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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's included in registration fee?

A. Registration fee includes personalized custom game uniform, practice jersey, rental of helmet and shoulder pads.

Q. Is this tackle or flag football?

A. We are a Tackle football organization. We do not offer flag football at the moment.

Q. Are there additional items needed to participate?

A . Yes, each participant will need to supply athletic cup/supporter, practice pants and football cleats. One mouth piece will be provided but it's recommend to purchase an additional one as backup. Must have colored strap, not clear. MD state ID card.

Q. When does season start?

A. Most coaches will start having conditioning practices in early July. Typically practices are 5 days a week beginning in August. Football is a detailed sport with a lot to learn and discuss. We encourage family vacations be taken prior to practices beginning. Practice cuts back to 6 hours per week once kids go back to school. 

Q. How do I volunteer?

A. We are always looking for volunteers. Contact Shawn Fisher @ 443-932-9588

Q. Is there travel involved?

A. Yes, this is  travel football. Most trips are within 45 minute drive.

Q. Do you offer multi child discounts?

A. At this time we do not offer multi child discounts, we give each participant an opportunity to recoup their entire registration fee via raffle tickets.  PLAY FOR FREE*