January 2, 2017


If you reside OR your child's school is within the Newark American boundaries, your child is eligible to play at Newark American Little League (NALL).  Please visit our NALL Boundaries Map to determine if your residence or your child's school is within NALL boundaries.  Players between ages 4 and 16 residing or schooling within our district boundaries are eligible to sign up.

In order to register a player online you will need to possess an account on our registration site. If you have never registered a player to play in NALL you will need to create an account.  All NALL player registration will be online.





 Early Bird Registration

* Saturday 1/7 thru Tuesday 1/31

* T-Ball = $110

* Minor A, Minor AA, Minor AAA, and Majors = $150

* Junior/Senior = $185


Regular Registration

* Wednesday 2/1 thru Wednesday 2/22 (Juniors/Seniors until 3/11)

* T-Ball = $135

* Minor A, Minor AA, Minor AAA, and Majors = $175

* Junior/Senior = $210


A $30 sibling discount is available for each additional player registered.

A $10 refund is available to existing NALL families for each newly registered player that joins NALL.  Please see the 2017 New Player Referral Program for details.


Click here to get a brief understanding of the divisions that NALL is offering in 2017.



Registration fee includes $60 for raffle tickets.  Each player receives twelve (12) $5 raffle tickets to sell.  Raffle tickets will be distributed by managers to players once practice starts. Raffle tickets can be sold to recoup cost or filled out by the parents.  Bring completed ticket stubs to Opening Day to participate in the raffle for cash and sponsor prizes.



Payment is due via Visa or MasterCard upon completion of registration.  All charges from NALL for registration will appear as a charge from "Blue Sombero" on your credit card statement.



Returning players/families complete all registration materials online.


New players/families must also register online, however, Little League requires us to collect proof of age and proof of residency. This must be provided before a player can participate. 

Document collection sessions for new players will take place on the following dates at the NALL VFW Field Announcers Booth:

* Saturday 1/21 from 10 AM to 12 PM

* Saturday 2/4 from 10 AM to 12 PM

Please refer to the following link for document requirements:


If you live within NALL's boundaries you need to provide at least three (3) of the listed documents on page 1 of the residence-eligibility.pdf in force between 2/1/2016 and 2/1/2017.  Please note, only one utility bill will be accepted.  Please refer to Section I of the residence-eligibility.pdf for more details.

If your child attends school within NALL's boundaries please refer to Section II of residence-eligibility.pdf for more details.

Please note, if your child resides within NALL's boundaries AND your child attends school within NALL's boundaries, you only need to provide proof of residence OR proof of school attendance.  You do not need to provide proof of both.



With the exception of returning Majors players, all players registered as Little League 7 – 12 year olds must attend tryouts.  Player evaluations assist the league in not only ensuring your child is placed in the proper division for skill development but also for team assignments in those divisions that do not utilize the draft.  Tryouts will be held Saturday 2/25 and Saturday 3/4 and players are expected to attend both sessions.  Both sessions will be held at All Seasons Sports Academy in Elkton, MD from 2 - 6 p.m.  Please click here for directions.  Specific times for each age group will be announced shortly.


Additional information regarding volunteer duties and parent code of conduct are posted in the Handouts section of our website.  Field Locations are posted in the Directions section of our website.



March 25, 2017


It’s almost game time and that means our VFW concession stand will soon be open. To make sure everyone is prepared, training sessions are now scheduled. 

Training is important for both new and returning families – as a refresher and to learn about the new features we are offering this year. All teams – from t-ball to majors – will have games at VFW and will require parents to work the concession stand.   Make sure you are ready.

NEW this year… VFW concession stand now accepts credit cards!!  Cris Harding, our NALL Treasurer, will be on hand at these training sessions to demonstrate the new machine. 

Training dates/times are as follows:

Wednesday, March 29 at 5:30, 6:15 and 7:00

Saturday, April 1 at 9:30, 10:15, 11:00, 11:45 and 12:30

If you are unable to make any of the times being offered, please contact Amy Brelick at (302)275-8530 or mcabrelick@verizon.net



2017 New Player Referral Program

January 3, 2017


Back again for the 2017 season!  Returning NALL families who refer a new player to the league will receive a $10 refund on their registration fee.   The best part?  There is no limit to how many players you can refer – so if you bring five new players to the league, you get a $50 refund on your registration fee.  

How does it work?

When the new player registers via our online registration form, make sure they select “Referral” when asked how they heard about us.  Then they need to provide us your name.  Once registration is complete, all your referrals will be tallied and a refund check will be sent to you.

Key Points
  * All RETURNING NALL families are eligible to participate.
  * The referred player must be NEW to the league this year.
  * Your name must be provided as the referral source in the new players registration form.
  * There is NO LIMIT to the number of players you can refer.



February 16, 2017

Who:  All players whose Little League age is 7-12 and who did not play on a NALL majors team in the 2016 spring season (Orioles, Pirates, Phillies, or Rangers). 

What: Each age level of kids will engage in a sample of these baseball activities in this order:
•    Field ground balls and pop ups
•    Pitch a few balls
•    Run the bases
•    Hit in the cage

All skills will performed in front of our managers and coaches.  They will evaluate the skill sets for the purpose of preparing balanced teams in all of our divisions and placing your player in the division where they will grow and flourish the most.

When: Players must attend EITHER the 2/25 session OR the 3/4 session.  We recommend that players attend both sessions if possible, but it is not mandatory they do that. 

When your player arrives, they will get a sticker with a unique number combination to wear on the front of their shirts when they check in.  The times for each little league age are below.  Players should arrive 15-20 minutes before the session start sign in and warm up.


Little League Age       Session Start Time Session End Time
7 year olds 2:00 PM 2:40 PM
8 year olds 2:45 PM 3:20 PM
9 year olds 3:25 PM 4:00 PM
10 year olds 4:05 PM 4:40 PM
11 year olds 4:45 PM 5:20 PM
12 year olds 5:25 PM 6:00 PM


Please know your player's correct Little League age.  Please use the link below to make certain you know your child’s Little League Age and you appear at the correct session.



All Seasons Sports Academy
801 Elkton Boulevard, Suite 3
Elkton, MD 21921

Website: http://www.allseasonssportsacademy.com/
Phone: 443-207-8268


How To Be Prepared:
We recognize that players will not be in mid-season form, but would suggest the following to prepare for tryouts:

Prior to evaluations:
•    Know your player’s correct Little League Age.  Please see http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/age-chart-baseball.pdf to determine your player’s Little League Age.
•    Have a catch and practice basic throwing motion.
•    Practice taking a few ground balls and fly balls.
•    Go to the batting cages or hit off a Tee just to get in a few swings.

At evaluations:
•    Please arrive at All Seasons 15-20 minutes ahead of your session start time.  This will provide time for your player to get signed in and warmed up for their session.
•    Come prepared with gloves, bats, and helmets (we will have extra helmets and bats available)
•    Have your player wear sneakers and workout clothing they are comfortable in.  Players can not wear cleats during evaluations.
•    Remind your player to pay attention, try their best, relax, and have fun.  The player who catches every ball, hits the target on every throw, and smashes his batting practice may score low if he also pushes the other players, doesn’t follow instructions, and displays a bad attitude. Conversely, the player who drops every ball, but chases them down like the game depends on it, will likely score higher than you might think.

What Happens After Evaluations:

After the tryouts have been completed, the Majors and Minors AAA managers and coaches will rank the players and develop a list of players they would like to draft for their teams.  Players that will play in non-draft divisions are also ranked to assist in assignment to teams and teams are formed after the drafts for Majors and Minors AAA.

Communications of team assignments for players ages 7-12 will be made between March 7 and March 14.

For players younger than 7 and older than 12, there are no tryouts.  They are assigned to teams.