combined to 1 hit the Cardinals.

Oakville 4 (LP- Alex Hawley) Niagara 10 (WP- Rob Nixon, HR- Neil Campbell)

Rob Nixon got the win in his return to the mound for the Metros. He tossed a complete game, allowing 4 unearned runs and an impressive 12 strikeouts.

Etobicoke 4 (LP- Curtis Saunders, HR- Jeff Altpeter (2)) Burlington 5

The Brants won their Tillsonburg tune up, a home win against the Rangers. Burlington improves to 2-1 and Etobicoke falls to 2-2-1. Jeff Altpeter knocked out 2 homeruns for Etobicoke, and now has 3 on the year.

Brampton 3 Oakville 1

Battlecats are the early surprise in the province, as they have started the season with an impressive 4-1 record.

Glanbrook 7 (WP- Chris Cooney) Mississauga SW 2 (LP- Jamie Byrnes)

Chris "Big Country" Cooney tossed 8 innings, allowing just 2 runs (1 earned) and just 3 hits. The Twins have now dropped 5 straight after starting the season 2-0.


Windsor Stars 4 (WP- John Picco) Troy 2

Windsor Selects Juniors 3 (WP- Jason Schneider) Tecumseh Thunder 1 (LP- Mitch Kramer)

WAA 1 (LP- Kevin Knudsen) Tecumseh Thunder 4 (WP- Andrew Pierce)

Tecumseh Thunder 13 (WP- Jason Marentette) Tecumseh Juniors 7 (LP- Eric Carducci)

The Thunder displayed their powerful offence, as they scored early and often to go to 3-4 on the season. Chris Mireault was 2/5 with 3 runs scored and 2 stolen bases.

Windsor 10 (WP- Brad Boussey) WAA 0

What a surprise: The Stars shutout another team! Brad Boussey made his first appearance of the season on the mound. The Stars are now 8-0 and have allowed a stingy 10 runs in 8 games.


London 1 Lakeside 7

The Lizards booked their first win of the season, and are now 1-1.


Thornhill 6 (WP- Gary Rose) Tillsonburg 0

Rose goes 6 shutout innings for the Reds, and he now has pitched 11 scoreless innings to start the season.

Thornhill 11 (HR- Justin Pennell) Port Lambton 6

Not much needs to be said about this one, other than Pennell went deep for the second time this season.

Milton 3 (WP- Tyler Wilson, HR- Kevin Greer) Ilderton 1

Kevin Greer hits a late 2 run homerun to give the Red Sox the win. Tyler Wilson picked up the win in relief of starter Liam Tennant.

Woodslee 1 Ilderton 7

Woodslee 4 Milton 3

Creemore 3 (WP- Brad Grieveson) Glanbrook 1 (LP- Ryan Colling)

Creemore put up a couple runs in the fifth, and rode the arm of Grieveson for the upset.

Glanbrook 3 (WP- Mike Grilli) Sarnia 0

Glanbrook scores 3 in the ninth, to take this one in extra innings.

Burlington 9 Markham 2

Riverside 3 Markham 4

Consolation Semi-Finals: Markham 10 Woodslee 0
Consolation Semi-Finals: Creemore defeats Tillsonburg
Consolation Finals: Markham 5 Creemore 0

Semi-Finals: Ilderton defeats Burlington in 11 innings
Semi-Finals: Glanbrook 3 (LP- Buck) Thornhill 4 (WP- Victor Simon, HR- Justin Pennell)

Andrew Page of Glanbrook pitched 5 shutout innings, before turning a lead over to the 'pen. Justin Pennell hit a go ahead 2 run homerun in the bottom of the 6th. Glanbrook came back to tie it in the top of the 7th, but an error forced in the winning run for Thornhill in the bottom of the 7th.

Finals: Ilderton 0 (LP- Simon Liston) Thornhill 1 (WP- Eric Wakeman)

Thornhill got a pinch-hit RBI double from Steve Wilson in the 6th. That is all they would need, as Eric Wakeman continues to impress with 7 shutout innings.

**congratulations to the Thornhill Reds for capturing the tournament title, on two closely contested games on Sunday.


June 13, 2011

1. Windsor Stars (13-1) (1)

The Stars lost their first game of the year, but they responded with three consecutive victories to close out the week. Steve Carter continues to dazzle on the mound.

2. Thornhill Reds (8-0-1) (2)

The Reds might be the new team to beat in the GTBL, after a 5-4 victory at Leaside. They are the lone undefeated team remaining in Senior AAA.

3. Strathroy Royals (3-1) (6)

The Royals finally got on the field for some games this past week and went 2-1, including a win against Ilderton.

4. Glanbrook Grizzlies (6-5) (4)

The Grizzlies went 3-2 this week, and improved to 5-3 in league play and 6-5 overall. Atsushi Urata and Rob Wilson make an already dangerous pitching staff that much deeper.

5. Martingrove Sox (5-2) (8)

The Sox went 2-1, with an 11-1 victory against Markham and a 4-3 win at Newmarket. They got clubbed 17-0 in the rematch with Markham, who has now handed the Sox both of their losses this season.

6. Ilderton Red Army (5-5-1) (3)

The Red Army went 1-2-1 this week, with the tie coming against Lakeside, and one of the losses coming against Strathroy.

7. Leaside Leafs (3-3-1) (5)

The Leafs had lost three straight games, before beating East York on Saturday. The losses came against Martingrove, East York and Thornhill.

8. Tecumseh Thunder (7-6) (HM)

The Thunder had a very good week, going 3-1. The offence came around in a 17-3 blowout against WAA.

9. Brampton Battlecats (5-3) (10)

The Battlecats went just 1-2 this week, but a 3-1 win against Etobicoke kept them at the top of the COBA standings.

10. Etobicoke Rangers (4-3-1) (9)

The Rangers beat Burlington 6-0 and lost to Brampton 3-1. The duo of Andrew Hyde and Tim Lawrence has been very good for the Rangers thus far.

Honourable Mention:

Erindale Cardinals (4-3) (NR)
Markham Mariners (7-6-1) (HM)
Milton Red Sox (4-4) (NR)
Newmarket Hawks (2-2) (7)
Oakville A's (3-3) (NR)



Leaside 6 (LP- Andrew Morales) East York 8 (WP- Ryan Matheson, SV- Mark Sikorski)

Leafs drop second straight game. Bulldogs win their first game of season.


East York 3 Redbirds 3

Pat Smith ran his scoreless innings streak to 11, with 5 shutout innings for East York.

Martingrove 4 (WP- Mike Didier, SV- Dennis Hucal, HR- Steve Correia) Newmarket 3 (LP- Neal Baker, HR- Sean O'Brien)

The White Sox pull off another big win to improve to 4-1. Didier spun 6 innings of 3 hit baseball. Sean O'Brien hit his second homerun, and drove in 2. Steve Correia hit his first homerun, and had 4 hits on the night.


Thornhill 5 (WP- Steve Palladino, HR- Tyler Cattapan) Leaside 4 (LP- Josh Bowman)

The shorthanded Reds remain unbeaten, and hand the Leafs their third straight loss. Cattapan hit his first career senior homerun.

Markham 1 (LP- Eric Wilton) Martingrove 11 (WP- Patrick Veccharelli, HR- Ryan Fosbery 2)

Ryan Fosbery homered twice, as the Martingrove Sox exacted some revenge on the Mariners from a big loss earlier in the season. Coincidentally, that was Martingrove's only loss, as they are now 5-1 this season.


East York 4 Markham 5


East York 1 Leaside 8


Martingrove 0 (LP- Dennis Hucal) Markham 17 (WP- Brad Binns)

Markham hits 4 homeruns (Graham 2, Bell, Dynes) in blowout.

Redbirds 11 East York 9



Glanbrook 4 (LP- Greg Swan) Niagara 9 (WP- Geoff Strong)

The Metros leapfrog the Grizzlies in the standings with a convincing win. Geoff Strong pitched 6 innings, giving up 2 hits, and striking out 12. Anthony Vacca drove in 4 runs for Niagara.

Mississauga SW 7 Erindale 12 (WP- Andrew Mullen, HR- Geoff Cullen)

The Twins continue to struggle, with a loss to Erindale. Josh Butler doubled twice and drove in 4 for the winners, while Cullen homered.

Burlington 7 Oakville 10 (WP- Marc Walton)

The Brants lose after a busy weekend in Tillsonburg.


Niagara 0 (LP- Brian Kusey) Mississauga SW 6 (WP- Adam Banski, HR- Jamie Smith)

The Twins finally put together a solid performance. Banski pitched 5 shutout innings, allowing a hit and 5 walks. Jamie Smith singled and homered for the Twins.

Brampton 4 (LP- Mike Burke) Glanbrook 6 (WP- Atsushi Urata, HR- Ryan Kinsella, SV- Kozak)

Corrie Morrison went 4 for 4 and is now 14 for 23 this season. Atsushi Urata made his Senior debut. The former Japanese and Independant League Pro pitched 5 innings, and gave up 3 hits, 1 walk, and 2 runs.


Milton 5 (WP- Tyler Wilson) Burlington 4 (LP- Travers Thompson)


Erindale 20 (WP- Daniel Nauth) Niagara 15 (LP- Dan Proctor, HR- Evan Baglieri 3 (4))

Despite the loss, Evan Baglieri put on a performance for the ages. He had 4 hits, 3 of which were homeruns (2 run HR, 3 run HR, and his second grand slam of the season). Steve Gallant had 5 hits for the Cardinals.


Burlington 0 Etobicoke 6 (WP- Andrew Hyde, SV- Tim Lawrence, HR- Kyle Clancy)

Oakville 11 Brampton 0


Etobicoke 1 Brampton 3

Glanbrook 1 (LP- Ryan Colling) Milton 4

Glanbrook 6 (WP- Justin Czorny, SV- Ryan Colling, HR- Tim Sogan) Milton 4


Niagara 3 (LP- Brian Kusey) Glanbrook 9 (WP- Jamie Kozak)

The Grizz exact a bit of revenge, after losing 9-4 earlier in the week to the Metros.



Windsor 2 (LP- Dane Little) Windsor Selects 3

The Stars drop their first game of the year, and are now 10-1.


Troy 9 Windsor 10

Tecumseh Juniors 7 WAA 2

Windsor Juniors 6 Tecumseh 7 (WP- Kyle Trudell)


Tecumseh Juniors 0 Tecumseh Thunder 6 (WP- Mitch Kramer)


WAA 3 Tecumseh 17

WAA 9 Tecumseh 7

Windsor Stars 4 (WP- Steve Carter) Windsor Selects 1

Windsor Stars 6 (WP- John Picco, SV- Dane Little) Windsor Selects 5



Ilderton 10 (WP- Jordan Townshend) Tillsonburg 5

Townshend picked up the win in relief. Rob Wakefield drove in 5 runs for Ilderton.

Strathroy 6 London 1


Ilderton 2 (LP- Bryn McDonnell) Exeter 13

Exeter thwarts a tired Red Army squad.


Lakeside 9 Ilderton 9


Strathroy 10 Ilderton 9

Lakeside 7 Exeter 8


Exeter 8 Strathroy 3

Royals lose first game, as Exeter finishes off impressive week.

Evan Baglieri, Niagara Metros

The young Metros catcher put together one of the best individual single game performances in a long time on Thursday against the Erindale Cardinals.

Baglieri had four hits on the night, three of which were homeruns (2 run HR, 3 run HR, grand slam). He had an incredible 11 RBI, which was a Metros single game record. The grand slam was Evan's second already this season.

Shockingly, the performance came in a losing effort as the Metros lost 20-15.

Past Winners:
Bryan Dufour, Windsor
Jesse Dynes, Markham
Mark Capone, Etobicoke
Justin Pennell, Thornhill

Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh Thunder

Kramer continued his fine form this season with a complete game 6-0 shutout against the Tecumseh Juniors. Kramer tossed a gem, allowing just two hits and didn't walk a batter. He struck out six.

The lefty has now pitched 19 innings, and allowed just three runs. He has given up ten hits, and just three walks to 20 strikeouts. He is 1-1, and owns an incredible WHIP of 0.68.

Past Winners:
Gary Rose, Thornhill
Steve Carter, Windsor
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill


June 20, 2011


1. WINDSOR STARS (16-2) (1)

Dane Little suffered his second defeat of the season against Tecumseh. Little has been the hard-luck loser in both of the Stars' losses this season.

2. THORNHILL REDS (9-1-1) (2)

The Reds finally lost a game, as they split a home and home with Martingrove.


The Royals continue to handle their business by winning their only game of the week at Tillsonburg.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with splitting a home and home with Thornhill.


The Hawks went 3-0 this week and propelled themselves not only into the top ten, but into the top five.


They went just 2-2 this week, but played the Stars extremely tough in both games of a double-header, and splitting the pair of games.


They continue the trend of winning a game and losing a game. They can't manage to get a streak going.

8. ILDERTON RED ARMY (7-6-1) (6)

They got the bats going in a thrashing of Lakeside.

9. MILTON RED SOX (7-5) (HM)

The "Trailer Park Boys" are playing solid baseball. They went 3-1 this week, including a double header sweep of Etobicoke.

10. LEASIDE LEAFS (4-4-1) (7)

The Leafs went 1-1 after getting blown out by Newmarket, and doing the same deed to Markham.

Honourable Mention:

Brampton Battlecats (6-5) (9)
Etobicoke Rangers (6-5-1) (10)
Markham Mariners (8-8-1) (HM)
Mississauga SW Twins (5-6) (NR)


Evan Baglieri, Niagara

The first place Brampton Battlecats rolled into Community Park in St. Catharines to take on a struggling Metros team. The Cats had big leads late in both games, but lost both as the Metros came back to sweep the double header and improve to one game under .500.

At the centre of the sweep was second year Metros backstop Evan Baglieri, who gets the nod for hitter of the week for the second consecutive week. In game one, Evan drove in an incredible five RBI, and has a stranglehold on the runs batted in province lead. He drove in 11 in a game last week. In the second game, Evan hit his province leading fifth homerun, and drove in two more as the Metros once again came from behind to win. Without the contributions of Baglieri, it is safe to say the Metros would have had an even harder time coming back in both games.

Past Winners:

B. Dufour, Windsor
J. Dynes, Markham
M. Capone, Etobicoke
J. Pennell, Thornhill
E. Baglieri, Niagara


Steve Teno, Windsor

Teno has picked up right where he left off last season, after winning the unofficial Cy Young in 2010.

This week, he pitched one of the most dominant games in senior baseball as the Stars made quick work of WAA. The lefty tossed 6 shutout innings, and gave up just a single base hit. What was more impressive was that he did not walk a batter, and fanned 11.

This season, Teno has pitched 13.2 innings and has not allowed a run. He is tied woith the province lead in ERA and is leading the way with a 0.29 WHIP.

Past Winners:

G. Rose, Thornhill
S. Carter, Windsor
E. Wakeman, Thornhill
E. Wakeman, Thornhill
M. Kramer, Tecumseh



East York 4 (LP- Ryan Matheson) Newmarket 14 (WP- Dave MacPherson)

Liam O'Brien had three hits and three RBI, as the Hawks move to 3-2 on the season and the Bulldogs continue to slump.

Markham 11 (WP- Tommy Kempt, SV- Mark Cheeseman) Redbirds 9 (LP- Ian Okorofsky)

Andre Steer hit his first homerun of the year, and also added a triple with three RBI.


Martingrove 1 (LP- Patrick Veccharelli) Thornhill 11 (WP- Dave McElroy)

Dave McElroy pitched 6 stellar innings, and Justin Pennell homered, as the Reds take over first place in percentage and points in the league. Pennell also walked four times, three of which were intentional.


Thornhill 10 (LP- Eric Wakeman) Martingrove 12 (WP- Steve Correia, SV- Mike Didier

The White Sox return the favour and take game two of the home and home. In the process, the Reds lost their first game of the year. Anand Puran drove in five runs against his former team.

Newmarket 12 (WP- PA Di Lulio) Leaside 6 (LP- Mark Blanchard)

Di Lulio pitched his second complete game of the year, and the Hawks improved to 4-2. Kevin Holloway had a four for four night. Bryan Rock hit his first homerun for Leaside.


Newmarket 6 (WP- Travis Welder) Markham 5 (LP- Jason Graham)

Steve Anderson hit his third homerun for Markham, but it wasn't enough to stop the streaking Hawks who are now 5-2.


Leaside 14 (WP- Jorge Frugoni) Markham 6 (LP- Mark Cheeseman)

Kyle Kristenbrun homered, and the Leafs continued their dominance over the Mariners.



Brampton 13 (WP- Nick Sousa) Erindale 12 (LP- Steve Gallant)

The Battlecats improve to 6-3, with a shootout win. Aneil Birsa had four hits for the Cardinals.

Milton 5 (LP- Ian Zettle) Oakville 9 (WP- Andrew Kotulak)

The A's seem like they're rounding into form, as they get above the .500 mark for the first time this season.


Erindale 0 Mississauga SW 6

Five Twins' pitchers combine to slow down the Cardinals offence, which has been on fire as of late.


Glanbrook 6 Burlington 7


Milton 11 (WP- Scott McTrach) Niagara 5 (LP- Brandon Beattie)

The Red Sox travelled to Niagara and got it done on the road against the Metros.


Oakville 3 Etobicoke 8

Oakville 1 Etobicoke 3


Etobicoke 0 (LP- Tim Lawrence) Milton 4 (WP- Tyler Wilson)

Tyler Wilson held the Rangers to just four hits and didn't walk a batter, as the Red Sox took game one of the double header.

Etobicoke 7 (LP- Pete Saweczko) Milton 8 (WP- Ian Zettle)

The Red Sox sweep the double-header on the strength of a four hit game by Dusty Roskam, including a homerun.

Brampton 11 (LP- Joey Nonis) Niagara 14 (WP- Brandon Beattie)

The Metros came back from a 9-3 deficit to steal game one of the double header. Andrew Sorochan hit a grand slam, and Evan Baglieri had five more RBI.

Brampton 7 (LP- Mike Burke) Niagara 8 (WP- Jonathan Paul)

The Metros came back from a 6-2 deficit in this one, to steal both ends of the double dip. Baglieri was at it again, knocking out his fifth homerun of the season.


Oakville 1 Glanbrook 4

Jamie Kozak pitched a complete game, leading the Grizzlies to an important league win.



Tecumseh Juniors 2 WAA 3 (WP- Barry Munro)


Troy 2 Tecumseh 6

The Thunder continue to make noise, handing Troy another loss while improving to 8-6.

Windsor 10 (WP- Steve Teno) WAA 0

Last year's unofficial Top Pitcher in the province (Teno) pitched 6 innings, yielding just one hit, and striking out eleven in the blowout.


Windsor 4 (WP- Brad Boussey) Tecumseh juniors 0

Matt Rustulka pitched 7 shutout innings for the Stars and fanned 10 while giving up just two hits. But the Stars needed extra innings to beat the Juniors of Tecumseh.

Troy 6 Tecumseh 3


Tecumseh 1 (LP- Kyle Trudell) Windsor 7 (WP- John Picco, SV- Steve Carter)

The combination of Picco and Carter proves to be too much for the Thunder.

Tecumseh 4 (WP- Mitch Kramer, SV- Dan Wolicki) Windsor 3 (LP- Dane Little)

The Stars lose their second game of the year (both by one run). Mitck Kramer continues to impress.



Ilderton 0 London 1 (LP- Bryn McDonnell)

The Bulls get it done in extra innings.

Ilderton 3 (WP- Jordan Townshend) London 0

The Red Army responds with a win. Jordan Townshend pitched a complete game shutout.

Strathroy 7 Tillsonburg 6


Tillsonburg 1 Lakeside 5


Ilderton 15 (WP- John Ambrose) Lakeside 4

The Red Army pounded out 19 hits and defeated a struggling Lakeside team.



1. Windsor Stars (17-3) (1)

The Stars split a double-header with Tecumseh, winning 1-0 on a Steve Carter shutout and losing 3-1.

2. Thornhill Reds (11-2-1) (2)

The Reds beat East York and the Redbirds, and got pumped 17-3 by Newmarket.

3. Newmarket Hawks (6-2) (5)

The Hawks continue to play good baseball. Their lone game resulted in a 17-3 thrashing of the number two ranked Reds.

4. Strathroy Royals (6-3) (3)

The Royals beat Lakeside in league play, but went just 1-2 in their tournament, beating Ilderton and losing to Niagara and Markham.

5. Tecumseh Thunder (10-9) (6)

The Thunder lost 1-0 to the Stars and then beat them 3-1 on the stregth of a Mitch Kramer one-hitter.

6. Martingrove White Sox (8-6) (4)

The White Sox made it to the finals of the Strathroy tournament. They had wins over Ilderton and Markham, and lost twice to Niagara. In league play, they lost 7-2 to the Redbirds.

7. Niagara Metros (9-7-1) (NR)

The Metros ran the table in the Strathroy tournament, beating Martingrove twice, Strathroy and Markham.

8. Erindale Cardinals (8-6) (NR)

The 'Cards won all three of their games this week, topping Etobicoke, Brampton and Milton.

9. Mississauga SW Twins (7-7) (HM)

The Twins beat Milton and Glanbrook, and lost a controversial fog-shortened protested game to Burlington.

10. Glanbrook Grizzlies (7-7) (7)

The Grizzlies lost their only game of the week to Mississauga Southwest, giving up seven runs in a fateful eighth inning.

Honourable Mention:

Burlington Brants (7-6) (NR)
Etobicoke Rangers (6-6-1) (HM)
Leaside Leafs (4-4-1) (10)
Markham Mariners (9-10-1) (HM)
Milton Red Sox (9-8) (9)


Evan Baglieri, Niagara Metros

Baglieri should start being mentioned on strictly a first name basis. For the third week in a row, Evan captures the Hitter of the Week honours.

Evan continues to outdo himself. He put on a show this weekend in Strathroy. The Metros went 4-0 to win the Strathroy Royals Invitational. In game one, he hit his third grand slam of the season in a 5-2 win over Strathroy. In game two, he hit two homeruns and had four RBI in a win over Martingrove. In the third game, he hit two singles in a win over Markham. In the finals, he broke out of his slump and hit another homerun and drove in four runs.

Overall this weekend, he went 8/13 with four homeruns and 12 RBI. He now has a ridiculous nine homeruns and 38 RBI. He leads the province in homeruns, runs batted in and is second in batting average.

What will he do this week?

Past Winners:
Bryan Dufour, Windsor
Jesse Dynes, Markham
Mark Capone, Etobicoke
Justin Pennell, Thornhill
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Evan Baglieri, Niagara


Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh Thunder

For the second Sunday in a row, Kramer defeated the Windsor Stars (who have just three losses this season). This time, Kramer was even more impressive than the first. The lefty tossed a complete game, allowing just one Windsor base hit. The Stars managed to score a run on their lone hit, and the Thunder won 3-1.

With the victory, Kramer improved to 4-1, and now has a 1.66 ERA in 38 innings pitched. With the impressive performance, Mitch captures Pitcher of the Week honours for the second time in three weeks.

Past Winners:
Gary Rose, Thornhill
Steve Carter, Windsor
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh
Steve Teno, Windsor



Thornhill 8 (WP- Andy Orfanakos) East York 2 (LP- Jack Malone)

The Reds make easy work of the reeling Bulldogs, and get right back into the win column. Pat Smith showed he can also handle the bat as he hit his first homerun of the season.


Thornhill 3 (LP- Dave McElroy) Newmarket 17

The Hawks put up ten in the second and four in the third, and slaughtered the Reds to improve to 6-2. Sean O'Brien hit another homerun (his third) and drove in four more runs. Paul Versteeg-Lytwyn also drove in four. Tyler Cattapan hit his second homerun for Thornhill.

Martingrove 2 (LP- Marcus Belardi) Redbirds 7 (WP- Michael Caine)

The Redbirds knock off the Sox, who missed an opportunity to inch closer to first place. Joel Gattoni hit a homerun for the Redbirds.

Redbirds 1 (LP- Nick Masci) Thornhill 18 (WP- Victor Simon)

The Reds blasted the Redbirds with a ten run sixth inning. Greg Fleming had four hits (including a homerun) and six RBI. Tyler Cattapan hit his third homerun.



Etobicoke 2 (LP- Sasha Gerster) Erindale 12

An injury to Rangers' starter Gerster didn't help a tired team's cause, as the Cardinals win in convincing fashion. Pip Murray-Smith had three hits in a losing effort.

Niagara 3 (LP- Geoff Strong) Oakville 5 (WP- Marc Walton)

For the second time in as many nights, the A's got a complete game effort from their starting pitcher. Andrew Kotulak drove in three runs to pace Oakville. Jonathan Paul was a homerun away from hitting for the cycle.


Milton 4 (LP- Liam Tennant) Mississauga SW 13 (WP- Adam Banski)

Don't look now but the Twins are rolling a bit. The Red Sox suffer a set back after reeling off three straight wins. Carlos D'Costa had five hits, and James Bruce hit a long ball, both in a losing cause. Jerome Smith homered and doubled for the Twins.


Mississauga SW 1 (LP- Andrew Foster) Burlington 5 (WP- Ben Morris)

The Brants scored four runs in the sixth, and the game was called due to foggy conditions.


Erindale 14 (WP- Dan Nauth, SV- Mark Taplin) Brampton 9 (LP- Steve Hough)

For the third straight game, the Battlecats hold a big lead and give it away. This time they held a 7-1 lead. John DeWolfe and Chris Novia homered for Erindale.


Burlington 4 Milton 8 (WP- Ian Zettle, SV- Scott McTrach)

Ian Zettle allowed ten hits but he was able to limit the Brants to two runs in his six innings of work.

Burlington 6 Milton 4

Homeruns by Roger Lambert and Cavin Bratton helped the Brants edge the Sox to salvage a split in the double-header.


Brampton 3 (LP- Joe Nonis) Milton 9 (WP- Scott McTrach)

Kevin Greer and Lee Mathe homered to help McTrach as he pitched a complete game victory. The Red Sox blew open a 3-3 game in the top of the 5th.

Milton 0 (LP- Adam Ahearn) Erindale 2 (WP- Jamie Kozak)

Kozak limited the Red Sox to three hits in his complete game effort. Jay Woodford hit two doubles for the Cardinals.

Mississauga SW 12 Glanbrook 7

Max Christiansen homered and the Twins put up seven runs in the eighth to break open a 6-5 deficit.



Windsor 1 (WP- Steve Carter) Tecumseh 0 (LP- Andrew Pierce)

Matt Verracalli is the first Star to homer this season, as his fifth inning blast would be all Carter needed. The Thunder outhit the Stars 10-2 but it wasn't enough.

Windsor 1 (LP- Matt Rustulka) Tecumseh 3 (WP- Mitch Kramer)

Kramer has now beaten the Stars twice, as he dominated Windsor allowing just one hit.



Ilderton 2 Lakeside 3

The Red Army continue their up and down season, and the Lizards move to within a game of the .500 mark.


Lakeside 5 Strathroy 9

The Royals continue their great play and are now 5-1.

Exeter 3 Ilderton 2

Ilderton drops its second in as many days, and the Express continues to roll.

Strathroy Tournament

Ilderton 0 (LP- Jordan Townshend) Martingrove 2 (WP- Patrick Veccharelli)
Strathroy 2 Niagara 5 (WP- Geoff Strong)
Markham 6 (LP- Tommy Kempt) Martingrove 8 (WP- Ryan Donnelly)
Ilderton 5 (LP- Bryn McDonnell) Strathroy 7
Strathroy 0 Markham 4 (WP- Brad Binns)
Martingrove 1 Niagara 8 (WP- Chris Pickles)
Markham 3 (LP- Mark Cheeseman) Niagara 4 (WP- Brian Kusey)
Finals: Martingrove 8 Niagara 12 (WP- Brandon Beattie, SV- Jonathan Paul)



1. WINDSOR STARS (24-3) (1)

The Stars steamrolled their way to a championship in London, going 5-0 to run the table; and silencing some critics in the process.

2. THORNHILL REDS (13-2-1) (2)

Beat Leaside and Martingrove, and continue to coast right along. Dave McElroy rebounded after a tough outing against Newmarket, to shut down the Sox.

3. NEWMARKET HAWKS (9-2) (3)

Make it seven in a row, as the Hawks got it done this week against East York, Martingrove and the Redbirds. Dave MacPherson improved to 4-0 on the hill.


Went 3-1 this week, but only played one game. They were awarded three forfeit victories, and lost to Ilderton.


The Grizzlies went 3-0 this week, with a win over Erindale and a double-header sweep over Niagara.

6. TECUMSEH THUNDER (11-9) (5)

Edged the Windsor Selects in extra innings in lone game this week. Matt McShane hit a walk-off homerun.


Beat Brampton in league play. Went 2-1 in London, beating Erindale and Leaside, and losing to Lakeside. Jeff Skelhorne-Gross joined the team this week.

8. MILTON RED SOX (11-9) (HM)

Went 2-1 in London, beating Exeter and Oakville (and getting the number two seed in the quarters), before losing to Etobicoke. The quartet of Tyler Wilson, Ian Zettle, Adam Ahearn and Scott McTrach have been tough to hit.


The Rangers went just 2-3 overall this week, but two of those losses were to the Windsor Stars, including one in the semi-finals in London.

10. NIAGARA METROS (10-9-1) (7)

The Metros beat the Brants in extra innings, and lost twice to Glanbrook in a double-header.

Honourable Mention:

Erindale Cardinals (9-9) (8)
Burlington Brants (8-7-2) (HM)
Ilderton Red Army (9-10-1) (NR)
Martingrove White Sox (8-8) (6)
Markham Mariners (9-10-1) (HM)


Anthony Vacca, Niagara Metros

The Metros' outfielder had an impressive week. In a 7-6 win over Burlington, Vacca hit a double and a single, and drove in two runs; however, the double was a clutch one out hit to score the game's winning run in the bottom of the eleventh. In a double header with the first place Glanrook Grizzlies, Vacca hit a three run homerun off of Chris Cooney, and added a single to his totals. In the second game of the double dip, he added another base hit. Overall, he had five hits in three games, drove in five runs, and had a walk-off double.

This season, Vacca has been a very good compliment to Evan Baglieri. He is hitting .406 with two homeruns and 19 runs batted in. He is in the top ten in RBI, hits, runs, walks and on base percentage.

Past Winners:
Bryan Dufour, Windsor
Jesse Dynes, Markham
Mark Capone, Etobicoke
Justin Pennell, Thornhill
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Evan Baglieri, Niagara


Matt Rustulka, Windsor Stars

Just what the rest of Ontario needed- another good arm on the Windsor staff. In the Lakeside Lizards' annual tournament, Rustulka pitched the Stars past the Etobicoke Rangers 2-0. The Stars mustered only two hits, but Rustulka held the Rangers to just one, on his way to a complete game shutout.

Rustulka has been putting up impressive strikeout totals in his first year with the Stars. The Wayne State grad is in the top ten in strikeouts, and is fifth in strikeouts per nine innings pitched.

Past Winners:
Gary Rose, Thornhill
Steve Carter, Windsor
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh
Steve Teno, Windsor
Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh



Newmarket 10 (WP- PA Di Lulio) East York 4 (LP- Ryan Matheson)

Di Lulio went six strong innings and the Hawks continue to get the best of everyone as they win their fifth straight.


Leaside 6 (LP- Jorge Frugoni) Thornhill 8 (WP- Andy Orfanakos)

The Reds beat the Leafs for the second time this season. Henry Yap homered for Leaside, but it wasn't enough. Gary Rose went 7 innings, and Orfanakos picked up the win in relief. Jeremiah Groulx had three hits in the win.

Redbirds 4 (LP- Mike Caine) Newmarket 5 (WP- Dave MacPherson)

The Hawks are now 8-2 after their sixth straight win. MacPherson pitched five innings, giving up two runs.


Martingrove 4 (LP- Patrick Vecchiarelli) Thornhill 12 (WP- Dave McElroy)

Steve Wilson homered, leading the Reds to yet another win. McElroy rebounded from a rough outing to toss 5 innings, allowing just one run on four hits. Thornhill is now 9-2-1 in league play, and 13-2-1 overall. The Sox continue to slip, and fall to one game over .500.


Newmarket 9 (WP- Ryan Dale) Martingrove 5 (LP- Steve Correia)

The Hawks roll to their seventh straight, and the White Sox continue to struggle- losing their third straight and are now .500.



Etobicoke 6 (WP- Kevin Breitner) Oakville 4

Tyler Fata had four hits (two doubles) and Quinn Ellerbeck added three and the Rangers move over the .500 mark. Jeff Jarockis homered in a losing cause.

Glanbrook 8 (WP- Taylor Buck) Erindale 5 (LP- Adam Forsey)

The Grizzlies trailed by a run going into the ninth but they scored four runs to steal a victory from the Cardinals, who had won three straight heading in.


Brampton 2 (LP- Justin Deleskie) Mississauga SW 9 (WP- James Byrnes)

John Broll and Brendan Emmett had three hits each to lead the Twins to yet another win. The Cats have dropped five straight.


Oakville 4 Burlington 4


Burlington 6 (LP- Travers Thompson) Niagara 7 (WP- Jonathan Paul)

Anthony Vacca hit a double to plate the winning run in the bottom of the tenth. The Metros had a well balanced attack, and Paul pitched three scoreless innings to get the win. Eric Bryce had three hits, including a homerun for Burlington.


Burlington 4 (WP- Carlos Cabrero) Brampton 0 (LP- Mike Burke)

Cabrero tossed a complete game shutout, giving up just five hits and striking out five without allowing a walk. Dillon Smith had three hits for the Brants.

Burlington 4 Brampton 4

The Brants scored one in the top of the sixth to tie the game at four. Alex Bryce and Jon Amendola hit back to back homers for Burlington. Ryan Knight continued to swing a hot bat for Brampton with three hits.


Niagara 5 (LP- Brian Kusey) Glanbrook 12 (WP- Chris Cooney)

Niagara 3 (LP- Brandon Beattie) Glanbrook 6 (WP- Tim Sogan, SV- Ryan Colling

The Grizzlies win a couple of big games, and take over first spot in the COBA standings.



Windsor 10 (WP- John Picco) WAA 1 (LP- Chris Morand)

Dave Mastrodicasa continues to turn in fine performances, registering three hits and four RBI. The Stars improve to 18-3 with the win.


Tecumseh Juniors 1 Windsor 6 (WP- Jason Lauzon)

Lauzon pitched 5 shutout innings, allowing just three hits, and the Stars are now 19-3. Steve Carter came on in relief and allowed his second earned run of the season in two innings of work.

Windsor Selects 4 (LP- BJ Small) Tecumseh 5 (WP- Dan Wolicki)

Kyle Trudell pitched 6 innings of one run ball, but the Tecumseh bullpen allowed the Selects to score three runs to tie the game in the top of the seventh. In the bottom of the eighth, the Thunder won in dramatic fashion, on a walk-off homerun by Matt McShane.


Tecumseh Juniors 6 WAA 1

WAA drops to 4-15 on the season.


Troy 15 WAA 2

Troy 12 WAA 2

WAA continues to struggle and they are now 4-17.



Lakeside 0 Strathroy 9

The Royals are 6-1 after a forfeit win.


London 3 Ilderton 13 (WP- John Ambrose)

Mike Gough had three hits and the Red Army snap out of a four game funk. Ambrose went all 7 innings, scattering six hits and striking out eight.


Tillsonburg 0 Strathroy 7

Tillsonburg 0 Strathroy 7

The Royals took two forfeit wins (their second and third of the week)!?


Ilderton 6 Strathroy 4

The Red Army have won a couple in a row after a little hiccup, and the first place Royals drop to 8-2.


Pool Number One
Leaside 4 (LP- Jorge Frugoni, HR- Adam Morton) Erindale 5
Leaside 2 (LP- Josh Howsam, HR- Adam Morton) Mississauga SW 6 (WP- Adam Banski)
Erindale 0 Mississauga SW 2 (WP- Jordan Petruska)

Mississauga 2-0, Erindale 1-1, Leaside 0-2

The scorching hot Twins breezed through round robin play, and went undefeated to win the pool. Erindale scored two in the bottom of the seventh to steal a win from Leaside.

Pool Number Two
Lakeside 3 Etobicoke 2 (LP- Andrew Hyde, HR- Tyler Fata)
Windsor 9 (WP- Steve Teno) Lakeside 3
Etobicoke 0 (LP- Tim Lawrence) Windsor 2 (WP- Matt Rustulka)

Windsor 2-0, Lakeside 1-1, Etobicoke 0-2

The Stars continue to roll right along, by blowing out Lakeside and edging Etobicoke. Matt Rustulka one-hit the Rangers, and the Stars mustered just two hits against Tim Lawrence, but that was enough to get the win.

Pool Number Three
Milton 6 (WP- Ian Zettle) Exeter 5
Milton 8 (WP- Adam Ahearn) Oakville 2
Exeter 4 Oakville 3

Milton 2-0, Exeter 1-1, Oakville 0-2

The Red Sox got through their pool unscathed, and strolled into the quarter-finals. Exeter edged Oakville to avoid playing in the play-in game.

Quarter-Final Qualifier Game

Oakville 2 (WP- Gord Robertson) Leaside 0 (LP- Chris Goodale)


#1 Windsor 3 (WP- John Picco)
#8 Oakville 2

#2 Milton 5 (LP- Scott McTrach) vs.
#7 Etobicoke 10 (WP- Peter Saweczko)

#6. Lakeside 4
#3 Mississauga SW 3 (LP- Andrew Foster)

#4 Exeter def.
#5 Erindale


#1 Windsor Stars 7 (WP- Steve Carter) vs.
#7 Etobicoke Rangers 1 (LP- Kevin Breitner)

#4 Exeter Express 1
#6 Lakeside Lizards 0


#1 Windsor Stars 6 (WP- Jason Lauzon) vs. #4 Exeter Express 2


July 11, 2011

Top 10

1. WINDSOR STARS (28-4) (1)

The Stars followed up their Lakeside tournament championship with an impressive 4-1 week, losing only to the Tecumseh juniors.

2. THORNHILL REDS (15-3-1) (2)

The Reds lost to Markham to open the week, but got wins against the Redbirds and Newmarket.

3. STRATHROY ROYALS (11-5) (4)

The Royals won two games and lost a game this week.

4. NEWMARKET HAWKS (9-4) (3)

The Hawks lost to Markham and Thornhill in their only two games of the week.

5. TECUMSEH THUNDER (14-12) (6)

The Thunder had a .500 week, going 3-3. In one of the games, they got no hit over 4 innings by WAA, but managed to win the game.

6. MARKHAM MARINERS (13-10-1) (HM)

The Mariners are one of the hottest teams around after going 4-0 this week.

7. ILDERTON RED ARMY (12-11-1) (HM)

The Red Army went 3-1 this week, and are 5-1 in their last six.

8. MILTON RED SOX (13-10) (8)

The Red Sox went 2-1, beating Oakville and splitting a double-header with Burlington.


The Grizzlies got handled by the Oakville A's in both games of a double-header at Bernie Arbour Stadium.


The Cardinals won both of their games this week, getting it done at Niagara and at home against Mississauga SW.

Honourable Mention:

Burlington Brants (9-9-2) (HM)
Etobicoke Rangers (10-10-1) (8)
Martingrove White Sox (9-9) (HM)
Mississauga SW Twins (11-9) (7)
Niagara Metros (10-10-1) (10)

Hitter of the Week
Jesse Dynes, Markham Mariners

The Mariners went 4-0 this week and are finally back on track. Right at the centre of their charge is first baseman Jesse Dynes. For the second time this year, Dynes captures "Hitter of the Week" honours.

In Markham's first game this week, Dynes had two hits, scored two runs and drove in a pair, in a 10-5 win over Thornhill. The following night, he doubled and scored against Newmarket in a 7-1 win. On Friday night, Jesse had a monster game, going four for five with two homeruns, a triple, three runs scored and he also drove in five runs. The statistics from Markham's 15-14 slugfest win against the Redbirds are unavailable, but in the first three games of the week, Dynes did more than enough to take the honours this week.

Previous Winners:

Bryan Dufour, Windsor
Jesse Dynes, Markham
Mark Capone, Etobicoke
Justin Pennell, Thornhill
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Anthony Vacca, Niagara

Pitcher of the Week
Jordan Townshend, Ilderton Red Army

The hard-throwing lefty had a terrific week, helping the Red Army to a 3-1 record in week nine.

On Monday night against Strathroy, Townshend pitched 9 very good innings. He scattered just six hits, allowed two runs, and struck out 14 batters (a province high this season). On Sunday afternoon, Townshend came into relieve in a loss to Exeter, but he did all he could to allow the Ilderton bats a chance to win. Jordan went the final four innings, and didn't allow a run, and struck out three. Overall, he worked 13 innings, allowing two runs and stiking out 17 to take the weekly honour for the first time this season.

Past Winners:

Gary Rose, Thornhill
Steve Carter, Windsor
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh
Steve Teno, Windsor
Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh
Matt Rustulka, Windsor


Thornhill 5 (LP- Andy Orfanakos) vs. Markham 10 (WP- Min Soo Kim)

Kim tossed seven solid innings and Mark Petrou had three hits, and the Pioneers knocked off the first place Reds.


Thornhill 12 (WP- Dave McElroy) vs. Redbirds 2 (LP- Nick Masci)

Drew Roberts homered and drove in three runs, while Jeremiah Groulx had another multi-hit game, and the Reds rebound to easily beat the Redbirds.

Markham 7 (WP- Brad Binns) vs. Newmarket 1 (LP- Travis Welder)

The Mariners ended the Hawks' seven game winning streak, and are now on a little streak of their own after upending the top two teams in the league (and number two and three in the province) on back to back nights. Steve Anderson and Reg Sarne homered for Markham.


Newmarket 2 (LP- Dave MacPherson) vs. Thornhill 5 (WP- Victor Simon)

In a battle for first place on the GTBL, the Reds emerge victorious. Vic Simon continues his resurgence, with a complete game performance, scattering six hits and giving up two unearned runs (both in the first inning).

Martingrove 7 (WP- Mike Didier, SV- Patrick Veccharelli) vs. Leaside 4 (LP- Brook Coatsworth)

The Leafs continue to lose games, and the White Sox snap out of a skid of their own. Dennis Hucal hit a homerun for the Sox.


Redbirds 7 (LP- Peter Westlake) vs. Leaside 10 (WP- Garrett Gilroy)

Erik Brown homered for the Redbirds, but it wasn't enough to stop the Leafs from earning a much needed home win.

East York 11 (WP- Pat Smith) vs. Martingrove 1 (LP- Patrick Veccharelli)

Pat Smith continues to dominate the GTBL, and the Bulldogs win their second game of the year.


East York 4 vs. Markham 9


Redbirds 14 vs. Markham 15


Milton 7 (WP- Liam Tennant, SV- Mike Grabauskas) vs. Oakville 5 (LP- Marc Walton)

Dusty Roskam went four-for-four, drove in two runs, scored twice and stole four bases as the Red Sox rebounded from a tough loss to Etobicoke in the Lakeside tournament.


Etobicoke 2 (LP- Jon Kielb) vs. Mississauga SW 11

The Twins did not miss a beat after the weekend in London. They are now rolling in league play, where they have won six of seven games (the one loss a fog shortened game).


Oakville 3 (WP- Gord Robertson, SV- Marc Tourangeau) vs. Burlington 2

The A's had been struggling as of late, and finally pick up a W. The Brants continue to play teams tough, but can't get it done in this one.


Erindale 6 (WP- Dan Estey) vs. Niagara 5 (LP- Brandon Beattie)

The Metros gave away a late inning lead, and the Cardinals upend Niagara for the second time this season at Community Park.


Brampton 3 (LP- RJ Page) vs. Etobicoke 4 (WP- Sasha Gerster)

AJ Iafrate hit a single to tie the game with two outs in the bottom of the seventh, and then hit the game-winning single in the bottom of the tenth. Victor Speciale hit a homerun and a single in a losing effort.

Brampton 0 (LP- Steve Hough) vs. Etobicoke 5 (WP- Russ Hazen)

Hazen made his debut for the Rangers and tossed six innings of three hit baseball, to get the Rangers the double-header sweep, and hand the Battlecats their eighth straight loss.


Milton 13 (WP- Ian Zettle) vs. Burlington 8 (LP- Travers Thompson)

Both teams combined for seven homeruns in the slugfest.

Milton 4 (LP- Adam Ahearn) vs. Burlington 8 (WP- Carlos Cabrero)

The Brants earned a double-header split. Alex Bryce hit his second homerun of the day, and fourth of the season.

Oakville 11 vs. Glanbrook 5

Oakville 8 vs. Glanbrook 7

The A's pushed across two runs in the seventh, to book a sweep.


Tecumseh 2 vs. Tecumseh Juniors 7

Tecumseh 7 vs. Tecumseh Juniors 9

The younger Tecumseh team surprises the Seniors with a double-header sweep.


Troy 2 vs. Windsor 6 (WP- Brad Boussey)

The Stars didn't let a busy weekend keep them from registering another league win. Boussey made his first start of the year, and pitched five shutout innings.


Windsor 11 (WP- Steve Teno) vs. Windsor Selects 2

Should just start posting Windsor scores, and nothing else to go along with them.

WAA 0 (LP- Kevin Knudsen) vs. Tecumseh 1 (WP- Dan Wolicki)

WAA 3 (LP- Jeff Parker) vs. Tecumseh 4 (WP- Kyle Trudell)

The Thunder swept WAA ina scheduled two 5 inning game double-header. In the first game, Kevin Knudsen no-hit Tecumseh over 4 innings, but was dealt the loss. In game two, the Thunder won in six innings on a wild pitch.


Windsor 0 (LP- Jason Lauzon) vs. Tecumseh Juniors 4

The Stars drop just their fourth game of the season, after getting soundly beaten by the Tecumseh Juniors, who capped off an impressive week.


WAA 2 vs. Windsor 6 (WP- John Picco)

WAA 0 vs. Windsor 15 (WP- Mike Czerwieniec)

Tecumseh 9 vs. Tecumseh Juniors 12

Tecumseh 6 vs. Tecumseh Juniors 1


Strathroy 2 vs. Ilderton 8 (WP- Jordan Townshend)

Townshend pitched a complete game 9 innings, and gave up just six hits and two runs, while striking out an incredible 14 batters. The Army downed the Royals for the second time in as many days.


Exeter 3 vs. Ilderton 6 (WP- John Ambrose, SV- Jeff Newnes)

The Red Army continue their hot streak, winning their third game in as many days. Ambrose worked 7 innings, surrendering just six hits and striking out four.


Tillsonburg 6 vs. Ilderton 7 (WP- Jamie Mann)

Sonny Daniels homered to lead the Army to their fifth straight win.


London 2 vs. Strathroy 9

Exeter 7 vs. Lakeside 5


Ilderton 3 vs. Exeter 5

London 6 vs. Strathroy 10


July 18, 2011

1. WINDSOR STARS (35-5) (1)

The Stars beat the Selects and Tecumseh in league games this past week, then went into Mississauga and went 5-1 to win the Hap Walters for the third straight year.

2. THORNHILL REDS (20-4-1) (2)

The Reds were one win away from setting up a dream final with the Stars at the Hap. They won their lone league game against Martingrove and went 4-1 at the Hap, losing to Oakville in the semis.

3. NEWMARKET HAWKS (12-6) (4)

The Hawks won their lone league game against Markham, and went 2-2 at the Hap, losing to Oakville in the quarters.


The Twins won both of their league games against Niagara and Oakville, and went 2-2 at the Hap, losing to Peterborough in the quarters.

5. MARKHAM MARINERS (15-13-1) (6)

The Mariners lost their only league game to Newmarket, and went 2-2 at the Hap, including a win against Windsor.


The River Dogs showed they are for real, after going 4-1 in the Hap, losing to Windsor in the semis. They may be the team who benefitted most from Oshawa folding, as they locked up a lot of former Royals. Guys like Tyler Plumpton, Jeremy Burton, Kyle Maloney, etc. make this team very dangerous.

7. STRATHROY ROYALS (13-8) (3)

The Royals won both of their league games, and then went into the Hap Walters and lost all three of their games to Windsor, Brampton, and Markham.

8. TECUMSEH THUNDER (16-15) (5)

The Thunder lost both league games this past week, and then went 2-1 in the Hap, losing to Peterborough and beating Milton and Etobicoke.

9. OAKVILLE A's (14-15-1) (NR)

The A's made a great run to the finals at the Hap, before losing to Windsor in the finals. They got hammered by Mississauga in their only league game.

10. BURLINGTON BRANTS (12-10-2) (HM)

The Brants beat Glanbrook in their only league game, and went 2-1 at the Hap, beating Lakeside and Leaside and losing to Oakville.

Honourable Mention:

Brampton Battlecats (9-12-1) (NR)
Ilderton Red Army (14-13-1) (7)
Erindale Cardinals (12-12) (10)
Glanbrook Grizzlies (11-12) (9)
Martingrove White Sox (10-10-1) (HM)


VICTOR SPECIALE, Brampton Battlecats

For the seventh time in ten weeks, a COBA player captures the "Hitter of the Week" honours. This time it is Brampton's Victor Speciale. The 1B/OF added to his terrific season with a spectacular week.

Speciale helped Brampton to a 3-1 week. In their first game, a 10-2 win at Erindale, Speciale had three singles, drove in two runs and scored twice. Speciale and the Battlecats then headed to the Hap Walters, where he dominated the opposition. In game one, he broke open a tie game in the top of the seventh with a homerun to lead off the inning, guiding Brampton to a 6-5 win. He also added a double and two RBI. In game two, Speciale added two homeruns and five RBI, as Brampton battled back from a 6-0 deficit to beat Strathroy 9-8. In game three, Victor had two RBI singles, plating Brampton's only two runs in a 6-2 loss to Windsor.

Previous Winners:

Bryan Dufour, Windsor
Jesse Dynes, Markham
Mark Capone, Etobicoke
Justin Pennell, Thornhill
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Evan Baglieri, Niagara
Anthony Vacca, Niagara
Jesse Dynes, Markham

BRAD BINNS, Markham Mariners

The Mariners seem to always be tough to beat in tournaments. This year has been no different. Brad Binns seems to be unbeatable when he takes the mound in a tournament game, and at times unhittable.

Binns was remarkable, tossing a complete game seven inning no-hitter against the province's top team, the Windsor Stars. The Mariners scored a run in the bottom of the seventh inning, to take the contest by a 1-0 score. In Tillsonburg, Binns pitched 5 shutout innings against Creemore. In Strathroy, Binns tossed a 7 inning shutout against the host Royals. And this weekend, he outdid himself with a no-hitter against Windsor.

Binns is now 6-1 with a 1.65 ERA this season, and has established himself as Markham's new ace.

Past Winners:

Gary Rose, Thornhill
Steve Carter, Windsor
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Eric Wakeman, Thornhill
Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh
Steve Teno, Windsor
Mitch Kramer, Tecumseh
Matt Rustulka, Windsor
Jordan Townshend, Ilderton


Martingrove 6 vs. East York 6

Dennis Hucal and Tim March homered in the draw.


Markham 11 (LP- Jason Graham) vs. Newmarket 13 (PA Di Dulio)

The Mariners ended Newmarket's winning streak last week, and the Hawks decided to return the favour in this high-scoring battle. Mark West homered for the Hawks and Andre Steer hit his second homerun for Markham.

Leaside 6 (WP- Chris Goodale) vs. Redbirds 0 (LP- Ian Okorofsky)

The Leafs got an unlikely homerun from Clarke Markle, and another one from Adam Morton in the shutout win.


Martingrove 1 vs. Thornhill 8


Redbirds 4 vs. Martingrove 10

East York 6 vs. Leaside 3


Brampton 10 (WP- Mike Burke) vs. Erindale 2 (LP- Adam Forsey)

Jaineel Purohit had four hits and four RBI, and Victor Speciale had three hits and a couple RBI, as the Battlecats ended a nine game winless streak. Burke went 8 innings, allowing just two runs for his first win.

Mississauga SW 19 vs. Oakville 4

The Twins went into Oakville and hammered the A's. Stephan Kulchyk, Andrew Salmon and Jamie Smith had four hits each. Andrew Dos Santos homered and drove in four runs. Chris Piccini hit his first homerun of the season.


Niagara 10 (LP- Andrew Neustaedter) vs. Mississauga SW 12 (WP- Eric Ventura)

Anthony Fantauzzi hit a two out, two run triple in the bottom of the eighth to push the Twins past the Metros. Evan Baglieri hit his tenth homerun of the season for Niagara.


Glanbrook 3 vs. Burlington 4


Tecumseh 1 (LP- Kyle Trudell) vs. Windsor 4 (WP- Steve Carter)

Carter went 7 innings, giving up four hits and an unearned run with eight strikeouts, to improve to 8-0.


Windsor 4 (WP- Dane Little, SV- Adam Myers) vs. Selects 3

Andrew Masojc had three hits and Dane Little pitched five shutout innings to lead Windsor to another league win.


WAA 3 vs. Selects 10

Troy 7 vs. Tecumseh 4


Lakeside 2 vs. Ilderton 6 (WP- John Ambrose, SV- Jeff Newnes)

Strathroy 11 vs. Tillsonburg 9


Lakeside 3 vs. Exeter 9


Strathroy 8 vs. London 7


Glanbrook 8 (WP- Chris Cooney, HR- Corrie Morrison *walk-off grand slam) vs. Mississauga SW 4 (LP- Jordan Petruska) (8 innings)
Newmarket 9 (WP- Dave MacPherson, HR- Adam Zorzit) vs. Windsor AA 6
Mississauga SW 11 (WP- Adam Banski) vs. Newmarket 4 (LP- Travis Welder)
Glanbrook 7 (LP- Ryan Colling) vs. Windsor AA 8
Glanbrook 1 (LP- Tim Sogan) vs. Newmarket 2 (WP- Brent Heaslip)
Mississauga SW 5 (WP- Eric Ventura) vs. Windsor AA 0

Pool B

Erindale 8 (HR- Steve Gallant) vs. Niagara 11 (WP- Brandon Beattie)
Thornhill 5 (WP- Victor Simon, HR- Tyler Cattapan) vs. Ilderton 0 (LP- Jordan Townshend)
Erindale 5 vs. Thornhill 8 (WP- Andy Orfanakos)
Niagara 2 (LP- Chris Pickles) vs. Ilderton 7 (WP- Jeff Newnes)
Niagara 0 (LP- Geoff Strong) vs. Thornhill 10 (WP- Eric Wakeman)
Erindale 14 vs. Ilderton 7

Pool C

Brampton 6 (WP- Joey Nonis, SV- RJ Page, HR- Victor Speciale) vs. Markham 5 (LP- Mark Cheeseman, HR- Mark Petrou)
Strathroy 0 vs. Windsor 15 (WP- Jason Lauzon, HR- Dustin Wiley, Kris Klassen)
Brampton 9 (WP- RJ Page, HR- Victor Speciale (2)) vs. Strathroy 8 (HR- Andrew Mercier (2))
Markham 1 (WP- Brad Binns *No Hitter) vs. Windsor 0 (LP- John Picco)
Markham 5 (WP- Steve Horsley) vs. Strathroy 0
Brampton 2 (LP- Steve Hough) vs. Windsor 6 (WP- Matt Rustulka)

Pool D

Oakville 6 vs. Burlington 5 (9 innings)
Leaside 9 (WP- Chris Goodale) vs. Lakeside 3
Oakville 2 vs. Leaside 4 (WP- Josh Howsam)
Burlington 16 vs. Lakeside 11
Burlington 10 vs. Leaside 6 (LP- Andrew Morales, HR- James Rutherford, HR- Henry Yap)
Oakville 4 vs. Lakeside 1 (8 innings)

Pool E

Etobicoke 4 (WP- Pete Saweczko, HR- Brett Sanders) vs. Milton 3 (LP- Liam Tennant)
Peterborough 15 (WP- Dave Anderson) vs. Tecumseh 6 (LP- Kyle B. Trudell)
Etobicoke 5 (LP- Tim Lawrence) vs. Peterborough 7
Milton 2 (LP- Scott McTrach) vs. Tecumseh 14 (WP- Kyle Trudell, HR- Matt Stezycki, Ken Price)
Milton 4 (LP- Adam Ahearn, HR- Kevin Greer) vs. Peterborough 14
Etobicoke 9 (LP- Kevin Breitner) vs. Tecumseh 10 (WP- Andrew Pierce)

Quarter Finals

Mississauga SW 1 (LP- Andrew Foster) vs.
Peterborough 11

Thornhill 14 (WP- Gary Rose) vs.
Markham 1 (LP- John Frederick)

Windsor 14 (WP- Steve Teno, HR- Dustin Wiley) vs.
Leaside 4 (LP- Brook Coatsworth)

Oakville 8 vs.
Newmarket 7


Peterborough 5 vs.
Windsor 9 (WP- Steve Carter, HR- Tom Grubb, Kris Klassen)

Thornhill 3 (LP- Steve Palladino) vs.
Oakville 4 (WP- Alex Hawley)


Windsor 13 (WP- Mike Czerwieniec, HR Jason Chapieski, Tom Grubb) vs.
Oakville 1


July 25, 2011

Eliminations Rankings
1. WINDSOR STARS (36-7) (1)
2. THORNHILL REDS (22-4-1) (2)
3. NEWMARKET HAWKS (14-7) (3)
4. MISSISSAUGA SW TWINS (17-11-1) (4)
6. MARKHAM MARINERS (16-15-1) (5)
7. ILDERTON RED ARMY (15-13-1) (HM)
8. TECUMSEH THUNDER (17-17) (8)
10. STRATHROY ROYALS (15-10) (7)

12. LEASIDE LEAFS (10-13-1) (NR)
14. OAKVILLE A's (14-17-1) (9)
15. BURLINGTON BRANTS (12-11-2) (10)

16. MILTON RED SOX (14-15) (NR)
18. NIAGARA METROS (13-13-1) (NR)
19. ETOBICOKE RANGERS (11-14-2) (NR)
20. EAST YORK BULLDOGS (4-11-3) (NR)
23. LAKESIDE LIZARDS (6-15-1) (NR)


Erindale 13 (WP- John DeWolfe HR- Chris Novia (2), Jay Woodford) vs.
Oakville 3

The Cardinals took advantage of a tired Oakville team, and won quite easily. DeWolfe tossed a complete game, scattering six hits over his 9 innings of work. Novia hit two homeruns and drove in four.


Brampton 4 (LP- Gurminder Singh, HR- Justin Deleskie) vs.
Mississauga SW 16 (WP- Jordan Petruska, HR- Jamie Smith)

The Twins put up another lopsided score and have scored 47 runs in their last three league games.

Milton 3 (LP- Ian Zettle) vs.
Glanbrook 8


Niagara 16 (WP- Chris Pickles, SV- Brandon Beattie, HR- Andrew Sorochan, Evan Baglieri) vs.
Burlington 8 (LP- Cam McKnight, HR- Jimmy Richardson)

The Metros scored nine runs in the ninth to win going away. Baglieri knocked out homerun number 11.


Milton 3 (LP- Kevin Greer) vs.
Niagara 5 (WP- Ricky Ferri, SV- Brandon Beattie)

Taylor Anderson hit a two-run single in the bottom of the 8th, and the Red Sox loaded the bases with no out in the 9th but failed to score. Geoff Strong pitched 6 shutout innings and had 14 strikeouts.


Glanbrook 3 vs.
Brampton 12 (WP- RJ Page, HR- Victor Speciale)

A late rally breaks open a close game.

Erindale 13 vs.
Etobicoke 8


Mississauga 9 vs.
Etobicoke 9

Mississauga 10 (WP- Adam Banski) vs.
Etobicoke 3

Oakville 2 (LP- Alex Hawley, HR- Jeff Jarockis) vs.
Milton 3 (WP- Ian Zettle, HR- Kurt Mitchell)


Thornhill 5 (WP- Lenny Wood, SV- Andy Orfanakos, HR- Sean Cunningham)
vs. East York 3 (LP- Andy Ryder, HR- Devlin Connelly)

Gary Rose hit a go ahead two run single in the eighth, and it ended up being the difference in another Reds' win.


Leaside 7 (WP- Garrett Gilroy, HR- Adam Morton) vs.
Newmarket 6 (LP- Dan Dobson)

Kyle Kristenbrun had four hits, and the Leafs win their third straight league game. Andrew Peart drove in four for the Hawks.

Martingrove 10 (WP- Mike Didier, HR- Dennis Hucal) vs.
Redbirds 1 (LP- Nick Masci)

Mike Didier improved to 5-0 this season, with 6 innings and nine strikeouts.


Redbirds 4 (LP- Mike Caine) vs.
Thornhill 14 (WP- Victor Simon, HR- Drew Roberts)

No surprise here.


Markham 11 (WP- Brad Binns, HR- Jesse Dynes, John Bell) vs.
Leaside 1 (LP- Chris Goodale)

Binns improves to 6-1 and Dynes keeps pace with Baglieri in the homerun race. The Leafs lost for the first time in four league games.

Newmarket 8 (WP- Neal Baker, HR- Paul Vertseeg-Lytwyn) vs.
Martingrove 4 (LP- Troy Weston)


Newmarket 12 vs.
Markham 3


Leaside 16 vs.
Markham 6


Redbirds 2 vs.
East York 11


Windsor 7 (WP- Adam Myers) vs.
Troy 6


Tecumseh Juniors 2 vs.
Windsor 1 (LP- John Picco)

Tecumseh 8 (WP- Kyle Trudell) vs.
Troy 6

Tecumseh Juniors 11 vs.
Tecumseh 3 (LP- Dan Wolicki)

Troy 3 vs.
Windsor 2 (LP- Steve Carter)


London 7 vs.
Lakeside 6

Lakeside continues it's disappointing season, and drops one to the last place Bulls.


Strathroy 7 vs.
Ilderton 8

The Army rebounds from a subpar weekend, and the Royals continue to slide.


Strathroy 8 vs.
Lakeside 9


Strathroy 8 vs. Exeter 4
Strathroy 6 vs. Exeter 4


Exeter vs. Strathroy
Lakeside vs. Tillsonburg
Lakeside vs. Tillsonburg


August 1, 2011

1. Windsor Stars (43-7) (1)
Ran the table to win their fourth straight provincial title. Rookie Matt Rustulka captured the win in the finals, after Andrew Masojc singled home the game-winning run in the bottom of the seventh.

2. Mississauga SW Twins (23-13-1) (4)
The Twins are a good, young team and got it together after dropping a 7-5 decision in round one to Ilderton. They went on to eliminate the Redbirds, Thornhill, Leaside, WAA, and Markham.

3. Newmarket Hawks (18-9) (3)
The Hawks made yet another deep run in the Elims. Last year they made it to the final six, and this year they made it to the final three. Their two losses came to Peterborough and Windsor.

4. Thornhill Reds (24-6-1) (2)
The Reds had a very disappointing weekend. They lost in extra innings to Lakeside, and then lost in round three to Mississauga SW 17-9. For the second straight year, they gave up 17 runs in their elimination game. They need to add some pitching in order to be a factor next year.

5. Markham Mariners (20-17-1) (6)
The Mariners beat Milton, Niagara, Burlington and Lakeside to make it to the undefeated game, before losing to Windsor and Mississauga SW. Their powerful offence failed to score a run in their final two games.

6. Peterborough Riverdogs (21-4-1) (5)
The Riverdogs lost to Windsor and Newmarket, and also beat Newmarket, WAA, and Brampton. They will be a force once again next year.

7. Niagara Metros (15-16-1) (18)
The Metros beat East York and Tecumseh, and lost to Newmarket and Markham. They can hit but seem to have pitching issues. That is a complete turnaround from the teams they have had in the past.

8. Etobicoke Rangers (14-16-2) (19)
The Rangers beat the Redbirds, Ilderton and Burlington, and lost twice to Lakeside by one run. They seem to always do well in the Elims, even though they do not have the talent they have had in the past. They are not far away from having players from an explosive junior team make their way up.

9. Ilderton Red Army (16-15-1) (7)
The Army beat Mississauga SW in their first game, and lost a one run game to Etobicoke, before getting blasted 16-6 by Brampton. They seemed very uninspired this weekend.

10. Burlington Brants (14-14-2) (15)
They beat Sarnia and a tough Tecumseh team, before losing to Markham and Etobicoke. They are a few key players away from having themselves a very good team.

Honourable Mention:
Brampton Battlecats (12-16-1) (17)
Glanbrook Grizzlies (13-15) (9)
Tecumseh Thunder (18-19) (8)
Leaside Leafs (13-15-1) (12)
Lakeside Lizards (10-17-1) (23)


August 4, 2011

1. WINDSOR STARS (43-7) (1)
The Stars are done for the season, and are off until the Nationals. They went wire to wire as the number one team.

2. MISSISSAUGA SW TWINS (23-14-1) (2)
The Twins lost their only game of the week against Oakville. They still have the best overall record in COBA by four games.

3. MARKHAM MARINERS (21-17-1) (5)
The Mariners beat Thornhill 7-3 in their only game of the week.

4. NEWMARKET HAWKS (18-9-1) (3)
The Hawks tied Martingrove 4-4 in their only game of the week.

5. THORNHILL REDS (24-7-1) (3)
The Reds lost 7-3 to Markham in their lone game this week.


The Grizzlies make it back to where they belong in the top ten, with a 3-0 week after a win against Niagara and two against Etobicoke.

8. LEASIDE LEAFS (14-15-1) (HM)
Here's another team who finds itself back in the top ten after a few week hiatus. They beat the Redbirds 3-1 in their only game of the week.

The Royals have a 2-1 series lead against Ilderton in the SWBL playoffs.

10. ILDERTON RED ARMY (17-17-1) (9)
The Red Army trails Strathroy 2-1 in the SWBL playoffs.

Honourable Mention:

BURLINGTON BRANTS (14-15-2) (10)
OAKVILLE A's (18-19-1) (NR)

Thomas Biskup, Markham Mariners

Biskup has had a very fine week or so. The Markham OF hit a grand slam in Markham's only game this week. The four-run blast was the difference in Markham's 7-3 win over first place Thornhill this week. Biskup is on a nice little run after knocking out a 7th inning homerun in Markham's 1-0 first round Elims victory against Milton.

Jorge Frugoni, Leaside Leafs

Jorge is having a quiet season for his standards. After being near the top of the leaderboard in most statistical categories the last two years, Frugoni has been pitching solid sort of under the radar this season. After a dominant performance against the Redbirds this week, he has improved his mark in the GTBL to 5-1 with a 2.50 ERA. Jorge posted an incredible line of 8 IP, 1 R, and 15 K. The 15 strikeouts were a province single game high this season, and almost matched his regular season total of 18 going into the game.


Oakville 4 vs. Mississauga SW 3


Erindale 11 (WP- Brad Kozak) vs. Burlington 6 (LP- Greg MacDonald)

Chris Novia had three hits to lead the Cardinals in a rain shortened 6 inning game.


Glanbrook 6 (WP- Jamie Kozak, SV- Ryan Colling) vs. Niagara 5 (LP- TJ Tavender, HR- Evan Baglieri)

At some point, someone is going to have to seriously consider pitching around Baglieri, who hit his 13th homerun this season. However, the Grizzlies prevailed.


Oakville 4 (WP- Gord Robertson, SV- Mark Tourangeau, HR- Marc Walton) vs. Brampton 3 (LP- Brad McLaughlin) (10 innings)

The Cats scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th after they had two outs and nobody on base. The A's responded with a two, two strike, bases loaded bunt single by Courtney Morales in the top of the 10th.

Niagara 4 (LP- Ricky Ferri) vs. Etobicoke 5 (WP- Shawn Silk)

Mark Capone hit a go ahead two run single in the bottom of the 8th, and the Rangers hung on to win in the 9th. Taylor Anderson had four hits for the Metros.


Brampton 6 (LP- Nick Sousa, HR- Greg Dodwell) vs. Milton 7 (WP- Tyler Wilson) (8 innings)

Greg Dodwell's first homerun as a Battlecat wasn't enough, as the Battlecats blew a 6-2 lead in the final inning, and lost it in extras. Kevin Cooper had the game-winning single and three hits.

Brampton 3 (LP- RJ Page) vs. Milton 5 (WP- Scott McTrach)

The Red Sox take both games of the double-header and move over the .500 mark.


Etobicoke 3 (LP- Russ Hazen) vs. Glanbrook 5

Etobicoke 5 (LP- Peter Saweczko) vs. Glanbrook 10


Redbirds 1 (HR- Erik Brown) vs. Leaside 3 (WP- Jorge Frugoni, SV- Chris Goodale)

Frugoni worked 8 innings, and struck out a province single game high for this season of 15 batters.

Newmarket 4 vs. Martingrove 4


Thornhill 3 (LP- Lenny Wood) vs. Markham 7 (WP- Tommy Kempt, HR- Thomas Biskup)


Game 1 Ilderton 6 (WP- John Ambrose) vs. Strathroy 4


Lakeside 2 vs. London 4

Game 2 Strathroy 4 vs. Ilderton 3 (LP- Jordan Townshend)


Game 3 Ilderton 3 vs. Strathroy 10


August 15, 2011

1. WINDSOR STARS (43-7) (1)

Did not play.

2. MISSISSAUGA SW TWINS (23-15-1) (2)

Lost 5-2 to Glanbrook in their first game since the Elims.

3. MARKHAM MARINERS (23-17-1) (3)

The Mariners beat Martingrove and East York in their only two games thiw week.

4. THORNHILL REDS (25-7-1) (5)

Beat East York in their only game this week.

5. NEWMARKET HAWKS (19-10-1) (4)

Went 1-1 this week with a win against the Redbirds and a loss at Leaside.



7. LEASIDE LEAFS (17-15-1) (8)

The Leafs beat Newmarket and then beat Martingrove twice to run their win streak to six.


The Cardinals put up 30 runs in two games this week and won both games.

9. MILTON RED SOX (21-18) (HM)

The Red Sox didn't let a busy week stop them from going 3-1.

10. ILDERTON RED ARMY (18-17-1) (10)

Beat the Royals to force a fifth and final game in their series.

Honourable Mention:

OAKVILLE A's (19-19-1) (HM)

Chris Novia, Erindale Cardinals

It took a little while, but Chris Novia is finally starting to do what the Cardinals signed him to do: hot homeruns and drive in runs. After a slow start to the season, Novia is blazing hot right now. In his last nine games, Novia has hit eight a ridiculous eight homeruns and driven in 23 runs.

In two games this week, Chris hit three homeruns and drove in seven runs. Both games were Erindale victories. In the first game against Glanbrook, the big power hitter had two hits, including a homerun and 3 RBI. In the second game against Brampton, he hit two more homeruns, including four RBI.

Chris Goodale, Leaside Leafs

Coming over from Oshawa, "Goody" has been great in his first season with the Leafs. He has established himself as quite arguably the best pitcher on the team, and continues to pitch well every time out.

In his lone game this week, Goodale dominated the Newmarket Hawks, striking out 14 and getting a 4-2 complete game victory for the red hot Leafs. The hard throwing righty is 4-1 with an ERA under 2.00 in GTBL play with more strikeouts than innings pitched, and is 5-3 overall this season.


Etobicoke 2 (LP- Kevin Breitner) vs.
Oakville 5

Glanbrook 10 vs.
Erindale 16 (WP- Daniel Nauth, HR- Geoff Cullen, John DeWolfe, Chris Novia)

John DeWolfe had four hits and a homerun, Geoff Cullen drove in five and hit a homerun, and Chris Novia hit his ninth homerun as the Cardinals won a slugfest.


Glanbrook 3 (LP- Justin Czorny, HR- Rob Wilson) vs.
Brampton 14 (WP- Nick Sousa, HR- Victor Speciale)

The Battlecats got back in the win column in a mercy win. Victor Speciale continues to perform, as he hit his tenth homerun of the season.


Etobicoke 7 (LP- Tim Lawrence) vs.
Milton 11 (WP- Tyler Wilson)

Niagara 5 (LP- Brian Kusey) vs.
Burlington 10 (WP- Cam McKnight, HR- Paul Saville, Jay Hewitt)

The Brants continue to hit the ball out of the park, pounding out two more in this one. Saville had four hits, including a long ball.


Burlington 7 (LP- Carlos Cabrero) vs.
Niagara 11 (WP- Geoff Strong)


Erindale 14 (WP- Mark Taplin, HR- Chris Novia (2), Frank Coccia) vs.
Brampton 13

Chris Novia notched homeruns ten and eleven, and Steve Gallant and Josh Butler had five hits apiece, as the Cardinals had another slugfest with the Battlecats and came out on top.

Burlington 5 vs.
Etobicoke 7 (WP- Andrew Hyde)


Etobicoke 15 (WP- Russ Hazen) vs.
Brampton 4

Anthony Iafrate drove in five runs and the Rangers blew out the last place Battlecats.

Niagara 3 (LP- Chris Pickles, HR- Andrew Sorochan) vs.
Milton 9 (WP- Ian Zettle, HR- Kevin Cooper, Chris Pittaway)

Niagara 13 (WP- Ricky Ferri, HR- Andrew Sorochan, Geoff Strong) vs.
Milton 10 (LP- Scott McTrach)

The Red Sox and Metros split a double header. Andrew Sorochan hit two homeruns and now has six on the season. Steve Lauzon had 5 RBI in the second game.


Mississauga 2 vs.
Glanbrook 5

Milton 8 vs.
Glanbrook 6


Redbirds 6 vs.
Newmarket 8


East York 1 vs.
Thornhill 3 (WP- Dave McElroy, SV- Andrew Bergman)


Markham 13 vs.
Martingrove 3

The Pioneers continue to have Martingrove's number.

Newmarket 2 vs.
Leaside 4 (WP- Chris Goodale)

Goodale struckout 13 hitters in the victory, as the Leafs continue to play solid baseball.


East York 2 (LP- Ben Ragan) vs.
Markham 5 (WP- Steve Horsley)


Leaside 4 (WP- Andrew Morales) vs.
Martingrove 0 (LP- Ryan Donnelly)

Morales got back on track with a good performance, and the Leafs won another one.

Leaside 10 (WP- Josh Howsam, HR- Adam Morton, HR- Kyle Kristenbrun) vs.
Martingrove 2 (LP- Dennis Hucal)

The Leafs swept both ends of the double-header, aided by Adam Morton's eighth homerun, and Kyle Kristenbrun's third. That's six straight wins for the Leafs.

Strathroy 6 vs.
Ilderton 7

The Red Army forced a game five do-or-die with a one run victory in game four of the series.


1. WINDSOR STARS (43-7) (1)
2. MISSISSAUGA SW TWINS (25-15-1) (2)
3. NEWMARKET HAWKS (20-10-1) (5)
4. MARKHAM MARINERS (24-18-2) (3)
5. THORNHILL REDS (25-9-2) (4)
7. MILTON RED SOX (23-18) (9)
8. LEASIDE LEAFS (18-15-1) (7)
9. ILDERTON RED ARMY (19-17-1) (10)
10. NIAGARA METROS (20-21-1) (NR)

Honourable Mention:

OAKVILLE A'S (21-21-1) (HM)


Burlington 14 vs.
Erindale 18

Burlington 9 vs.
Erindale 7

The Brants and Cardinals split a couple of very high scoring games.

Mississauga SW 8 (WP- Jordan Petruska, SV- Andrew Foster) vs.
Oakville 5

The Twins get back into the win column, and the A's drop their second in as many days.

Glanbrook 7 vs.
Etobicoke 8 (WP- Kevin Breitner, HR- Andrew Jacinto)

The Rangers came back from down five runs in the bottom of the 8th to win and end their regular season with a win to push them to .500 for the 20th straight year.


Erindale 0 vs.
Mississauga 15


#1 Erindale 0 (LP- John DeWolfe) vs.
#8 Brampton 6 (WP- RJ Page)

#2 Milton 5 (WP- Ian Zettle, HR- Carlos D'Costa) vs.
#7 Burlington 2 (LP- Carlos Cabrero, HR- Jon Amendola)

#3 Glanbrook 6 (WP- Mike Grilli) vs.
#6 Niagara 5 (LP- Geoff Strong)

#4 Etobicoke 0 (LP- Andrew Hyde) vs.
#5 Oakville 4

#1 Erindale 10 vs.
#4 Etobicoke 11 (WP- Russ Hazen, HR- Andrew Jacinto, Kyle Clancy) (8 innings)

#6 Niagara 5 (WP- Brian Kusey, SV- Brandon Beattie) vs.
#7 Burlington 4 (LP- Eric Bryce, HR- Jon Amendola) (8 innings)

#2 Milton 7 (WP- Tyler Wilson) vs.
#3 Glanbrook 3 (LP- Chris Cooney, HR- Rob Spiak)

#5 Oakville 5 vs.
#8 Brampton 3 (LP- Steve Hough)

#3 Glanbrook 3 (WP- Tim Sogan) vs.
#4 Etobicoke 2 (LP- Sasha Gerster)

#6 Niagara 7 (WP- Chris Pickles, HR- Evan Baglieri) vs.
#8 Brampton 5 (LP- Mike Burke, HR- Mike Gareri, Greg Dodwell)

#2 Milton, #3 Glanbrook, #5 Oakville, and #6 Niagara advance


Thornhill 3 (LP- Eric Wakeman) vs.
Newmarket 5 (WP- Dave MacPherson, HR- Paul V. Lytwyn (2))

East York 12 vs.
Redbirds 0


Markham 8 (HR- Jesse Dynes) vs.
Thornhill 8 (HR- Brad Crone)

Brad Crone his a grand slam in the bottom the ninth, and the Reds earned a dramatic point.


Thornhill 0 (LP- Gary Rose) vs.
Leaside 7 (WP- Brook Coatsworth, HR- Kyle Kristenbrun)

Make it seven in a row for the Leafs! Kristenbrun hit his fourth homerun of the year, and the Reds are struggling all of a sudden.

East York 7 vs.
Martingrove 8


Martingrove 7 vs.
Markham 4


Ilderton 8 vs.
Strathroy 0

Jordan Townshend tossed 7 shutout innings and struck out 11, as the Red Army take the series 3-2 and are off to the league finals.



1. Windsor Stars (49-8) (1)

They are not only the best team in Ontario, but are now the best team in Canada, after a Senior Canadian Gold Medal.

2. Mississauga SW Twins (26-18-1) (2)

They went just 1-3 at the Nationals, but two of those losses were in extra innings. After a 4-6 start, they battled and had a great season.

3. Newmarket Hawks (21-10-2) (3)

The Hawks won one, and lost one, and trail Thornhill by a single point in the GTBL standings.

4. Milton Red Sox (26-19) (7)

The Red Sox were crowned COBA playoff champions, with an impressive showing in the playoffs. They finished just half a game back of Mississauga in the overall standings in COBA.

5. Thornhill Reds (26-9-2) (5)

The Reds won their only game of the week at Martingrove.

6. Markham Mariners (24-18-2) (4)

Did not play.

7. Peterborough Riverdogs (6)


8. Oakville A's (23-23-1) (HM)

The A's were finalists in the COBA playoffs, and put together a very good season, finishing .500 and also making it to the Hap Walters finals.

9. Leaside Leafs (18-16-1) (8)

Fell victim to the Redbirds, who registered just their fourth win of the year.

10. Ilderton Red Army (19-18-1) (9)

Trail Exeter 1-0 in the league finals.

Honourable Mention:

Erindale Cardinals (20-19) (HM)
Glanbrook Grizzlies (20-22) (HM)
Niagara Metros (20-23-2) (10)
Strathroy Royals (17-15) (HM)
Tecumseh Thunder (18-19) (HM)


Martingrove 3 vs.
East York 6

The Bulldogs win their second in a row for this first time this year.


Newmarket 11 vs.
Redbirds 2

The Hawks move to within a point of the Reds and also have a game in hand.


Redbirds 10 (WP- Mike Caine) vs.
Leaside 9 (LP- Chris Goodale, HR- Adam Morton, Bryan Rock)

Thornhill 14 (WP- Eric Wakeman, HR- Victor Simon, Chris Berwick) vs.
Martingrove 7 (LP- Patrick Vecchiarelli)


Martingrove 5 vs.
Newmarket 5


Niagara 1 (LP- Geoff Strong) vs.
Milton 2 (WP- Ian Zettle)

Oakville 1 vs.
Glanbrook 2

Niagara 0 (LP- Brian Kusey) vs.
Oakville 10 (WP- Gord Robertson, HR- Andrew Kotulak)

Glanbrook 3 vs.
Milton 4 (WP- Tyler Wilson)

Oakville W vs.
Glanbrook L

Oakville 10 (HR- Kevin Lee (2)) vs.
Milton 6 (LP- Adam Ahearn, HR- Sean Mathe, Kevin Cooper)

Oakville 0 vs.
Milton 8 (WP- Liam Tennant)


Game 1

Ilderton 4 vs.
Exeter 5


1. Windsor Stars (49-8) (1)
2. Mississauga SW Twins (26-18-1) (2)
3. Milton Red Sox (26-19) (4)
4. Thornhill Reds (26-9-2) (5)
5. Newmarket Hawks (22-11-2) (3)

Lost a game and won a game against the last place Redbirds.

6. Markham Mariners (26-18-2) (6)

Swept Martingrove 2-0 in league playoffs.

7. Peterborough Riverdogs (7)
8. Leaside Leafs (20-16-1) (9)

Beat East York 2-0 in series.

9. Ilderton Red Army (20-18-1) (10)

Beat Exeter 9-1 to even up finals series.

10. Oakville A's (23-23-1) (8)

Honourable Mention:

Erindale Cardinals (20-19) (HM)
Glanbrook Grizzlies (20-22) (HM)
Niagara Metros (20-23-2) (10)
Strathroy Royals (17-15) (HM)
Tecumseh Thunder (18-19) (HM)

#2 Newmarket vs. #7 Redbirds

Redbirds 0 (LP- Mike Caine) vs.
Newmarket 2 (WP- PA Di lulio, SV- Mark West, HR- PA Di lulio)

Redbirds 4 vs.
Newmarket 2

#3 Leaside vs. # 6 East York

East York 2 (LP- Pat Smith) vs.
Leaside 13 (WP- Andrew Morales)

Leaside 15 (WP- Jorge Frugoni, HR- Clarke Markle) vs.
East York 4 (LP- Mark Sikorski)

#4 Markham vs. #5 Martingrove

Martingrove 2 vs.
Markham 8

Markham 4 (WP- Steve Horsley, SV- Tommy Kempt, HR- Shane Moore) vs.
Martingrove 1 (LP- Patrick Vecchiarelli)

(Markham wins series 2-0)

SWBL Finals
Exeter 1 vs.
Ilderton 9 (WP- Jordan Townshend)

(Series tied 1-1)


September 21, 2011
1. Windsor Stars (49-8) (1)
2. Mississauga SW Twins (26-18-1) (2)
3. Markham Mariners (30-19-2) (6)
4. Milton Red Sox (26-19) (3)
5. Newmarket Hawks (23-13-2) (5)
6. Leaside Leafs (22-18-1) (8)
7. Thornhill Reds (26-11-2) (4)
8. Peterborough Riverdogs (7)
9. Oakville A's (23-23-1) (10)
10. Tecumseh Thunder (18-19) (HM)

Honourable Mention:

Erindale Cardinals (20-19) (HM)
Glanbrook Grizzlies (20-22) (HM)
Ilderton Red Army (21-20-2) (9)
Niagara Metros (20-23-2) (10)
Strathroy Royals (17-15) (HM)

2012 Pre-Season Rankings

April 29, 2012

1. Windsor Stars

It will be interesting to see if someone can dethrone this juggernaut of a team. I have my doubts. The Stars have won four straight Ontario gold medals, and six in the past seven years.

2. Mississauga SW Twins

The Twins finished second in the Eliminations last year, and will get a big boost with ace Adam Paish returning to the team after a one year stint with London of the IBL.

3. Peterborough Riverdogs

The Riverdogs returned to the scene last year with an impressive season from start to finish. They will challenge for not only GTBL supremacy, but Ontario supremacy as well.

4. Markham Mariners

The Mariners always seem to be in the mix year after year. This year should be no different.

5. Glanbrook Grizzlies

The Grizzlies had a disappointing season last year, but look to rebound with their entire roster returning from 2011.

6. Etobicoke Rangers

The Rangers have compiled some decent seasons over the past coupld of years. With a young core, they seem poised to vault themselves back into the top tier of teams in the province.

7. Newmarket Hawks

The Hawks may not be the most exciting and talked about team out there, but they have been a model of consistency over the years.

8. Leaside Leafs

The Leafs had a horrible start to the season, but finished off strong in 2011. They hope to ride that momentum into this season, and regain their spot amongst the province's elite.

9. Thornhill Reds

The Reds are poised to take a step back after making a lot of noise last summer. They have lost a couple of key pieces from their powerful 2011 team.

10. Ilderton Red Army

After a setback in 2011, the Red Army hope to regain their form of 2010- when they made the provincial finals.

Honourable Mention

Erindale Cardinals
Milton Red Sox
Niagara Metros
Oakville A's
Tecumseh Thunder

Mid Season Top Ten

July 6, 2012

1. Windsor Stars 19-4
2. Peterborough Riverdogs 11-4
3. Tecumseh Thunder 17-8
4. Leaside Leafs 15-7
5. Brampton Battlecats 15-6
6. Niagara Metros 14-7
7. Strathroy Royals 8-0
8. Markham Mariners 11-9
9. Mississauga SW Twins 7-8-1
10. Newmarket Hawks 9-8

Honourable Mention:

Oakville A's 7-8-1
Erindale Cardinals 9-9-1
Etobicoke Rangers 9-11
Thornhill Reds 10-9
Ilderton Red Army 9-10
Windsor AA 11-10


July 23, 2012

1. Windsor Stars 28-6 (1)

Their semi-final loss to Missisauga in the Hap Walters was just a hiccup. They are still unquestionably the best team in the province. They have the best pitching staff, and showed their offensive potential this weekend.

2. Peterborough Riverdogs 20-7 (2)

A one run loss to Thornhill was the only reason we didn't see this team get a bye into the semi-finals. They rebounded to blowout Brampton and Erindale. Make no mistake- this team is still for real.

3. Mississauga SW Twins 18-13-2 (6)

They are proving that last year was not a fluke. They won their second tournament of the summer this weekend, and showed they will be a force come August long weekend.

4. Tecumseh Thunder 24-12 (4)

It is too bad they didn't make it to the Hap this year. Would have been interesting to see how they would have done, considering they are playing their best ball in a few years.

5. Niagara Metros 18-11 (7)

The youngest team in the province made it to the Hap semis before bowing out to WAA. They are young and talented, and will likely be a good team for a long time.

6. Newmarket Hawks 16-10 (9)

As usual, they did well this weekend in tournament play. They are the epitome of consistency.

7. Strathroy Royals 13-1 (8)

They have not been tested outside of their league and their own tournament, but a 13-1 league record is very impressive.

8. Glanbrook Grizzlies 17-11 (NR)

Don't look now, but the Grizzlies are rolling at the right time. They got blown out by Windsor, but still went 2-1 at the Hap, and are 4-1 in their last five league games.

9. Brampton Battlecats 14-10 (5)

Showed they are still a couple of additions away from being considered an elite team. That being said, they are headed in the right direction and are not far off from being a force.

10. Leaside Leafs 20-14 (3)

Jekyll and Hyde team all season long. Blown out by Martingrove and Windsor in the Hap, and swept by Martingrove in a double-header in league play. Which team will show up in the Eliminations?

Honourable Mention:

Etobicoke Rangers 18-15 (HM)
Ilderton Red Army 11-12 (HM)
Markham Mariners 15-13 (8)
Thornhill Reds 15-10 (HM)
Windsor AA 16-17 (NR)

2012 Final Top Ten Rankings

September 24, 2012

1. Windsor Stars (1)
2. Strathroy Royals (2)
3. Niagara Metros (3)
4. Peterborough Riverdogs (4)
5. Mississauga SW Twins (5)
6. Leaside Leafs (10)
7. Etobicoke Rangers (6)
8. Tecumseh Thunder (9)
9. Brampton Battlecats (7)
10. Thornhill Reds (8)

Honourable Mention:

Glanbrook Grizzlies HM)
Markham Mariners (HM)
Martingrove White Sox (NR)
Newmarket Hawks (HM)
Oakville A's (HM)

2013 Pre Season Top 10

April 9, 2013



1. Windsor Stars (1)

Ranking the top ten has become increasingly difficult, except for the part where you can just pencil this team in at number one.  Without question they are the best team in Ontario, and have been for the past few years.

2. Peterborough Riverdogs (4)

The Riverdogs were a solid team last year, and the additions of P Brad Grieveson and 1B Drew Roberts will only bolster an already dangerous team.

3. Strathroy Royals (2)

Last years runner-up starts out as a top ranked team until it proves otherwise.

4. Niagara Metros (3)

The Metros had a very accomplished season in 2012, and there is nowhere to go but up for this young team.

5. Mississauga SW Twins (5)

The Twins will be better this year with a full season from slugger Sean Bignall.

6. Leaside Leafs (6)

The Leafs kind of flew under the radar last season but they put together a solid campaign.  Former UBC standout Tyler Hughes will make an already scary lineup even more dangerous.

7. Thornhill Reds (10)

The return of Justin Pennell- senior baseball's most feared hitter, makes this team better.

8. Etobicoke Rangers (7)

The Rangers are a young team who are sure to continue to get better.  AJ Iafrate returns to anchor the middle of the lineup, and Kyle Breitner makes his way up to the senior team to pitch full time.

9. Tecumseh Thunder (9)

This team seems to always be in the mix year in and year out.

10. Newmarket Hawks (HM)

The same goes for the Hawks, who have been consistent over the years.  They made a few veteran additions which will help the team a great deal.

Honourable Mention:

Brampton Battlecats (9)
Erindale Cardinals (NR)
Glanbrook Grizzlies (HM)
Ilderton Red Army (NR)
Markham Mariners (HM)


August 25, 2013


1. Windsor Stars (1) (42-9)

- Finish 26-2 in Can-Am; finish second in Can-Am playoffs; quarter-finalist in Hap Walters; Gold medalists at Nationals; won the NABF regionals in Saginaw; went 1-2 at NABF World Series

2. Mississauga Southwest Twins (2) (39-14)

- Finish 18-10 in COBA; second place finish in Lakeside tournament; first place finish at Hap Walters; first place finish at Eliminations; Bronze medalists at Nationals

3. Niagara Metros (7) (29-16-1)

- Finish 18-10 in COBA; win COBA playoffs; finish 2-2 in Strathroy; finish 1-1-1 at Hap Walters; finish 3-2 at Eliminations

4. Etobicoke Rangers (4) (39-14-1)

- Finish 20-7-1 in COBA; finish second in COBA playoffs; win Vaughan tournament; semi-finalists in London tournament; finish second at Hap Walters; finish 3-2 at Eliminations

5. Thornhill Reds (5) (30-16-2)

- Finish 17-10-1 in GTBL; win GTBL playoffs; finish 2-1 at Tillsonburg; finish 1-2 at Vaughan; semi-finalists at Hap; finish 3-2 at Elims.

6. Tecumseh Thunder (6) (21-19)

- Finish 14-14 in Can-Am; finish third in league playoffs; finish second place at Eliminations

7. Oakville A's (7) (26-13-1)

- Finish 19-8-1 in COBA; early exit in COBA playoffs; first place at Strathroy tournament; finish 1-2 at Hap Walters; finish 2-2 at Eliminations

8. Peterborough Riverdogs (9) (25-14-1)

- Finish 20-6-1 in GTBL; exit early in GTBL playoffs; finish 2-2 in Vaughan tournament; finish 1-2 at Hap Walters; finish 1-2 at Eliminations

9. Strathroy Royals (10) (26-13)

- Finish 15-5 in SWBL; finish second in SWBL playoffs; finish 2-2 in Tillsonburg tournament; finish 2-2 in Strathroy tournament; finish 2-2 at Eliminations

10. Newmarket Hawks (8) (19-18)

- Finish 11-12 in GTBL; early exit in GTBL playoffs; semi-finalists in Hap Walters; semi-finalists at Eliminations




East York Bulldogs (HM)

Erindale Cardinals (NR)

Lakeside Lizards (HM)

Leaside Leafs (HM)

Markham Mariners (NR)

2014 Pre-Season Rankings

March 2, 2014


1. Mississauga SW Twins (2)

- This team was so close to having a chance to compete for the National gold.  Don't expect this team to take a step back any time soon.

2. Windsor Stars (1)

- Rumour has it that some key veterans will be leaving, but the Windsor area churns out young talent every year.  Expect some younger players to step up and keep this team in the mix for the number one spot.

3. Etobicoke Rangers (4)

- The Rangers are returning the core of their very good team from last year.  The addition of John Suomi could be the move that puts this team over the top.

4. Thornhill Reds (5)

- With a couple of key additions, this team will be deeper and better than last year. Adding the 2013 GTBL hitter of the year Kyle Moloney and first team all star RHP Dave Anderson from Peterborough will be huge.

5. Niagara Metros (3)

- No word yet on any roster additions or subtractions, but if this team has any resemblence to last year's team, they will be one of the top few teams in the province.

6. Tecumseh Thunder (6)

- Eliminations runner-ups in 2013 return most of their team from last year, including ace Zack Breault.  With a full season from the Cook brothers, this team will be awful tough to beat.

7. Newmarket Hawks (10)

- Year in and year out, this team is a tough out for anybody.  Not much will change in 2014.

8. Oakville A's (7)

- They have been solid the last few seasons, but just can't seem to get over the hump and into the top tier.  Maybe this can be the year.

9. Leaside Leafs (HM)

- There were a lot of expectations for this team last year.  With a little less expected, this team has a chance to surprise and vault to the top of these rankings.

10. East York Bulldogs (HM)

- Their pitching will keep them relevent and dangerous, but they are going to have to hit better to move up the rankings.

Week 1 Top Ten and Scores

May 10, 2014


TOP 10

1. Mississauga SW Twins (1) (1-0)

2. Windsor Stars (2) (4-0)

3. Etobicoke Rangers (3) (2-0)

4. Tecumseh Thunder (6) (3-0)

5. Thornhill Reds (4) (0-0)

6. Niagara Metros (5) (1-1)

7. Newmarket Hawks (7) (0-0)

8. East York Bulldogs (10) (1-0)

9. Ilderton Red Army (NR) (3-0)

10. Leaside Leafs (9) (0-0)

Hitter of the Week: Luke Lefler, 1B, Windsor (.538 avg, 7H, 2 2B, 6R, 8RBI)

Pitcher of the Week: Steve Teno, Windsor (2-0, 10 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 16 K)

Team of the Week: Ilderton Red Army (3-0 including wins over Lakeside and Strathroy)




WAA 3 @ Windsor 9 (WP- Dane Little)

- 1B Luke Lefler notched 3 hits and 2 runs scored in his Stars' debut

Tecumseh 3 (WP- Matt Stezycki, SV- Eric Carducci) @ Selects 0

- Pre-season all-star Brandon Lindquist pitched 2 innings and struck out 6.  Slugger Mitch Delaney went 2/3 with a walk and a run in his Tecumseh debut.

Troy 1 @ Windsor 12 (WP- Matt Rustulka)

- The Stars paste Jet Box as Kris Klassen, James Drew and Jake Myers lead the way with 3 hits each.

WAA 2 @ Thunder Juniors 5

Troy 11 @ WAA 2

- Already a long season in the making for the A's

Sarnia 1 @ Windsor 12 (WP- Matt Rustulka, HR- Kris Klassen)

- Stars continue to pound teams. Klassen hits first long-ball of year. Lefler xontinues torrid pace: 7/11 with 8 RBI this season.

Thunder Juniors 4 @ Windsor 8

Sarnia 0 @ Tecumseh 13 (WP- Cody Seremack, HR- Mitch Delaney)

The Thunder scored 13 runs in the first 3 innings and put it in cruise control.  Delaney hit his first homerun.

Sarnia 8 @ WAA 7

Sarnia 5 @ WAA 6

- WAA earns the split and wins their first game.

Tecumseh 15 @ Thunder Juniors 5 (LP- Erik Murphy)





Milton 1 (LP- Ian Zettle) @ Burlington 6 (WP- Trevor Woodjetts)

- The new-look Brants made easy work of the Red Sox.  Justin Czorny and Corey Morrison had 3 hits each.

Oakville 6 (LP- Mark McIntyre, HR- Mike Modestino) @ Brampton 7 (WP- Kevin Lagerquist)

- The Royals rallied late to upend the A's.  

Mississauga 6 (WP- James Byrnes, SV- Jordan Petruska) @ Niagara 4 (LP- AJ Clark, HR- Andrew Sorochan)

- The Twins got off to a good start in their quest to repeat as provincial champs.  Jamie Smith had 3 hits to lead the way.

Erindale 2 @ Etobicoke 9 (WP- Guido Monis)

- AJ Iafrate went 4/4 with a triple and RBI.  If he can regain his stroke and stay healthy, it is tough to imagine how anyone can shut this team down.  Rob Borden added 2 doubles and 3 runs for the home team.

Brampton 7 (LP- Joey Nonis) @ Milton 8 (WP- Justin Volpato, SV- James Bruce, HR- Chris Pittaway, Kevin Cooper)

- Pittaway picked up where he left off from last year, hitting a 3-run homerun.

Etobicoke 1 (WP- Gary Rose, SV- Bryan Vardzel) @ Oakville 0 (LP- Marc Walton)

- Walton was impressive, giving up an unearned run in his 7th inning of work. Mark Capone drove in the game's only run. Zack Dickson had 3 hits for Oakville.

Niagara 5 (WP- Paul McKenna, SV- Justin Ayles) @ Erindale 3 (LP- Zac Laurin)

- Baglieri provided most of Niagara's offence, registering 3 hits and 2 walks.




Pickering 2 (LP- Christian Chavez) @ East York 3 (WP- Mark Sikorski, SV- Myles Swartz)

- The Bulldogs kick-start GTBL schedule with a win. Sikorski was impressive for 6 innings on the mound.




Lakeside 4 @ Ilderton 7 (WP- John Ambrose)

- A big statement by the Red Army early on.

Ilderton 3 @ Strathroy 0

- Great start to the season for Ilderton, after coming out of the gates slowly the last couple of years.

Exeter 3 @ Lakeside 7

Ilderton 11 (WP- John Ambrose) @ London 1

- Ilderton is making the rounds, beating up on every team in the league.


Week 2 Top Ten and Scores

May 26, 2014


1. Mississauga SW Twins (1) (4-0)

2. Windsor Stars (2) (6-1)

3. Niagara Metros (6) (4-1)

4. Etobicoke Rangers (3) (4-1)

5. Leaside Leafs (10) (4-0)

6. Tecumseh Thunder (4) (4-2)

7. Thornhill Reds (5) (2-1)

8. Oakville A's (NR) (3-2)

9. Strathroy Royals (NR) (2-2)

10. Ilderton Red Army (8) (4-2)


Hitter of the Week: Jonathan Paul, IF, Niagara Metros ( 1 HR, 2 2B, 9 RBI in three games as team went 3-0)


Pitcher of the Week: Mike Morely, Erindale Cardinals (1-1 record on the week. 5 shutout innings with 2 hits allowed vs. Milton, then a tough-luck 2-1 loser vs. Mississauga, allowing just 2 runs (1 earned)).


Team of the Week: Niagara Metros (had the biggest win of any team this week, defeating Etobicoke 9-7.  Went on to finish the week 3-0 after putting up 21 runs in a double-header against Brampton).



Thunder Juniors 0 @ Windsor 6 (WP- Dane Little, SV- Steve Teno, HR- Cam Goddard (2))

- Goddard hits 2 homeruns and drives in 4.

WAA 0 @ Windsor 11 (WP- Matt Rustulka)

- Goddard drives in 3 more runs with 2 hits.

Windsor 5 (LP- Jake Myers) @ Troy 11

- The younger Myers doesn't last long in his first appearance.

Troy 5 @ Tecumseh 7 (WP- Kyle Trudell)

- Trudell tosses 3 perfect innings to pick up win in relief.

Thunder Juniors 5 @ Tecumseh 4 (LP- Rob Blunck)

- Tecumseh blows late lead to lose first game of season.

Thunder Juniors 8 @ Tecumseh 7 (LP- Matt Stezycki)

- Juniors rally from 5 run deficit to complete double-header sweep.

Sarnia 3 @ WAA 4

Sarnia 8 @ WAA 7

Selects 7 @ WAA 0

Selects 0 @ WAA 2



Niagara 9 (WP- Noah Anderson, SV- Matt Watson) @ Etobicoke 7 (LP- Kyle Angelow)

- Ricky Ferri has 4 hits to lead Metros in their wire to wire win.

Erindale 2 (LP- Adam Forsey) @ Oakville 5 (WP- Alex Gowing)

- Gowing was impressive, going the distance and allowing just 1 ER.

Milton 0 (LP- Justin Volpato) @ Erindale 8 (WP- Mike Morely)

Brampton 8 (LP- Ryan Bauer) @ Oakville 10 (WP- Kyle Fisher, SV- Curtis Braun, HR- Jeff Jarockis)

Oakville 7 (WP- Andrew Kotulak) @ Milton 4 (LP- James Bruce, HR- Chris Pittaway)

- Zack Dickson and Julian Richards had 4 hits each for Oakville who has won 3 straight.

Mississauga 12 (WP- Billy Hurley, HR- Sean Bignall) @ Brampton 6 (LP- Ryan Bauer, HR- Waleed Elabed)

Niagara 11 (WP- Dan Veres, HR- Jonathan Paul) @ Brampton 4 (LP- Kevin Lagerquist)

- Metros score 7 in the first inning and win easily.

Niagara 10 (WP- Justin Ayles, SV- Paul McKenna) @ Brampton 7 (LP- Steve Hough)

- Metros complete double- header sweep.

Etobicoke 10 (WP- Andrew Hyde) @ Milton 5 (LP- Justin Newbold)

- Capone and Cleland get 3 hits each as Etobicoke crusises to win.

Burlington 2 (LP- Cam Ryerson) @ Etobicoke 10 (WP- Guido Monis, HR- John Suomi)

- Suomi hits his first homerun of the season as the Rangers pound out 16 hits.

Erindale 2 (LP- Ian Bala) @ Mississauga 4 (WP- James Byrnes, SV- Jordan Petruska)

Erindale 1(LP- Mike Morely) @ Mississauga 2 (WP- Adam Paish)




Leaside 4 @ East York 3

Bolton 4 @ Newmarket 4

Newmarket 7 (LP- Ryan Fedrigo) @ Pickering 12 (WP- Patrick Vecchiarelli)

Martingrove 6 (LP- Jeff Miller) @ Thornhill 12 (WP- Mitch Sutton, HR- Sean Sutton)

- The Sutton brothers were the key contributors in the Reds' victory.

East York 4 (LP- Aaron Kivi, HR- Robin Fox-Pappas) @ Leaside 8 (WP- Scott Donnelly

- Skelton, Hughes and Wallace combine for 9 hits. Skelton adds 5 stolen bases.

Thornhill 4 (LP- Brad Crone) @ Pickering 5 (WP- Peter Nash, SV- Mark Cheeseman, HR- Rob Carman

- The Red Sox somehow no-hit the Reds while allowing 4 runs.

Thornhill 10 (WP- Chadwick Cameron) @ Pickering 0 (LP- Brad Binns)

- The Reds erupt for 11 hits in 5 innings as Cameron goes the distance.

Leaside 11 (WP- Garrett Gilroy, HR- Jeremy Hopkins) @ Martingrove 6 (LP- Chris Gott)

Leaside 15 (WP- Jorge Frugoni, HR- Jeremy Hopkins) @ Martingrove 3 (LP- Adam Frydman)

- The Leafs destroy the outmatched White Sox in both games of a double-header



Ilderton 0 @ Strathroy 2

Ilderton 1 @ Strathroy 3

- The Royals ride strong pitching to a double-header sweep of the previously undefeated Red Army.










Week 3 Top Ten and Scores

June 2, 2014


       1. Mississauga SW Twins (1) (5-1)

Billy Hurley 1 SV, 10 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 19 K

       2. Windsor Stars (2) (8-2)

Cam Goddard 12/26, .462, 3 HR, 14 RBI, 3 2B

       3. Niagara Metros (3) (6-2)


          4. Etobicoke Rangers (4) (6-3)

Mark Capone 18/31, .581, 15 R, 10 RBI, 3 SB

          5. East York Bulldogs (NR) (4-2)

Jake Gallo 7 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 7 K

          6. Leaside Leafs (5) (5-1)

Jeremy Hopkins 5/15, .333, 2 HR, 8 RBI, 2 2B, 5 R

          7. Ilderton Red Army (10) (5-2)

John Ambrose 4-0, 0.86 ERA, 21 IP, 12 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 14 K

          8. Strathroy Royals (9) (5-2)


          9. Tecumseh Thunder (6) (4-4)

Kevin Mailloux 15/24, .625, 1 HR, 10 RBI, 4 2B

          10. Thornhill Reds (7) (2-2)

Dave Anderson/Chadwick Cameron 1-0, 10.1 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 12 K



Hitter of the Week: Kevin Greer, Milton

Greer is one of the more underrated players in Ontario, and this week was his most impressive yet.  The slugging shortstop played three games and homered once in all three games.  Overall for the week, he hit .500 (7/14) with a double, 3 homeruns, 6 RBI and scored 6 runs.

Pitcher of the Week: Billy Hurley, Mississauga SW

In a week that didn’t have many standout pitching performances, Hurley gets the nod after pitching just 3 masterful innings.  With the game against Burlington still in the balance, the Wayne State grad came on and dominated.  He struck out 8 of the 10 hitters he faces, allowing just one man to reach base via a walk.  Hurley has now worked 10 innings without giving up an earned run, and has struck out an incredible 19 batters.

Team of the Week: East York Bulldogs

Make no mistake- last year was no fluke.  This team is proving early on that they are the real deal.  This past week, they went 3-0 and in the process defeated the three GTBL powerhouses.  They beat Newmarket 9-8, Thornhill 8-5 and Leaside 9-6.  They are now 4-2 and have not had any significant contributions from Drew Roberts and Shawn Leah yet.




Lakeside 3 @ London 1

Ilderton 16 (WP- John Ambrose) @ Lakeside 1

Strathroy 8 @ Exeter 4

London 1 @ Strathroy 9

London 7 @ Strathroy 8




Etobicoke 3 (LP- Andrew Perryman) @ Erindale 14 (WP- Zac Laurin, HR- Chris Novia, Aaron Palmer, John DeWolfe)

- Erindale blasted Etobicoke pitching with 3 homeruns and 14 runs.

Milton 6 (WP- Justin Volpato, SV- Scott McTrach, HR- Kevin Greer) @ Oakville 3 (LP- Marc Walton)

- Greer had 2 hits and 5 RBI with a homerun. Volpato fired 6 scoreless innings.

Brampton 5 (WP- Joey Nonis, SV- Joe Ferreira, HR- Joe Ferreira) @ Milton 3 (LP- Tyler Wilson, HR- Kevin Greer)

- Greer had another big game for Milton but it wasn't enough, as Ferreira got it done at the plate and on the mound.

Burlington 2 (LP- Andrew Page) @ Mississauga 8 (WP- James Byrnes, SV- Billy Hurley, HR- Sean Bignall)

- Hurley had 8 strikeouts in just 3 innings of work.

Erindale 3 (LP- Andrew Mullin) @ Brampton 9 (WP- Mike Burke)

- Burke was solid on the hill, giving up just 1 run in 6 innings of work against the potent Cardinals.

Oakville 4 (LP- Kyle Fisher) @ Niagara 10 (WP- Geoff Strong)

- Phil Steer tied a Metros' record with 5 hits.

Mississauga 5 (LP- Kyle Porter) @ Etobicoke 8 (WP- Kevin Breitner, SV- Kyle Angelow)

- Former Ranger Porter got knocked around by his former team, as the Twins dropped their first contest of the year.

Burlington 11 (WP- Ryan Colling, HR- Cal Coleman) @ Milton 10 (LP-Scott McTrach, HR- Matt Lahn (2), Kevin Greer)

- Lahn blasted two homeruns in his debut, and Greer hit his third homerun, but Milton's defence cost them the game.

Etobicoke 5 (LP- Andrew Perryman, HR- Ryan Panas) @ Niagara 10

Etobicoke 6 (WP- Kyle Breitner) @ Niagara 1

- The Rangers and Metros split the twin-bill.  Kyle Breitner has not allowed a run early in the season.

Brampton 3 (WP- Steve Hough) @ Burlington 1 (LP- Cam Ryerson)

Brampton 2 (LP- Zach Sloan) @ Burlington 6 (WP- Trevor Woodjetts, HR- Luke Posavad)




Newmarket 8 (LP- Victor Simon, HR- Mark Petrou) @ East York 9 (WP- Patrick Smith)

- Mike Clinton had a walk-off base hit for the Bulldogs.

East York 8 (WP- Bryan Pyper) @ Thornhill 5 (LP- Brian MacDonald, HR- Tyler Cattapan)

- The Bulldogs got it done in extras after squandering a late lead.

Bolton 8 (WP- Mike Blackwood) @ Martingrove 2 (LP- Mark Waldon, HR- Chris Andrews)

Bolton 11 (WP- Andrew White, HR- Cory Ramirez) @ Martingrove 0 (LP- Petros Ramlal)

East York 9 (WP- Jack Malone, SV- Aaron Kivi) @ Leaside 6 (LP- Scot Donnelly)

- The Leafs drop their first game of the year.

Martingrove 0 (LP- Adam Frydman) @ Leaside 8 (WP- Ryan Donnelly)

- The White Sox continue to get drilled in virtually every game they play.



Tecumseh 3 (LP- Brandon Lindquist) @ Windsor 6 (WP- Dane Little)

- The Stars get it done in extras on a walk-off homerun by Cam Goddard with two outs in the tenth.

WAA 7 @ Tecumseh 5 (LP- Eric Carducci, HR- Eric Cunningham)

- The A's continue their recent streak of good baseball, while the Thunder continue to struggle

Thunder Juniors 5 @ Windsor 3 (LP- Matt Rustulka)

- The Junior Thunder move to within half a game of the Stars with the win.

Tecumseh @ Troy

Tecumseh @ Troy

Selects @ Windsor


Week 4 Top Ten and Scores

June 9, 2014



       1.  Windsor Stars (2) (8-2)

    - For the first time this year, a team other than Mississauga SW takes claim of the number one spot, and who better for that than the perennial number one team.  Despite losing a lot of important players, this team keeps winning ballgames.  Pitching depth may be a concern for them, but they will likely find someone, and if they don't they will likely find a way with what they have.  What Ron Smith is doing with his club over the years should not be undermined.

    2. Etobicoke Rangers (4) (10-4)

        - The Rangers have had a tonne of trouble with the Mississauga SW Twins in the past, but they are 2-0 against them this year.  Despite being just regular season wins, make no doubt about it- they are important wins for the Rangers to prove to themselves they can beat last year's provincial champs.

    3. Mississauga SW Twins (1) (6-2)

     - The Twins are 0-2 against Etobicoke and 6-0 against everyone else, including two wins over the Niagara Metros.  There is no doubt that they will be in the mix all year long, and they will be a force in every tournament because of their ridiculously deep pitching staff.

     4. East York Bulldogs (5) (7-3)

    - They have exchanged blows with the Leaside Leafs early in the year and more than held their own.  They lost Dustin Lawson from last year's semi-final team, but replaced him with former Blue Jay draft pick Jerome Werniuk and former 9th round pick of the Diamondbacks Jeff Gibbs.  They have also added a couple of key position players, and they do not have any holes on this team.  Should be fun to see them develop.

    5. Thornhill Reds  (10) (4-2)

    - The Reds seem like they are starting to roll now.  If last season is any indication, this is going to be trouble for the opposition.  They put together two very lengthy win streaks in 2013, and seem poised for another one now.  Chadwick Cameron has established himself as the team ace.  The former NCAA division 1 closer turned starter is the real deal, and he has been since his OBJ days.

    6. Niagara Metros (3) (7-4)

    - The Metros have been inconsistent as of late, and need to find a way to bring it every night.  They have had a lot of disappointing runs on the big stage over the years, and can't afford to do that this year.  This team is young, but have a nice mix of veterans and they are good enough to win right now.  Whether they will is a whole different story.

    7. Leaside Leafs (6) (6-3)

    - It's hard to judge this team after they have reeled off three easy wins against Martingrove early on.  One thing is for certain though: 1 through 9, I seriously doubt there is a better offensive team than this group.  They have it all: power, speed and patience.  The big question that remains and will continue to remain is: do they have the pitching?  Jorge Frugoni is a "gamer" and he has been a horse for this team.  Outside of that there are far too many questions.  Will Chris Goodale and Josh Howsam get healthy?  Will Desmond Sullivan and Brandyn Agnew make a contribution at any point?  The answers to those questions will determine how this team does this year, because there aren't many other pitchers on the roster who can be counted on.

          8.  Strathroy Royals (8) (5-2)

    - Not many people know a lot about this team, even though they made the Nationals just two summers ago.  They are even better now than they were then.  The pitching on this team just might be the best staff in Ontario.  Tyler Annett, Matt Brennan, Matt Grasby, Craig Steadman, etc.  And now they have added lefty Robert Ramsdale from the Brantford Red Sox.  This team should be kicking around at the end once again.

    9. Pickering Red Sox (NR) (5-3)

    - The Markham Pioneers/Mariners were a team you could never count out.  With the move to Pickering and a new nick name, that shouldn't change.  They have lost some veterans like Shane Moore, Mark Petrou, Reg Sarne and Alex Bruce, but they have replaced them with key players like Steve Correia, Denis Hucal and Patrick Vecchiarelli.  Correia and Vecchiarelli were two of the best players nobody ever talked about, because they played for Martingrove.  

    10.   Ilderton Red Army (6-3) 

    - A good start to the season for a team who made the Nationals in 2010.  Since then, they have faded into obscurity, but the return of Jordan Townshend and emergence of John Ambrose gives the team two front of the end guys who are capable of stealing a couple of games.


Hitter of the Week: (tie) Andrew Kotulak and Zack Dickson, Oakville A’s

Kotulak destroyed COBA pitching in both games he played this week.  In his first game against Erindale, the third baseman had 4 hits, including a home run and 8 RBI!  He also scored 3 times and stole a base.  In his second game, against Etobicoke, he went 2 for 3 with an RBI, a walk, hit by pitch, 3 stolen bases and 3 runs scored. Overall, Kotulak enjoyed a 6/9 (.667) week, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 6 R, HBP, BB, and 4 SB.


Not to be outdone, his teammate Dickson played in 4 games, and also did similar damage.  Dickson started the week going 3 for 5 with an RBI, a walk, stolen base and 4 runs scored against Erindale.  In his second game, he went 4 for 5 with 3 doubles, a walk, stolen base and 4 more runs scored.  And to cap off the week, he went 4 for 8 with a double, 2 runs scored and 2 stolen bases in a double-header against Etobicoke.  Overall he went 11/18 (.611), 4 doubles, 1 RBI, 2 walks, 4 stolen bases and 10 runs scored.

Past winners:

Kevin Greer, Milton

Jonathan Paul, Niagara

Luke Lefler, Windsor


Pitcher of the Week: Andrew Hyde, Etobicoke Rangers

Hyde showed why he is one of the most dominant pitchers in Senior baseball this past week.  The big righty dominated the Mississauga SW Twins on Monday night for 8 innings.  He allowed just 3 hits with 1 run and struck out a league high 13 batters (to no walks).  Hyde also took the mound on Saturday in a blowout win over Oakville.  In that one he pitched a scoreless final inning, striking out 2 batters and walking 2.  Overall on the week, Hyde pitched 9 innings, allowed 3 hits, 2 walks, 1 run and 15 strikeouts.

Past winners:

Billy Hurley, Mississauga SW

Mike Morely, Erindale

Steve Teno, Windsor


Team of the Week: Etobicoke Rangers

The Rangers had a solid week, going 4-1 in COBA league action.  Their week started off with a momentous win against the Mississauga SW Twins.  It was the second time the Rangers beat the Twins in three days.  On Wednesday night, the Rangers ran into a tough Burlington team and were dealt an 8-4 loss.  That would be their only blemish as the Rangers finished off the weekend with an 11-1 over Brampton and then a 9-8 and 11-1 double header sweep of the Oakville A’s.

Past winners:

East York Bulldogs

Niagara Metros

Ilderton Red Army





Selects 6 @ Tecumseh 4 (LP- Kyle Trudell)

- 5 straight losses for the Thunder after opening the season with 4 straight wins.

Troy 5 @ WAA 2 (LP- Jeff Parker)

- Parker ran out of gas late in the game as Troy opened up a 2-2 game in the sixth.

WAA 0 (LP- Ryan Soulliere) @ Selects 2

- WAA managed to get no-hit in this one.

Troy 0 @ Windsor 3 (WP- Steve Teno, SV- Matt Rustulka)

- Cam Goddard was 3 for 3 with an RBI and Teno and Rustulka combine for 4 hits and no walks as the Stars keep chugging right along.

WAA 1 @ Thunder Juniors 2

Chicago 10 @ Windsor 11

WAA @ Troy

Tecumseh @ Sarnia

Tecumseh @ Sarnia



Etobicoke 6 (WP- Andrew Hyde) @ Mississauga SW 1 (LP- Billy Hurley)

- The Rangers blew open a 1-0 game in the 6th and beat the Twins for the second time in four days. Hyde had a spectacular game, pitching 8 innings, giving up just 3 hits and a run, while striking out 13 with no walks.

Erindale 12 (LP- Adam Forsey, HR- Chris Novia, John DeWolfe) @ Oakville 16 (WP- Julian Richards, SV- Curtis Braun, HR- Andrew Kotulak, Marc Walton)

- The A's win a see-saw slugfest, powered by the bats of Kotulak, Walton, Braun and Zack Dickson who combine for 13 hits.  Kotulak stole the show though with 4 hits, 3 runs and 8 RBI.

Milton 3 (WP- Justin Volpato, SV-Tyler Wilson) @ Niagara 0

- Volpato continues his strong start to the season, pitching 7 scoreless innings, scattering 4 hits and a walk.

Niagara 7 (LP- Paul McKenna) @ Mississauga SW 9 (WP- James Byrnes)

- Twins improve to 6-0 versus teams not named Etobicoke

Etobicoke 4 (LP- Kevin Breitner) @ Burlington 8 (WP- Chris Cooney, SV- Tim Sogan)

- Chris Cooney made his first start of the year and tossed 6 innings allowing an unearned run.  Sogan had 3 hits including a double and a triple, and came on to record the save.  Luke Posavad was 4 for 4 with a double.

Burlington 0 (LP-Andrew Page) @ Niagara 3 (WP- Daniel Veres, SV- Matt Watson)

- Veres was sensational in 7.1 shutout innings.  He gave up 5 hits and 3 walks and had 3 strikeouts.  Page allowed 1 unearned run in 5.1 innings, as this game was scoreless until the bottom of the 6th.  

Oakville 12 @ Brampton 12 (HR- Joe Ferreira)

- Zack Dickson continues his torrid pace with 4 hits including 3 doubles and 4 runs scored.  Julian Richards added 4 RBI.  Yannick Rickli had 3 hits for Brampton.

Brampton 1 @ Etobicoke 11 (WP- Andrew Perryman, HR- Brett Sanders, Kyle Clancy)

Erindale 6 (LP- Mark Taplin) @ Milton 9 (WP- Scott McTrach)

Erindale 3  (LP- Zach Laurin) @ Milton 7 (WP- Tyler Wilson, HR-Chris Pittaway)

- The Red Sox take two from the hard-hitting Cardinals.  Wilson held Erindale hitless through 5 innings, and walked 2 striking out 3.

Oakville 8 (LP- Andrew Kotulak) @ Etobicoke 9 (WP- Bryan Vardzel)

- Kyle Breitner's scoreless streak came to an end, and the Rangers came back to win game one.

Oakville 1 (LP- Alex Hawley) @ Etobicoke 11 (WP- Kyle Angelow)

- Stuart Fraser had 4 hits as the Rangers swept the twin-bill



Pickering 8 (WP- Patrick Vecchiarelli, HR- Kyle Smeelan) @ East York 3 (LP- Jake Gallo, HR- Bryan Piper)

- Smeelan hit a grand slam and drove in 6 of the 8 Pickering runs.

Pickering 4 (LP- Brad Binns) @ Newmarket 5 (WP- Ryan Fedrigo)

Leaside 5 (LP- Mark Blanchard) @ Pickering 6 (WP- Christian Chavez)

- The Red Sox trailed 5-1 going into the bottom of the 9th but stormed back to win in dramatic fashion.  Jesse Dynes had a walk-off 2 run single to seal the deal. 

Newmarket 3 (LP- Dave MacPherson) @ Thornhill 9 (WP- Chadwick Cameron, SV- Brad Crone, HR- Tyler Cattapan)

- Cattapan's second homerun and Cameron's second win paced the Reds in this one.

East York 15 (WP- Shawn Swartz, HR- Duncan MacLellan, Chambers Middlebrook, Kravice Batts) @ Martingrove 8 (LP- Petros Ramlal, HR- Chris Andrews)

- The Bulldogs win by a touchdown as MacLellan knocks in 6 runs.  Naser Malik had 5 hits in the loss.

Thornhill 15 (WP- Dave Anderson) @ Bolton 7 (LP- Matt Blacklaws)

- The Reds got the 2 point conversion to win this one in a blowout.

Newmarket 4 (LP- Brent Heaslip) @ Leaside 5 (WP- Brian Pressnail, SV- Andrew Morales, HR- Adam Morton)

- The Leafs rebound from a heart-breaking loss to improve to 6-2.

Martingrove 1 @ Pickering 6

Leaside 5 @ East York 6

Martingrove 0 (LP- Petros Ramlal) @ East York 13 (WP- Aaron Kivi, HR- Jeff Gibbs)



Lakeside 2 @ London 9

Lakeside 3 @ Exeter 13

Exeter 10 @ Ilderton 6

Exeter 2 @ Ilderton 10

*North London Bats 1 (LP- Brook Coatsworth, HR- Eric Home) @ Strathroy 14 (WP- Craig Steadman)




Week 5 Scores and Top 10

June 16, 2014


1.  Windsor Stars (2) (11-3)

- Went 2-1 this week, with the loss coming against Tecumseh.


2.  Etobicoke Rangers (2) (12-4)

- Went 2-0 this week outscoring Brampton and Mississauga SW 26-4.  They are knocking on the door for the number one spot.


3.  East York Bulldogs (4) (8-3)

- Beat Newmarket in their only game of the week.


4.  Thornhill Reds (5) (8-3)


-          Went 3-1 in Tillsonburg tournament, beating Pickering convincingly in the finals.  Also won their lone league game this week against Pickering.

5.  Mississauga SW Twins (3) (7-4)

- Gave up 36 runs in 3 games this week, and went 1-2.  Starting to slide slowly down the ranking.

6. Leaside Leafs (7) (8-3)

- Won both of their games this week against Bolton and Martingrove.


7. Niagara Metros (6) (7-4-1)

- Tied Milton 3-3 in only game this week.


8. Ilderton Red Army (10) (11-4)

-  Won the consolation finals at Tillsonburg, going 3-1 in the tournament, and also went 2-0 in league play.


9.  Pickering Red Sox (9) (8-5)

-  Lost to Thornhill in the finals of Tillsonburg, after going undefeated until the finals.

10. Tecumseh Thunder (NR) (8-6)

- Went 4-1 this week, including a win over Windsor.





Hitter of the Week: Mitch Delaney, Tecumseh

Delaney came over from the IBL and was expected to do big things for the Thunder.  This week he did just that.  He went 8 for 16, scored 6 runs, drove in 7 more, hit a homerun, walked once, and added 5 doubles.  Mitch helped lead the team to a 4-1 mark on the week.  The Thunder lost the lone game in which he didn’t start.  He is now hitting .357 with 2 homeruns and 17 RBI on the season.  Look for Delaney to continue to improve on those numbers.

Past winners: Andrew Kotulak/Zack Dickson (Oakville), Kevin Greer (Milton), Jonathan Paul (Niagara), Luke Lefler (Windsor).


Pitcher of the Week: Brandon Lindquist, Tecumseh

Lindquist dominated Sarnia with a 7 inning complete game shutout.  He allowed just 1 base hit and didn’t walk a batter, while striking out 9 men.  Lindquist is slowly establishing himself as one of the better pitchers in the province.  He has been serving mostly in a relief capacity with the Thunder but is proving that he is more than capable of handling starting assignments.  He currently leads the province with a miniscule 0.57 WHIP, and also leads with 11.00 K/BB (22/2) in his 17.2 innings pitched.  

Past winners: Andrew Hyde (Etobicoke), Billy Hurley (Mississauga SW), Mike Morely (Erindale), Steve Teno (Windsor).


Team of the Week: Thornhill Reds

The Reds started their week with a 6-2 win over Pickering in league play.  They headed into Tillsonburg on a roll, and as the favourites.  They didn’t disappoint, as they went 3-1 en route to capturing the tournament title.  They beat Ilderton 6-0, and then lost to Milton 10-4.  They headed into Sunday to take on a tough Burlington squad in the semi-finals and snuck away with a 6-5 win.  In the finals, they met up with league-mate Pickering, and blasted them 12-0 to win the tournament.

Past winners: Etobicoke Rangers, East York Bulldogs, Niagara Metros, Ilderton Red Army.



Tecumseh 19 (WP- Zack Breault, HR- Casey Power (2), Eric Cunningham) @ WAA 1

- Tecumseh snaps a 5 game losing streak as it takes WAA to the woodshed.  Casey Power hit 2 homeruns, after homering twice over the weekend against the Michigan Area Braves.

Sarnia 1 @ Tecumseh 10 (WP- Brandon Lindquist, HR- Mitch Delaney, Anthony Peticca)

- Lindquist was outstanding in 7 innings, allowing only a base hit with no walks and 9 strikeouts. Casey Power continued to swing a hot bat going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles. Delaney had 4 RBI with his homerun.

Windsor 10 (WP- Matt Rustulka, SV- Steve Teno, HR- Frank Jeney) @ WAA 6 (LP- Jeff Parker, HR- Jordan Ketterer)

- Jeney drove in 4 to remain on fire.  One of the few guys that didn't get taken from WAA (Ketterer) homered also.

Windsor 1 (LP- Dane Little) @ Tecumseh 4 (WP- Cody Seremack)

- The Thunder get a huge morale-boosting win.  Seremack is showing what he can do on a good team, tossing a complete game allowing just 1 run.

Selects 2 @ Tecumseh 1 (LP- Matt Stezycki)

Selects 1 @ Tecumseh 4 (WP- Eric Carducci, SV- Kyle Trudell)

Thunder Juniors 9 @ WAA 4

Windsor 6 (WP- Jason Lauzon) @ Sarnia 2



Burlington 3 (LP- Trevor Woodjetts, HR- Tim Sogan) @ Erindale 5 (WP- Dan Estey, SV- Andrew Mullin, HR- Chris Novia)

Mississauga 15 (WP- Kyle Porter, SV-Adam Banski, HR- Anthony Fantauzzi, Sean Bignall) @ Oakville 9 (LP- Dan McMullan, HR- Matt Bekar)

- The Twins battled back from 5-0 and 6-2 deficits to win convincingly.  They put together a huge 2-out 7 run rally in the 7th.  Fantauzzi had 4 hits and 3 RBI (HR and double), and Bignall had 3 hits and 4 RBI (HR and double).

Brampton 13 @ Mississauga 6

- The Royals power their way past the Twins, who are 2-3 in their last 5 all of a sudden.

Niagara 3 @ Milton 3

- The Metros went up 5-3 in the top of the ninth but the game was called because of rain, reverting the score back to the last completed inning.

Etobicoke 12 (WP- Andrew Perryman) @ Brampton 2

- Mark Capone and Damian Eccleton had 4 hits each as the Rangers destroy the Royals and continue to roll.

Mississauga 2 @ Etobicoke 14 (WP- Andrew Hyde)

- John Suomi had 4 hits and AJ Iafrate drove in 4 runs as the Rangers continue to completely dominate the Twins, who are now struggling.



East York 3 (WP- Mark Sikorski, HR- Jake Gallo) @ Newmarket 2 (LP- Dave MacPherson) 

- The Bulldogs improve to 8-3 and are on a roll.  Gallo shows his two way importance to the team.

Pickering 2 @ Thornhill 6 (WP- Eric Wakeman)

- The Reds have won 3 straight heading into Tillsonburg.

Leaside 3 @ Bolton 2

Newmarket 16 @ Martingrove 1

Martingrove 0 @ Leaside 16

- It was Leaside's turn to blast Martingrove again.



Ilderton 7 @ London 2

Ilderton 1 @ London 0

Lakeside 2 @ Strathroy 13 (WP- Tyler Annett, HR- Matt Brennan, Ron Oneson)

Exeter 19 @ Lakeside 3



Week 6 Scores and Top 10

June 23, 2014



1. Windsor Stars (1) (14-3)

Just about the only certain thing in Senior baseball is that the Windsor Stars will dominate.  They went 3-0 this week including a 1-0 win over Tecumseh.

2. Niagara Metros (7) (14-4-1)

They went 7-0 this week including a 6-0 performance at the Vaughan tournament.  They scored 11 or more runs in five of their seven games.

3. Etobicoke Rangers (2) (13-6)

They had some high hopes heading into Vaughan but came away as the biggest disappointment of the weekend.

4. Mississauga SW Twins (5) (8-4)

Their only real struggles this season have been against the Etobicoke Rangers.

5. Strathroy Royals (NR) (10-4)

Lost their only two games of the Vaughan tournament against Niagara.  Had impressive wins against Leaside, Burlington and Pickering.

6. East York Bulldogs (3) (10-5)

They went 2-1 in Vaughan but failed to advance because they gsve up too many runs.  They also lost their only league game.  

7. Thornhill Reds (4) (11-5)

Started 2-0 in Vaughan before losing their last two games while giving up 24 runs.  Pitching will continue to be a concern once they get deep into tournaments.

8. Pickering Red Sox (9) (11-8)

There is something about this team in tournaments.  They were one run away from making it to the Vaughan finals.

9. Ilderton Red Army (8) (11-4)

They didn't play but moved down a spot in the rankings.  They are probably a pitcher or two short of being a contender but for now they are playing well.

10. Leaside Leafs (6) (11-5)

They went 2-2 in Vaughan with their two wins against Vaughan and Burlington (a 17-15 slugfest).  Their 0-2 performance against Niagara and Strathroy is likely an indicator that they are not at the elite level.


Hitter of the Week: Ricky Ferri, Niagara Metros

 In game one this week, Ferri had 3 hits including his first career homerun and also drove in 3 runs.  In the Vaughan tournament, Ferri, who went into the weekend hitting .500, continued to tear up Senior pitching.  In game one against Leaside he had 2 hits and drove in 4 runs.  Against North London, he added a base hit and drove in 3 more runs.  Against Strathroy he had another RBI base hit.  In the quarter finals against Vaughan, he once again had an RBI single.  He stepped up big again in the semi finals, notching 3 hits and an RBI.  And in the finals, he managed to throw in another 3 hits and 2 RBI.


Ferri has flown under the radar but he has been a provincial all star over the last couple of years and is headed in that direction once again.  Overall for the week, he helped his team go 7-0 and capture a tournament title.  In the seven games he had 13 hits and drove in an incredible 15 runs.  Congratulations to Ricky Ferri on a solid week and season.


Pitcher of the Week: Justin Ayles, Niagara Metros

 Ayles accomplished something that is rarely done these days:  he pitched in three games over the course of two days, and registered wins in all three of those games. Ayles didn't see any action in the Metros' round robin games, but he came on in the playoff rounds to help them win the championship.  In his first game, he came on in relief to beat Vaughan by tossing 2.1 hitless innings.  Against Erindale, he came on in relief once again and pitched 1.1 scoreless innings to get another win.  And in the finals, he pitched 5 innings against Strathroy, allowing 2 runs.  Ayles needed this type of success as he had been struggling to start the season.  The Metros and Ayles both hope he can continue to be successful going forward, as there were high hopes for the righty heading into 2014.


Team of the Week: Niagara Metros

This was a no-brainer. The Metros dominated Ontario , going 7-0 and winning a tournament title in the process.  In their 7 games, they put up an incredible 77 runs.  This is the type of performance they are supposed to be putting together.  If they continue to do it, the rest of the province can be in big trouble.  As a result of their dominant week, the Metros jumped from 7th to 2nd in the weekly rankings. Congratulations to the Metros on winning "team of the Week" for the second time this season.




Tecumseh 0 (LP- Zack Breault) @ Windsor 1 (WP- Steve Teno)

- quite arguably the two best pitchers in Ontario combined to throw gems.  The Stars scored the games only run in the bottom of the 5th.  Teno went the distance and gave up 4 hits, while Breault also went the distance (6 innings) and gave up 2 hits.

Selects 8 @ WAA 7

Sarnia 4 @ Windsor 21

Sarnia 0 @ Windsor 10

Thunder Juniors 6 @ Tecumseh 1 (LP- Cody Seremack)



Brampton 7 (LP- Ryan Bauer) @ Erindale 11 (WP- Dan Nauth, HR- Chris Novia (2))

- Novia has found his power stroke.  He is clearly the new most feared slugger in the province.

Niagara 11 (WP- Justin Ayles, HR- Ricky Ferri) @ Oakville 1 (LP- Josh Spagnoletti)

- The Metros got themselves a big win heading into Vaughan this coming weekend.  The A's continue to struggle mightily.

Mississauga 13 (WP- Jordan Petruska, HR- Ed Largy, Jerome Smith) @ Milton 5 (LP- Scott McTrach)

- the Twins didn't take too kindly to dropping to fifth in the rankings and destroyed Milton.  The Red Sox may have been tired from their weekend tournament but they didn't show up for this one.  Jerome Smith blasted 4 hits, 6 RBI and a homerun.

Oakville 1 (LP- Andrew Kotulak) @ Milton 3 (WP- Ryan Wagler, SV- Ian Zettle)

- Jeremy McDonald and Matt Chisamore pitched exceptional ballgames and left it to the bullpens.  The Milton bullpen turned out to be better and gpt the win.



Newmarket 12 (WP- Victor Simon, HR- Victor Simon) @ East York 9 (LP- Jack Malone, HR- Harrison Carmichael)

- big win for the Hawks, as they need to start turning their season around.  Simon served double duty- getting a win and a homerun against one of his former teams.

Bolton 2 (LP- Nathan Drury) @ Thornhill 4 (WP- Brendan Horgan, SV- Mitchell Sutton)

- the Reds will be going into Vaughan having won 7 of their last 8.

Pickering 9 (LP- Ryan Harry) @ Leaside 13 (WP- Garrett Gilroy)

- the Leafs take over sole possession of first place in the league with a 13 run outburst.



Lakeside 3 @ London 6

- the Lizards' tough season continues as they fall to 3-7.  They will have a chance to make up for the loss as both teams meet up again later this week.

London 6 @ Lakeside 3

- Lakeside is slowly falling off the map after being swept in a home and home by a bad Bulls team.

Week 7 Scores and Top Ten

June 30, 2014


1. Windsor Stars (1) (17-3)

2. Niagara Metros (2) (16-5-1)

3. Etobicoke Rangers (3) (15-6)

4. Strathroy Royals (5) (13-4)

5. East York Bulldogs (6) (12-5)

6. Mississauga SW Twins (4) (8-5)

7. Thornhill Reds (7) (11-5)

8. Leaside Leafs (10) (12-5)

9. Milton Red Sox (NR) (9-9-1)

10. Ilderton Red Army (9) (11-5)



Windsor 11 (WP- Mike Czerwieniec) @ Selects 3

WAA 3 @ Thunder Juniors 4 

Tecumseh 10 (WP- Brandon Lindquist, HR- Casey Power (2)) @ Sarnia 0

- Power had his third multi-HR game of the season, in just 14 games.  It is also his 4th game of that kind in just 1 and a half seasons of senior ball.  Lindquist gave up 1 hit in 5 innings of work.

Windsor 4 (WP- Jason Lauzon) @ Troy 1

WAA 0 @ Troy 10

Troy 10 @ Tecumseh 9

Troy 9 @ Tecumseh 10

WAA 3 @ Sarnia 12

WAA 2 @ Sarnia 3



Mississauga SW 1 (LP- Billy Hurley) @ Niagara 10 (WP- Paul McKenna)

Milton 12 (WP- Tyler Wilson, HR- Jordan Windisch) @ Brampton 7 (LP- Mike Burke)

Burlington 0 @ Etobicoke 6 (WP- Kyle Breitner, SV-Andrew Hyde)

- The two Rangers pitchers combined to strike out 15 hitters in shutting out the Brants.

Brampton 4 @ Niagara 3

Brampton 1 @ Niagara 4

Etobicoke 12 @ Erindale 5



Martingrove 3 @ East York 18

Leaside 23 @ Martingrove 0

Newmarket 5 (WP- Alex Bruce, HR- Josh Caruso) @ Bolton 2 (LP- Zack Riddell)

East York 5 (WP- Bryan Pyper, SV- Myles Swartz) @ Pickering 3 (LP- Steve Horsley)



Lakeside 8 @ Ilderton 13

Exeter 12 @ Lakeside 2

Ilderton 6 @ Strathroy 13

Exeter 4 @ Strathroy 12

Exeter 1 @ Strathroy 9 


Hitter of the Week: Chris Mireault, Strathroy Royals

Mireault had a big weekend for the Strathroy Royals. In their first game against Ilderton, he had a triple and a base hit.  In both games of a double header against Exeter, the outfielder homered.  All in all, he had five hits in the three games, including two home runs and a triple.


Pitcher of the Week: Kyle Breitner, Etobicoke Rangers

After a couple of rough outings for his standards, the Rangers' young star got back on track, toying with the Burlington Brants.  Kyle pitched 6 shutout innings, allowing 4 hits and 2 walks, while striking out 10 batters.


Team of the Week: Strathroy Royals

The Royals didn't feel sorry for themselves after losing in the finals of the Vaughan tournament last weekend.  They went 3-0 in league play, taking an easy win from Ilderton, and then dominating Exeter in both games of a double header.


Week 8 Top Ten and Scores

July 7, 2014



1. Niagara Metros (2) (19-5-1)

- For the first time ever, the Metros are ranked number one.  They capped off their week with a 13-0 win against Burlington, and went 3-0 overall on the week.

2. Windsor Stars (1) (18-6)

- The Stars slipped up in London, but still have put together a great season,  They will have an opportunity to redeem themselves at the Hap in a couple of weeks.

3. Tecumseh Thunder (NR) (16-9)

- Their championship performance in London was no fluke.  They have a world of talent both offensively and on the mound.

4. Etobicoke Rangers (3) (17-7)

- The Rangers had a very good weekend, including a win over the Stars; but, a difficult tournament format did not reward them for their efforts.

5. Strathroy Royals (4) (15-4)

- They continue to win games.  It will be interesting to see how they do at the Hap.  Their results there will go a long way in ranking this team for the balance of the year.

6. East York Bulldogs (5) (15-6)

- Hard to drop this team a spot after they went 3-1 in London, but lots of teams had good weeks.  They really let one slip after squandering a 7-1 lead to Leaside in the quarter-finals.

7. Mississauga Southwest Twins (6) (11-7)

- They didn't really face a huge test in London, but they won their games in very convincing fashion before being 1-hit in the quarter-finals by Michigan.  They are still for real.

8. Leaside Leafs (10) (16-7)

- The addition of lefty Jordan Anderson proved to be key as the former UBC pitcher came on in relief to win against East York.  If Desmond Sullivan can make a contribution during Eliminations weekend, a glaring weakness is all of a sudden not a problem anymore.

9. Thornhill Reds (7) (12-5)

- They just seem like they are missing something, but they still continue to win.  They will be challenged with a tough draw at the Hap.

10. Milton Red Sox (9) (11-10-1)

- There is a big drop off from the top 9 teams to the remaining ones, but the Red Sox definitely deserve to be on this list after getting off to a slow start this year.


Hitter of the Week: Brett Sanders, Etobicoke Rangers.

Sanders had 3 multi-hit games in 3 games played this week.  The highlight was a 2 homerun, 5 RBI performance in a 5-4 win against Steve Teno and the Windsor Stars.

Pitcher of the Week: Mark Sikorski, East York Bulldogs

The hard-throwing righty put together the performance of the year up to this point, no-hitting the Ilderton Red Army at the Lakeside tournament.

Team of the Week: Tecumseh Thunder

- They have been very streaky this year.  They showed what they are capable of when they are on, by running the table at the Lakeside tournament.





Troy 3 @ Windsor 4 (WP- Steve Teno)

- Teno improved to 5-0 and Lazlo Horvath drove in al 4 Windsor runs.

Tecumseh 2 (LP- Kyle Trudell) @ Selects 3

- The Selects scored a single run in each of the 5th, 6th and 7th innings to steal one from Tecumseh.

Windsor 6 @ Thunder Juniors 14

- The Thunder Juniors inch one game closer to first place in a blowout win over the Stars.

Tecumseh 11 (WP- Rob Blunck, HR- Motch Delaney) @ WAA 0

- Blunck allowed just 1 hit in 5 innings, and Bill Gillen drove in 4 in the blowout.

WAA 0 @ Selects 10



Erindale 2 (LP- Zach Laurin) @ Niagara 7 (WP- Justin Ayles)

- Ayles got his 6th win, pitching 8 innings and allowing just a single run.  

Milton 9 @ Oakville 10 (WP- Dan McMullan, HR- Zack Dickson)

- Dickson had 3 hits, scored 3 runs and hit his first homer of the year.

Brampton 3 (WP- Joey Nonis, SV- Kevin Lagerquist) @ Mississauga 2 (LP- Adam Banski)

- Nonis tossed 7 good innings, as the Twins continue to struggle.

Burlington 5 @ Brampton 5

Oakville 5 (LP- Dan McMillan) @ Niagara 6 (WP- Daniel Veres)

- The Metros are finding different ways to win games, as they scored 2 in the 9th to tie then 1 in the 11th to win.

Niagara 13 (WP- AJ Clark, HR- Dave Davidson) @ Burlington 0



Martingrove 5 (LP- Mike Bannon) @ Newmarket 11 (WP- Matt Richard)

Martingrove 2 (LP- Tyler LeBlanc) @ Newmarket 13 (WP- Austin Jones)

- Will be shocking if Martingrove wins a game this year as they continue to get drilled every game.  They are 0-15 and have allowed double-digit runs in all but 3 games.

Pickering 4 (LP- Brad Binns, HR- Denis Hucal) @ Thornhill 5 (WP- Brendan Horgan)

- The Reds battled to score 2 in the bottom of the 9th then walked off for the win.

Newmarket 5 (LP- Alex Bruce) @ Leaside 6 (WP- Brian Pressnail)

- The Leafs were down 4-1 late but came back to beat the surging Hawks.

Pickering 10 (LP- Peter Nash) @ Bolton 11 (WP- Trent Barwick)

- The Red Sox let a 6-0 lead slip away as they have dropped five straight league games.



London 1 @ Ilderton 4 (WP- Jordan Townshend)

Strathroy 11 @ London 2

Strathroy 9 @ London 0

Week 9 Top Ten and Scores

     TOP TEN

     1. Niagara Metros (1) (21-5-1)

-          The Metros are officially in cruise control.  They beat Milton and Erindale by a combined 18-3 score and climbed to 16 games above .500.

     2. Tecumseh Thunder (3) (18-9)

      The Thunder are as dangerous as ever right now.  They won both of their games this week, and both just happened to be against the Stars in a double-header.

     3. Etobicoke Rangers (4) (21-7)

      The Rangers had a magnificent week.  They went 4-0 with wins against Burlington, Brampton and a double-header against Milton.  They sit just 1 game back of Niagara.

     4. Strathroy Royals (5) (19-4)

      The Royals have the best winning percentage in the province.  They had a 5-0 week, beating Exeter twice (by forfeit), Lakeside twice and London once.

     5. Windsor Stars (2) (20-9)

      This is the lowest I can remember ranking the Stars.  The gap has closed considerably between them and the rest of the province.  They went 2-3 this week.  I'm sure they will have their full assortment of pitchers on deck for the Elims, but for now this is where they rank.

     6. Mississauga SW Twins (7) (12-7)

        The Twins swept Burlington in their only two games this week.  Adding a player the caliber of Tim Black will help this team      immensely.

      7.   East York Bulldogs (6) (17-6)

      The Bulldogs didn’t have the best of weeks, going 2-2.  Adding JR Crosby to the roster is huge.

8. Thornhill Reds (9) (15-6)

The Reds went 3-1 on the week, including a double-header split with East York.  Kyle Moloney has caught fire in recent weeks.

9.  Leaside Leafs (8) (17-7)

 The Leafs made quick work of Bolton in their only game of the week.  Andrew Morales has been quietly consistent this season on the mound.

10. Pickering Red Sox (NR) (14-11)

The Red Sox have been in and out of the top 10 almost weekly. They had a very good week, beating East York and then sweeping a double-header with Newmarket.


HITTER OF THE WEEK: Kyle Moloney, Thornhill Reds

Moloney turned it up this week, hitting 7/16, 6 R, 2 2B, 2 HR, 9 RBI, 2 SB, 2 BB.  He helped the Reds to a 3-1 overall record and that improved them to an impressive 15-6 this season.  He is now hitting .364 with 4 HR, 24 RBI in his first season in Thornhill.

PITCHER OF THE WEEK: Daniel Veres, Niagara Metros

Veres struggled early in his start against the Erindale Cardinals, but he was able to settle in and give his offence a chance to do what they do.  Veres battled through 8 innings, giving up 7 hits, 3 walks and 4 strikeouts.  The numbers might not jump off the page, but Veres allowed just one runner to reach base after the 4th inning, and he did it against one of the most potent lineups in the province.  In addition to that, the effort was kind of symbolic.  After improving to 6-0 with the win, Veres has pretty much made it official that he is a reliable and consistent starter for the Metros, which does not bode well for everyone else.

TEAM OF THE WEEK: Etobicoke Rangers

The Rangers are on fire in COBA league action.  This week, they went 4-0 with wins against Milton twice, Burlington and Brampton.  They were missing a lot of key players against Milton, but still managed to sweep the double-header.



Windsor 2 (LP- Adam Myers) @ Selects 7

Windsor 5 (WP- Dane Little) @ Selects 0

Sarnia 3 @ Windsor 6 (WP- Steve Teno)

Windsor 2 @ Tecumseh 9

Windsor 1 @ Tecumseh 7



Burlington 8 (WP- Cam McKnight) @ Erindale 4 (LP- Dan Nauth, HR- Chris Novia)

Niagara 11 (WP- Geoff Strong, HR- Dave Davidson) @ Milton 2

Etobicoke 4 (WP- Andrew Hyde, SV- Bryan Vardzel, HR- Julian Johnson) @ Burlington 3

Erindale 1 @ Niagara 7 (WP- Daniel Veres)

Milton 10 (LP- Liam Tenant, HR- Kevin Greer, Steve Lauzon) @ Brampton 11

Brampton 2 @ Etobicoke 6 (WP- Kevin Breitner, HR- Brett Sanders)

Milton 1 (LP- Tyler Wilson) @ Etobicoke 2 (WP- Kyle Breitner)

Milton 4 (LP- Ian Zettle, HR- Liam Tenant, Matt Lahn) @ Etobicoke 5 (WP- Andrew Perryman, SV- Guido Monis)

Erindale 15 @ Brampton 13

Burlington 13 @ Oakville 4

Mississauga 3 @ Burlington 0 (LP- Chris Cooney) 

Mississauga 4 @ Burlington 2



Bolton 0 @ East York 10 (WP- Myles Swartz, HR- Shawn Leah)

Newmarket 5 (LP- Ryan Fedrigo, HR- Mark West) @ Thornhill 7 (WP- Dave Anderson)

Bolton 0 (LP- Mike Blackwood) @ Leaside 6 (WP- Andrew Morales, HR- Tyler Hughes)

Thornhill 12 (WP- Phil Owen) @ Martingrove 1 (LP- Petros Ramlal)

East York 1 (LP- Aaron Kivi) @ Pickering 4 (WP- Patrick Vecchiarelli, SV- Ryan Harry)

Newmarket 5 (LP- Dave MacPherson) @ Pickering 8 (WP- Brad Binns, SV- Peter Nash)

Newmarket 1 (LP- Victor Simon) @ Pickering 2 (WP- Mark Cheeseman)

Thornhill 16 (WP- Dave Anderson, HR- Kyle Moloney (2)) @ East York 4 (LP- Bryan Pyper)

Thornhill 6 (LP- Brendan Horgan) @ East York 11 (WP- Jeff Gibbs, HR- Jack Malone)



Strathroy 4 (WP- Tyler Annett, SV- Ryan Zimmer) @ London 2

London 3 @ Ilderton 10

Strathroy 4 @ Lakeside 3

Strathroy 7 @ Exeter 0

Strathroy 7 @ Exeter 0

Lakeside 1 @ Strathroy 4


Week 11 Scores and Elims Rankings


The Best

1. Tecumseh Thunder (24-9)

- The Thunder had a 5 game losing streak early in the season.  Outside of that streak, they went 24-4 in the rest of their games.  That record included a perfect record at the Lakeside tournament, and a perfect record in the Can-Am league playoffs.

2. Etobicoke Rangers (26-7)

- The Rangers turned it up in the second half of the season and will head into the Elims with 14 game winning streak in their league, and a COBA regular season championship.

3. Niagara Metros (25-7-1)

- The Metros had the Rangers hot on their heels for best overall record in the league and were unable to hold them off.  The blew an 8-1 lead to Etobicoke on Friday.  They have still been one of the top two or three teams all season long, and a case can definitely be made for them to be number 1.

4. Strathroy Royals (23-5)

- The Royals possess the best overall record in the province.  They are 18-2 in their league after starting the season with 2 losses.  They have also had some success outside of their league.

5. Thornhill Reds (20-9)

- The Reds have the third best record in their league (trailing by 1 game), but they have arguably been the best team in their league, posting a few quality wins this year both in and out of their league.

6. Windsor Stars (24-12)

- The Stars went 2 and out in their league playoffs, but if there is any team that can just turn it on when it needs to, this is the team.

7. Leaside Leafs (21-8)

- The Leafs are first in the GTBL both in league play and overall.  They have a very deep lineup that can score in bunches.

8. East York Bulldogs (20-8)

- The Bulldogs have put together a good season, but they probably feel like they can be better.  They have a lot of weapons at their disposal come Elims weekend.

9. Mississauga Twins (17-10)

- The Twins are obviously better than their record indicates.  They are the defending champs and they have as good a chance as any team to win it all.

Next Best

10. Pickering Red Sox (18-14)

11. Burlington Brants (13-17-1)

12. Erindale Cardinals (15-20)

13. Milton Red Sox (14-17-1)

14. Brampton Royals (12-17-2)

15. Ilderton Red Army (15-13)

16. Newmarket Hawks (11-14-1)

The Rest

17. Oakville A's (5-19-1)

18. Bolton Brewers

19. Vaughan Vikings

20. Sarnia Braves (7-21)

21. Windsor A's (3-29)

22. Lakeside Lizards (3-21)

23. Martingrove White Sox (2-24)









WAA 3 @ Troy 7

WAA 0 @ Windsor 12 (WP- Dane Little)

Tecumseh 10 @ Thunder Juniors 9


Selects 4 vs. Windsor 2 (LP- Steve Teno)

Tecumseh 11 (WP- Mitch Kramer) vs. Thunder Juniors 3

Selects 0 vs. Tecumseh 10 (WP- Zack Breault*6 inning perfect game*)

Windsor 3 (LP- Jason Lauzon) vs. Thunder Juniors 4

Selects 2 vs. Thunder Juniors 8

Tecumseh 7 vs. Thunder Juniors 1



Brampton 13 @ Erindale 6 (LP- Dan Estey. HR- Chris Novia)

- Novia has homered in an incredible 5 straight games and has 7 HR in his last 7 games.

Etobicoke 8 (WP- Gary Rose, SV- Bryan Vardzel, HR- AJ Iafrate) @ Oakville 6

Milton 7 (WP- Justin Volpato, HR- Matt Lahn, Chris Pittaway) @ Mississauga 3 (LP- James Byrnes)

Erindale 4 @ Burlington 14

Etobicoke 8 (WP- Andrew Hyde) @ Milton 0 (LP- Jeremy McDonald)

Burlington 6 @ Niagara 5

Mississauga SW 12 @ Brampton 5

Niagara 9 (LP- Justin Ayles) @ Etobicoke 11 (WP- Matt Cambria)

Burlington 4 (LP- Atsushi Urata, HR- Rob Spiak) @ Milton 14 (WP- Ian Zettle, HR- Craig Howse) 

Burlington 6 (LP- Ryan Colling) @ Milton 9 (WP- Tyler Wilson)

Oakville 2 @ Erindale 3

Oakville 5 @ Erindale 6

Mississauga SW 12 @ Erindale 2



Martingrove 3 @ East York 12

Thornhill 2 (LP- Brendan Horgan) @ Newmarket 4 (WP- Dave MacPherson)

Leaside 0 (LP- Jorge Frugoni) @ Thornhill 2 (WP- Brad Crone, SV- Phil Owen)

Thornhill 1 (LP- Chadwick Cameron) @ Leaside 11 (WP- Andrew Morales)

Newmarket 3 (LP- Ryan Fedrigo) @ Martingrove 13 (WP- Adam Frydman)

East York 6 (WP-Patrick Smith) @ Bolton 5 (LP- Mike Blackwood) 

Leaside 5 (WP- Ryan Donnelly) @ Pickering 1 (LP- Mark Cheeseman)

Pickering 10 @ Martingrove 0

Pickering 17 @ Martingrove 3



Exeter 13 @ Ilderton 1

Ilderton 6 @ Exeter 7

Strathroy 9 @ Lakeside 1