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What managers must do before & during the season.
Print this page out for easy reference.

Preparing for the season:

1. Check out the League Information section.

2. Print out your division rules (Saturday National Division / Sunday American 30+ Division / Sunday Federal 35+ DivisionSunday Continental  35+ Division), be familiar with them and keep them with you for all games.

3. Print out the manager & player responsibilities on fields, know them and make sure your players know them.

4. All players must register online (including the manager) with the league. Players will not appear on the website roster or be eligible to play as a rostered player in games until they have registered (for Plan A teams - and paid league fees). Each player can fill this out from the online league forms section or you can fill this out for them, making sure that each player is aware of the conditions set forth by the league. Only accurate information…..bogus info does the league zero good and will be flagged and those player registrations will be voided.

Before each game:

- bring umpire fees of $90 per team per game.
- bring a line-up card.
- bring your scorebook & keep a book (minimum - your hitters and pitchers game stats must be kept).
- bring a blue sheet if you are the home team.
- bring at least three (3) brand new league supplied or league approved baseballs.
- bring any equipment that you supply.
- always have all of your player contact info with you in case needed.
- check the league hotline at 1-626-583-4266 and website for any game day updates.
- call league president Jack Provost immediately @ 818-422-0998 if you encounter any on field issues (locked gates, locked restrooms, field problems, no umpires, etc.).

At game:

- The home team always shall occupy the 3rd base dugout, except in the case of a double-header, other arrangements may be made.
- The home team provides and signs the blue sheet at least 10 minutes before game time, then takes it to the visiting team.
- The game will not begin until both teams have signed the blue sheet.
- Umpire / manager meeting: bring completed blue sheet, 3 new league balls, $80 umpire fees, line-up cards.
- Lineup cards: Player’s last names & numbers. List all non-runners, pool players, A/B batters or reserve players.
- Call league president Jack Provost immediately @ 818-422-0998 if you encounter any on field issues (field problems, injuries, umpires, rules, etc.).

- At games end make sure the dugout is clean.
- Lineup cards: List all player's last names and numbers.  List your batting order, which will include all non-runner batters (needing a courtesy runner), pool players, A/B batters, non-batting pitchers (NBP), and all reserve players (including non-runner batters).

After each game - These are all mandatory:

1. File a field condition / umpire evaluation report. This will help us keep current on field conditions and grade umpires.

2. Input the game score, summaries and boxscore.

3. If you used any pool players, you must send Dave Becker ( an email with those player's names.

4. If you had players that you put in the boxscore with all zeroes (No plate appearances or innings pitched) you must send Dave Becker ( an email with an explanation as to the circumstances (example: player is a relief pitcher who was at the game but didn't get in; or, an injured player came to the game and stayed to coach 3rd base for the whole game).

5. Home team manager must send completed game sheet signed by both managers and umpires to Dave Becker via mail or email. If emailing, please include team name and game date in the file name.

Follow this step by step procedure to enter your game is very easy to do, and takes about 7 minutes.

1. Click "Administration" from the Main Menu.

2. Enter your Username & Password, then click "Login".

3. Click "Game Results/Statistics" from the Team Setup Menu (left side menu).

4. Click "Game Results/Statistics".

5. Find your game and click "Edit" (far right side).

6. If you are the first team entering stats, you must: fill in the linescore for both teams....runs per inning, total runs, total hits, total errors FOR BOTH TEAMS, let me repeat, FOR BOTH TEAMS.

7. The first team entering stats must: change "Game Status" to "Completed" (if this is not changed the boxscore will not show up on the website).

8. The first team entering stats must: update the "Innings Played" selection box to the innings that were played.

9. Each team must; if not already done by the other team, enter the linescore (FOR BOTH TEAMS) no later than 11:00 AM on the Monday following your game. LET ME REPEAT....FOR BOTH TEAMS!

10. The winning team must: fill in the game headlines in the "Headline" box. One sentence describing the game.

11. The winning team should, and the losing team can (never change what another team writes): fill in the game summary in the "Summary" box. Write the highlights of the game, a summary of the action and good performances by players.

12. Both teams must: Fill in the game batting statistics for your players in the "Score/Batting Stats" section. VERY IMPORTANT (Ord = your batting order... 1=leadoff, 4=cleanup hitter, etc).
a. VERY IMPORTANT: You must check the "G" box for a player to get credit for a game played. Put all players that qualify for a game played; including pitchers that did not bat, and other players that did not bat, but qualify for a game played under the LABL rules. If a player did not get an AB, put his Ord at the bottom of your order.

(I) AB is an 'Official At-Bats' and does NOT include BB, HBP, SH or SF.
(II) Enter Singles (1B), Doubles (2B), Triples (3B) and HR's (HR) separately. The site will calculate and display the total hits (H). DO NOT enter the total hits in the 1B column.

13. Save your changes by clicking "Save Changes".

14. Click "Pitching Stats" from the upper dark blue bar.

15. Both teams must: fill in your players game pitching statistics in the "Pitching Stats" section. VERY IMPORTANT (Ord = the order of appearance by your pitchers... 1=starting pitcher, 2=1st reliever, etc).
a. VERY IMPORTANT: You must check the "G" box for any pitcher to get credit for a game pitched, and you must check the "GS" box for your starting pitcher. This means that your starting pitcher will show the following: Ord=1 "G" is checked, AND "GS" is checked.

16. Save your changes by clicking "Save Changes".

17. If so desired, click "Defensive Stats" from the upper dark blue bar.

18. Both teams can: fill in your players game defensive statistics (blanks = 0)

19. Save your changes by clicking "Save Changes".

20 If you use pool players, put all of their stats under "Pool Players", and alert Dave Becker as to which players were used. THIS IS MANDATORY!

21. Click "Logout" from the Admin Menu.

Team boxscores/stats (including pitching stats) are overdue by Wednesday (12:00 PM) following that week's game!