Guidelines for Announcing Games

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Guidelines for Announcing ONLL Games, Spring 2016

 Pilot program at field #3 (Majors field)


 There are three things that generate the biggest, most unforgettable smiles from kids in Little League:

 ·         Getting a hit

 ·         Making a great play

 ·         Hearing their name and number announced over the loudspeaker


They truly want to feel like they are ballplayers at Petco park coming up for their big at-bat. So, say their name...say their number...say it loud...say it clearly...and your reward will be something you can't manufacture...their proudest smile!


Who is Responsible for Announcing?

 ·         In games where both teams are from ONLL, the visiting team designates an announcer.

 ·         In games against teams from other leagues, the ONLL team is responsible for designating an announcer.

 ·         The announcer is entitled to a free hot dog and soft drink from the snack stand.


Checking Out and Returning the PA System

 ·         The announcer must leave a credit card or driver's license at the snack stand in order to check out the PA system.

 ·         It is the announcers responsibility to return the PA system to the snack stand immediately after the end of the game.


 Basic Announcing Guidelines

 ·         Prepare! Arrive 15 minutes early before game time to do a sound check, prepare your music playlist, and collect lineups from the managers. Be sure to ask about tricky pronunciations.

 ·         Place the PA unit and yourself next to the equipment box behind the backstop near the first base dug-out. There is a power outlet at the base of the light standard within 15-20 feet of the equipment box. Test the PA system by having someone sit in a few different locations and indicate whether they can hear you.

 ·         We encourage you to play music, but you may only play it between innings; it must be profanity-free and acceptable for young children. Please use ipods, ipads and itouches; if you use an iphone, you MUST out the phone in Airplane Mode, as it will otherwise ring over the PA system.

 ·         Speak loudly and clearly. There's no point in announcing if people can't hear or understand you!

 ·         Be respectful of neighbors and avoid excessively loud volumes.


Announcers Will

 ·         Announce each player's name and number as he/she is coming to bat. Do not announce his/her position, as they often change inning to inning.

 ·         Announce the score at the end of each half inning.

 ·         Promote the snack stand!


Announcers Will Not

 ·         Make any announcements while the ball is in play.

 ·         Call out exceptional hits and defensive plays, or errors.

 ·         Favor one team. Announce both team's player's with equal enthusiasm.

 ·         Be a distraction to player's and parents at the game.


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