East End United 5v5 Academy

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Why 5v5?


5v5 is fast becoming the universal model promoted by the scholars of Europe. It’s the game played by all of Brazil until the age of 14. And it is the national youth developmental model of Holland—in the 4v4 minus goalie format. Last year, our own US Soccer Federation mandated the 5v5 format for their National Academy program, the highest level in US youth soccer. Simply put the 5v5 model is a proven player developmental model which has been in use for decades.


What is the Academy?

The North Fork United 3v3 Academy was formed in 2001 in conjunction with the formation of the East End Soccer Academy to allow small groups of Academy players to play in small sided tournaments. In 2014 the 3v3 Academy refocused and changed to the 5v5 Academy. Today the 5v5 Academy still functions in the same capacity and our teams compete in small sided training as well as small sided tournaments and leagues throughout the year.



Friday Night Futbolinho

Futbolinho is the North Fork United 5v5 Academy player development program offered and hosted by Mattituck Soccer Club. This program is run by professional staff and is designed to develop the core futbol skills while adding an exciting and explosive element to the players attacking attitude. These sessions focus on basic and advanced soccer fundamentals and principals while mastering essential 1v1 skills. Our sessions generally have a specific theme where players concentrate on a specific technique through repetition within a controlled environment and then advance that technique into a small sided game with conditions. This promotes a sound understanding of the why and how following the basic principals of the game.

The 2nd half of the session is free play or conditioned small sided games ranging from 3v3 to 5v5 with goalies. Many times our training and games are conducted at a high tempo to samba music promoting the player to become less mechanical and more fluid in their movements.

Futbolinho is an intense session designed for the advanced level soccer athlete. Our sessions are offered throughout the year with a winter, spring, summer and fall sessions. Players must be currently registered in a USSF approved organization in order to participate.

This is a soccer experience/education like no other!

Program Overview:
The Futbolinho program has been modeled after the highly successful RDS Futbolinho program which is a tryout based training program for advanced level players.

Futbolinho Program Structure

  • The program operates for several weeks, one night per week, each session is 2 hours in length.
  • The program is for players aged U12-U18.
Futbolinho Training Focus
  • Futbolinho is a fast-paced, small-sided, indoor training tool.
  • We also play this outdoor in a controlled environment.
  • The program sometimes uses a size 2 low rebound soccer balls which ensures that each player spends maximum contact time on the ball, therefore improving their confidence and composure while in possession.
  • Emphasis is placed on individual ball skills to develop confident and dynamic attacking soccer players.
  • The hard wood floor, enclosed walls, and continuous playing time all lead to a fast-paced game that improves a player’s reactions, stamina and speed of play. The unrivaled ball contact time, and ultra small-sided games also mean that players are always involved in the play.
  • When played outdoor, emphasis is placed on the Tiki Taka style of play with fast ball movement, constant interchange of positions and very dynamic, explosive attacking scenarios.
  • Rapid transitional play.
  • Small sided games range from 3v3 up to 5v5 with keepers.
  • Focus on attacking out of a diamond formation framing the goal and quick accurate combination play in the attacking 3rd.





Benefits of playing 5-A-Side

5v5 is a proven training technique which develops every aspect of the game in both technical and tactical approaches.

Develops players technical ability while promoting maximum touches

    • Players are always involved in the play, no place to hide
    • Triangular support is in constant motion
    • Promotes every aspect of the larger game
    • Helps understanding of time and spacial awareness both on and off the ball
    • Field vision
    • Promotes 2 and 3 man combination play for more explosive and dynamic attacking
    • Helps understanding of the basic soccer fundaments which are involved in every play
    • Accepted worldwide as the most effective game for developing youth players. The national youth game of Brazil which is credited with creating the highest number of International superstars from one country.
    • Fast becoming the format of choice in many US states, now mandated into the national academy program by Jurgen Klinnsman and the US Soccer Federation.
    • Provides over 300% more touches, shots, passing combinations, and one on one confrontations compared to 8V8 format.
    • Allows for better tactical development. Fewer players on the field allows players to track teammates and opponents, allowing for better awareness of time and space.







 Academy Tournaments



Aug. 2 3v3 Live Tour at Hofstra sponsored by NY Cosmos

Aug. 9-10 Kick-it 3v3 Northeast Super Regional, York Pa.

Aug. 16  Dutch Total Soccer 3v3, Somerset NJ

Dec. 13-14 USA 3v3 Nationals

Jan. 18-20 3v3 World Championship at Disney Wide World of Sports Complex, Fl.






2014 3v3 Live Tour Long Island


Some of our champs swarmed by the Cosmos Girls