Team Hitting Program


Every athlete that walks through our doors will have different strengths and weaknesses, body types, goals, backgrounds, and psyche.  To be truly effective, we must be able to understand and assess those differences.  We have created program that enhance the potential of your teams players.  With an array of innovative techniques that will be tailored to the training session of your team. This creates focused instruction to solidify proper mechanics.  This approach is known as the ASA TRAINING CYCLE; assessment, training, evaluation, and adjustment.


We want to ensure that each athlete receives the most detailed, effective, and appropriate instruction in mechanics.  No single approach can work for everyone.  Our challenge (and what keeps us energized) is seeing each individual clearly and teaching them in a way that works for them.


During each of the sessions the instructor will introduce new drills, for the benefit of both the players and the coaches.  The drills will be introduced based on the need of the team as a whole.  Each session will also include individual drills specific to the player’s needs.


Team Hitting Program Session


1.     Introductions and goals for the team, skull session discussing what happened the previous weeks at live games.


2.     Teams will be divided into two cages begin warm-up drills, soft toss, front toss, light swings, wide stance swings, etc.



3.     Drills will be tailored for your team and their needs.  Drills will help every player with their swing.


4.     The instructor will then let each player know what specific drills they will work on for the week to improve performance.


5.     To finish you team will spend time with free swings or team competition using the Pro batter machine.  Using the techniques incorporated throughout the program.


 6.     At the end of the 6 week program each child will receive an evaluation based on activities during program.





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$100 Per Player for 6 weeks of Training



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