A few words from your Team Mom Kristin Kfox

We may not have walked off the field with the state saying we were number one but those boys are #1. They had an incredible season.

They beat an undefeated team.

They made a team who thought this was going to be no problem and who mercy ruled us work damn hard for their score and surprised and upset them.

Don't hang your heads in defeat. Hold your heads up high because you all made this possible. Your hard work, your perserverance, your effort, your will to win was brought to this game and left out on the field.

Out of 15 teams, YOU were #4. #4 DO YOU EVEN REALIZE HOW HUGE THAT IS? That was all you 9U GSE! YOU all did that! Not anyone else YOU. That's something to be proud of.

So don't you dare hang your heads, don't you dare dwell on what could have been done differently. You use this to fuel your soul with a desire to win. To make sure the next time you hit that field it will be with more passion and fire than anyone has ever seen.

What an incredible football family we have. Coaches, thank you for taking the time to get to know each and everyone one of these boys and motivating them with what worked for them as an individual. Parents, you're commitment to be a part of this team, win, lose or draw has made this season even more fantastic. Without you, we couldn't do what we love to do.  Thank you each and every one of you



GSE Youth Football Recap:  Week 8, October 16, 2016

 The Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles 9U won easily over Plymouth Huskies, 33-0.  Plymouth starts the game off receiving the kickoff.  A tough hit by Noah knocks the ball loose and recovered by Owen.  Carter hands the ball off to Mason darts in and out of traffic for a 40 yard gain.  Owens runs next and gains 10 yards for another first down.  Noah gets the handoff and gains 5 yards and then 5 yards again when he is tackled not before reaching the end zone for a TD.  EP no good by Cam.  The Huskies receive the kickoff and Noah with another big hit and recovers the fumble.  The Eagles are unable to convert for any point and turn the ball over on downs.  Noah gets his 2nd fumble of the game.  Cater hands off to Mason and he runs for a 40 yard TD.  Nathan tries for the EP, but doesn’t get into the end zone.  The Huskies keep coming up empty handed.  The Eagles get the ball back and Carter pitches the ball to Mason and Mason throws to Max.  Max catches the pass and gains 30 yards.  BEAUTIFUL!  Carter then passes to Mason for another LeClerc TD.  EP by Noah is good.  The Huskies have a great play only to be called back to the 30 yard line and then losing the ball on a fumble.  A couple short gains by Carter and Noah, sets up a 35 yard TD run by Mason.  EP by Owen is good.  Plymouth has one more chance to reach the end zone and they are shut down by the Eagles defense.  We end the first half with a 15 yard catch by Jackson.

The Eagles start off the second half with Max on a 25 yard gain, Sebas with 6 yards, Nathan with 9 yards, only to lose the ball on a fumble.  The Huskies are trying anything to get down the field and fumble the ball.  Mason picks it up and runs it back for his 4th TD run on the day.  EP is good by Carter.  Plymouth struggling, but make it down to our 5 yard line.  The Eagles defense is again unstoppable and held them to 0.

Play offs begin for the 9U on Wednesday at Derry at 6.00pm where they will face Windham.  The Eagles are definitely looking to settle the score from their previous meeting.  Come and cheer those boys on, they have had a great season.  They end the regular season with a 6-2 record.  Way to go boys!

 Game Ball goes to Josh Clancy #51



GSE Youth Football Recap:  Week 7, October 9, 2016

 The Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles 9U won a very hard fought game to an undefeated Pelham, 6-0.  It was a game of whose defense would break first.  The Eagles second possession, Mason, Noah, Carter and Owen gain some yards running; only to be stopped once again by the Razorbacks.  Pelham hands the ball off and a hard tackle by Charlie creates a fumble; Noah recovers it.  This play would set up for a 38 yard TD run by Mason.  The extra point by Mason is denied. Pelham has the ball right before half time.  Charlie, Nathan, Mason and Brodie all have some wicked hard tackles this quarter and a dropped pass in the end zone, would leave Pelham empty handed.

The Eagles come out to receive the ball after half time.  With another good run from Mason of 30 yards, they are left unable to score.  The Razorbacks get the ball back in the 3rd.  Nathan comes up with a hard tackle for a loss of 4 yards.  Next play, another huge tackle coming from Brodie and Noah, leaving Pelham discouraged.  Little by little, the Eagles are pressing forward.  Carter has a 5 yard run.  Noah has a 5 yard run.  Then Noah finds room and gains 25 yards.  It’s now 4th and 15, Noah trudges forward to gain 18.  A couple losses on the play, we had the ball over to Pelham for one more chance at offense.  The QB backs up to throw; it is broken up by Mason.  On the last play of the game, the QB who has been a threat all game, runs left and then right escaping all tackles before he is finally brought down by the Eagles.  Eagles 9U wins with a 6-0 score!  What an exciting game!  The boys have now secured a spot in the playoffs with a 5-2 record.  Our last home game is against Plymouth at home, 10.16.2016.

 Game Ball goes to Sebas Otero #98


GSE Youth Football Recap:  Week 6, October 2, 2016

 The Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles 9U adorned pink kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, beating the Knights 26-7.  The Knights start the game off with a 40 yard run only to get called back for a holding penalty. The D-Line is ready and they are not allowing the Knights through.  Brodie, Mason, Charlie and Max all tackling at the line.  The Eagles get the ball on downs.  Mason gets the Eagles 5.  Noah gets 10 for an Eagles first down.  Mason gains another 7, Noah with another 10.  Mason runs it in for a TD.  Extra point is no good.  Noah has a couple of big tackles giving the Knights a loss of yardage.  A fumble is recovered by Mason.  Mason runs again for gaining 40 yards, followed by Noah with a hard 6 yards.  Carter passes to Mason and it’s another Eagles TD.  Extra point by Noah is good.  Noah tackles the Knight for a loss of 1.  Ty sacks the QB for a loss of 6.  Eagles get the ball back.  Mason having a great running day and gaining another 40 yards to be brought down at the 2 yard line.  QB keeper and Carter scores. Max tries for the extra point kick and it’s no good.  Ending out the half, Noah tackles the Knight and racks up a 4 yard loss on the play.  Half time, 19-0.

The 3rd quarter, the Eagles rack up some first downs but unable to convert to TD’s.  Ending out the game, the Eagles make their way down the field to their own 2 yard line only to lose the ball to the Knights.  The Eagles flock together and get the ball back allowing not much movement for the Knights.  Given 1 more chance to score, the ball is rallied down the field and given to Max for a 3 yard TD run.  They give the ball to Sebas for the extra point and he is in!  The Knights fight their way back down the field ending the 4th quarter with a game ending TD and extra point.

 Game ball goes to Max Bridgeman #3


GSE Youth Football Recap:  Week 5, September 25, 2016

The Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles 9U won a tough battle against the Derry Demons, 6-0!  Game starts off with a kickoff to Derry and they fumble the ball and GSE recovers the ball.  We had some good runs from Mason, Noah and Max, but the Demons held them off.  Derry gets the ball back and another fumble by the Demons.  This time recovered by Ty.  Noah has a short run, followed by a throw to Owen that is incomplete.  Derry gets an interception, which is followed by a heavy sack from Noah resulting in a 3 yard loss.  The Eagles defense is unstoppable today.  Derry turns the ball over and we get the ball back.  Unable to convert, the first half ends in a stalemate, 0-0.

Starting off the second half, Carter and Nathan run the ball for short gains and the ball goes back to the Demons.  The Eagles have some lengthy runs in the 3rd quarter by Noah, Mason, Carter; but still cannot find the end zone.  In the 4th, Mason racks up an 11 yard run to give the Eagles a first down.  On our 8 yard line, Noah gets the handoff and runs to the right sideline and can’t find an opening and then goes left….all the way left to find the end zone.  Extra point by Cater is no good.  All the Eagles have to do is hold the Demons offense.  Max kicks off and tears down the field to stop the return for zero yards.  Derry can’t convert and the Eagles have 1 last chance to move the ball down the field.  Leaving scoreless again, the Demons have 3 minutes left in the game to try and make things happen.  The Eagles defense holds the line with some big tackles coming from Cody, Brodie, Sebas and Cam as time runs out.

 Game Ball goes to Cody Pagliuca #27


GSE Youth Football Recap:  Week 4, September 18, 2016

 The Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles 9U lost a wet one to Hudson, 19-6.  The Eagles have a rough start fumbling the ball on kickoff.  On the third play, Hudson takes the ball down 35 yards for a TD.  Extra point is denied.  The Eagles looking for redemption on this kickoff.  Mason has a 35 yard carry, only to be brought back 10 yards on a penalty.  Small gains that never get converted.  It will be Hudson’s ball on the Eagles 37.  Great tackles for losses from Noah and Charlie to stop Hudson on their 40.  Mason gets a handoff and runs 50 yards before getting brought down at the Eagles 10 yard line.  Noah gets the next handoff and pushes for 9.  Mason with 1 yard TD.  Extra point is no good.

Hudson comes out strong for the second half and scores right away.  Extra point good.  The Eagles fumble again in the 3rd quarter.  Owen gains 5.  Eagles leave the nest empty again.  Hudson gets the ball back and converts it into another TD.  Extra point is denied.

 Game Ball goes to Nathan Charest #2


GSE Youth Football Recap:  Week 3, September 11, 2016

The Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles 9U won easily against Londonderry, 34-0.  The kids and parents all dressed in red, white and blue in Remembrance of 9/11 and there was a moment of silence for all those lost lives.  Starting off the game, we had quite a few carries from Nathan, Mason, Noah and Carter ending with a 20 yard TD run from Mason.  Extra point by Nathan was denied.  Londonderry was stopped hard by the Eagles defense throughout the game.  Mason has another great run for 30 yards for a TD.  Tries for the extra point and no good.  Londonderry now with the ball and opens up to pass and is intercepted by Owen who runs it back for 25 yards.  Handoff to Noah for a 10 yard TD run.  Cater throws a great screen pass to Noah for the extra point is good.  Londonderry gets the ball, fumbles and is recovered by Noah.  Noah in the quarterback position, keeps it and runs in for a 25 yard TD.  Carter tries for the extra point and is denied.  Mason runs for a 40 yard TD to end the half.  Extra point good by Nathan.

The second half the coaches change things up a bit.  One thing is still constant; the Eagles defense is outstanding today!  Ty has some short runs along with Jeffrey gaining some yards.  The 3rd and 4th quarter, both teams are scoreless. 

 Game Ball goes to Mason LeClerc #34 and Brodie Crawford #55


 GSE Youth Football Recap:  Week 2, August 28, 2016

 The Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles 9U lost a tough game to Windham, 39-7.  It was a battle of defenses for this first quarter and a half before the Screamin Eagles defense collapsed.  Each team fighting for every yard on offense.  Carter, Mason and Noah had some solid defensive stops.  Bullying down to the 5 yard line, the Eagles just couldn’t find the end zone, turning the ball over to Windham.  Before the half ended, our defense allowed 20 unanswered points.

Windham comes out strong to the 2nd half scoring right away after a 37 yard run.  The Eagles start to make headway by a 20 yard run by Owen, a 10 yard run by Noah, 15 yard run by Mason and finishing it off from Carter with a TD.  Extra point good.  Although, Shane recovers a fumble by Windham, the Eagles are left emptied handed again.  Windham goes on to score again and the Eagles settle with 1 TD this game. 

 No Game Ball this week.


GSE Youth Football Recap:  Week 1, August 21, 2016

 The Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles 9U won a tough game to Nashua PAL, 14-12.  The game starts off with a fumble off the kickoff and recovered by Nashua on the 50 yard line.  Nashua takes the ball and runs the ball back 35 yards for a TD.  Extra point denied by Noah.  Second quarter starts and Max recovers a fumble on the 34 yard line.  Noah runs the ball a couple times gaining enough for some first downs along with Carter.  We are stopped hard at the 4 yard line, denying us any points.

Down to start of the second half, 0-6, we hold off The Force and get the ball back on our 25 yard line.  Lots of little gains by Mason and Carter, the Eagles come up empty handed again.  After holding off The Force, mason gets the ball and has a 25 yard run.  Mason moves to the QB spot and runs the into the end zone for a 15 yard TD.  Extra point by Mason, good, 7-12.  With time running out, Eagles deny The Force once again and get the ball back on our 45 yard line.  Noah has a long 35 yard run along with Shane adding 5.  Noah gets the hand off and takes it in for a 25 yard run and TD.  Extra points by Mason, good, 14-12.


Game Ball goes to Noah “Bull” Durham #21