MARCH Newsletter

1} During the school year being in the advanced PE class
2} During the summer 100% attendance in our summer program
3} In the fall playing football.
4} In the winter playing basketball or participating in the morning weight lifting program.
5} In the spring participating in a spring sport.
On the left is their power ranking, it's the total of their best 3 lifts {bench, squat & clean} from December & March
On the right is their speed ranking, it's the total of their best 40, backward 30 & T test from December & March
  power     speed  
1 1030 walker 1 13.59 stuckwisch
2 980 tiemeyer 2 13.61 thompson
3 945 gray 3 13.79 bollinger
4 915 striegel 4 13.91 borden
5 900 branaman 5 13.97 walker
6 885 lucas 6 14.06 wilson
7 880 ream 7 14.11 kinsler
8 870 Justice 8 14.12 bell
9 855 darlage 9 14.18 branaman
10 835 murphy 10 14.23 hines
11 830 huber 11 14.32 bundy
12 825 bell 12 14.41 brown
12 825 shelton 13 14.59 neal
14 815 prewitt 13 14.64 j. steinkamp
15 800 hines 15 14.71 huber
16 790 bollinger 16 14.77 simler
17 765 cope 17 14.78 howard
18 760 wynn 18 14.83 rose
19 745 j. steinkamp 18 14.83 fleetwood
20 735 henderson 20 14.89 shelton
20 735 buckles 21 14.99 tiemeyer
20 735 overshiner 21 14.99 overshiner
20 735 borden 23 15.05 weddle
24 725 wilson 24 15.12 cope
25 715 kinsler 25 15.15 griffith
26 700 thompson 26 15.21 blann
26 700 stuckwisch 27 15.26 robbins
28 690 fleetwood 28 15.28 brewer
28 690 n. steinkamp 29 15.43 prewitt
30 685 mckain 30 15.55 clodfelder
31 680 brewer 30 15.55 lucas
32 675 neal 32 15.63 n. steinkamp
32 675 canary 33 15.66 murphy
34 670 brown 34 15.73 canary
34 670 simler 35 15.93 ream
36 660 griffith 36 16.11 Justice
37 600 rose 37 16.12 buckles
38 590 bundy 38 16.33 striegel
39 585 kellogg 39 16.41 darlage
40 580 gross 40 16.52 sevakis
41 570 howard 41 16.64 gray
42 565 spicer 42 16.68 spicer
43 550 weddle 43 17.53 mckain
44 530 neeley 44 17.83 gross
45 525 blann 45 17.84 kellogg
46 500 clodfelder 46 18.01 wynn
46 500 nolan 47 18.14 neeley
48 485 robbins 48 18.59 henderson
49 465 sevakis 49 19.99 nolan

Power Cleans

Jacob Blann, Caden Clodfelder, Justin Howard & Nathan Neeley
Leighton Rose, Nathan Steinkamp & Layden Canary
Eli Brown, Hayden Kinsler, Camden Wynn & Aden Simler

225 lb
Seth Borden, Logan Overshiner, Lucas Hines & Jayden Steinkamp 
250 lb
Luke Shelton, Sam Huber & Treyton Ream
Jalen Tiemeyer
 Parallel Squat

Aden Simler
310 lb
Jake Cope, Lucas Hines & Jayden Steinkamp
360 lb
Treyton Ream
Dustin Justice
450 lb
Joseph Striegel & Braeden Walker

Bench Press

180 lb
Hayden Kinsler & Lucas Hines

240 lb
Luke Shelton, Jake Gray & Treyton Ream
270 lb
Robbie Branaman & Jalen Tiemeyer
300 lb
Lane Lucas & Derrick Prewitt
350 lb

POWER club

Leighton Rose
Seth Borden, Hayden Kinsler, Logan Overshiner, Derek Thompson & Jalen Steinkamp
800 lb
Lucas Hines

900 lb
Robbie Branaman
Braeden Walker

The weight program will be on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for all male athletes grades 10-12 from 7:45-9:00.
The summer open field program will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:20- 11:20
All incoming 8th & 9th grade male athletes will go from 11:00-12:00 on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
There will be no weights on  Monday June 25th and Wednesday June 26th


7:45- 9:00 Weight Program
9:05- 9:20 Pick up weights & dress
9:20-11:20 Football open field


1} Our middle school weight lifting program is for the fall of 2018, 8th & 9th grade boys.

2} They will have weight lifting from 11:00-12:00 on the Monday- Wednesday & Thursday



Hanover College Team Camp June 25th- 27th
Bishop Dullaghan Middle School Camp 
7 on 7's 
July 14th, Saturday at West Washington
July 21st, Saturday at BCHS {Lineman Challenge}????

CAMP WEEK - July 16th- 20th
56er Camp- 4:30- 6:30
MS camp- 5:00- 7:00
9th camp- 6:00- 7:30
High School players- you will be assigned a camp to help at during the PM camps. 
Monday am- normal am workout & practice 
Tuesday am- nothing
Wednesday am- normal am workout & practice
Thursday am- normal am workout
Thursday- 7:00pm Player organizational meeting 
Friday - 4:00pm Superstars competition, 56er PPK & MS scrimmage
Saturday- Dancing with the Stars- Fund raiser
First day for practice is Monday July 30th
Moratorium week June 30th -July 8th
Week before we start- Fair Week- July 22nd- July 29th
ATTENDANCE {only for 10-12th grade football players}

There will be 20 workout opportunities over the summer. Attendance in our summer program is voluntary. How successful we will be in 2018 will depend on your mental and physical preparation over the summer months. By attending our summer program it will demonstrate your dedication and desire to be the best you can be. To be in our best possible condition for the start of our season we will run one mile after practice. By choosing to participate in our summer conditioning program you will be in shape which will reduce the risk of injuries. Because of your summer dedication you will be awarded accordingly.

100% summer participation- no mile after practice.
95% summer participation- mile after 3 practices.
90% summer participation- mile after 6 practices.
85% summer participation- mile after 9 practices.
80% summer participation- mile after 12 practices.
75% summer participation- mile after 15 practices.
70% summer participation- mile after 18 practices.

This format will continue in the same manner all the way to 0% summer participation.



Make up days for absences will be on Wednesday's from 11:00-12:30.

With this summer schedule you will have ample hours to work {see below}. If there is a problem with your
work schedule and you would like for me to call your employer I would be more than happy to do so. We
have a lot of football fans in this community and I'm sure they would be willing to work something out.

Mondays- 12:00- till 3                 Tuesday-all day                         Wednesday-12:00- rest of day       
Thursday- 12:00- rest of day       Friday- all day                           Saturday- all day {except on 7 on 7 days}

If you need to take a summer school class you can come in and lift from 7:00-7:45. Go to class. After school
the weight room will be open so you can get your lifting in and finish your running.

SUPERSTARS COMPETITION -Friday July 20th Public invited

The Superstar competition is based on 7 events: Bench Press, Parallel Squat, Power Clean, 40 yard dash, backward 30, T test & total sales. We will rank everyone from the best to the worst in all 7 events. Than add up each individual’s score in all 7 events, the person with the lowest score will win the competition.

1st prize- Trophy, black game jersey and white game jersey {will receive after the season}
2nd prize- Trophy and black game jersey {will receive after the season}
3rd prize- Trophy
The football team will be tested in the 6 events.
The team will dress and eat while the cheerleaders will perform
The team and cheerleaders will introduce themselves to the public.
Coach May will talk and announce the Superstar winners and the Senior Pride Champions

SENIOR PRIDE CHAMPIONS { will award the champions on the night of the superstar competition}

The Seniors will draft the team on to 5 separate teams who will compete throughout the summer. We will use the same 7 events as the superstar competition. We add up each team members total score and divide it by the number of team members, the team with the lowest average score is the Senior Pride champion. {Summer attendance will break any ties} The winning team receives a T shirt, plaque, minature football, picture in the program and does not have to run 40’s after the 1st two practices on the Monday & Tuesday

You can earn a total of 6 credits for strength training and it will count toward athletic eligibility. Freshman can take advanced PE once they have completed their freshman PE requirements. I would like for all incoming football players to follow the following scheldule in regards to our advanced PE class. The first & second trimester of your freshman year, you will lift {with parental approval} during your study hall, the third trimester enroll in our advanced weight training class. Your sophomore year take the weight training course all 3 trimesters. During your junior year take weights the first and third trimester and lift during your study hall the second trimester. That will give you a total of 6 credits. During your senior year you will lift during your study hall.

QUESTION: What does it mean to be a leader???

Lead means to excel and be out front at all times. Be first in every drill. Run every sprint hard. Always listen when the coach is talking. Don’t glare at the coach and act like you know it all when you are being corrected.

Eleven men is what it takes to be a successful football team on every down. It takes every member of the team during practices to be successful. Remember you are only a fraction of this team’s success or failure and YOU MAY BE REPLACED.

Attitude is the key ingredient in every team. If the attitude of the upperclassmen is good, everyone will follow. It is most important to have a good attitude about practice.

Dedication is extremely important to the success of this team. You get back what you put into any endeavor you undertake. Dedicate yourself to a successful season.

Examples are important in athletics. Leaders are great examples on the field, in the classroom, in the hallways, and in every situation that they are put into.

Respect your coaches and your teammates. As coaches, we will respect you until you lie to us or cheat on us. Your teammates deserve respect and your help when needed.

Show your teammates how to practice hard, how to play hard, and how to win. Leaders do not have to be holler guys - show teammates the proper way.

Hustle at all times on every play and in every drill. You can not just turn on the hustle on Friday nights when you are accustomed to loafing during practices.

Instill pride in Brownstown Central Football. Never put a T-shirt or jersey with a B.C.H.S. Football logo on without feeling proud about belonging to an outstanding group. Leave the other adornments (i.e. earrings, bandanas) off when you put your jersey on in preparation for practice or game day. This, I believe, is another form of self-discipline.

Positive thinking is often underrated. You have got to believe in yourself and your teammates. I do not believe that we have any reason to go into any game this season thinking that we can not win.

                                                                        Yours in Football
                                                                                                                           Reed May