Coach Ells Kissinger

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Our First Coach

Eastern's First Varsity Head Coach - Ellsworth Kissinger

Ellsworth Kissinger Coaching Philosophy


From a speech given to members of our community.


Click HERE for the speech.

Coach Ellsworth Kissinger Tribute Night

Coach Kissinger

Coach Kissinger Tribute Poem

Click HERE for Vic Knorr's Poem

When Coach Kissinger first left the football program the parents and boosters hosted an event for him.
Among a "This Is York Life" skit performed by his players a poem was written and read by the late Vic Knorr, an ardent supporter of the Eastern York football program.

Everybody's All-American


Coach Kissinger played for USC. Here he is in action (No. 15) against legendary ND and future Packers RB Paul Hornung (with ball).