Player Information

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T-ball & Baseball

Players receive a jersey & hat

Players are required to provide grey baseball pants


Players receive a jersey & socks (8U receiving a visor)

10U+ Players purchase matching pants through the league which can be purchased at registration (this cost is in addition to the registration fees)

8U- Coach will determine what the team will wear for pants/ shorts


Each player will need a glove and cleats (cleats are optional for t-ball players)

LBFY highly recommends all softball players wear face masks and all male baseball players wear a protective cup.  The protective cup is a requirement of all catchers in Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth games.  It is strongly urged that any player in the pitcher & catcher positions wear a heart guard especially in the older age groups as the ball comes off the bat with more force.

Many people purchase extra equipment for their children including batting helmets, bats, batting gloves and gear bags among other accessories.  These purchases are completely up to the parent/ guardian.