Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Wed12/13/20177:00 pm F 29-39 St. Margaret's  Holy Cross   St. Dorothea's
Wed12/13/20178:00 pm F 48-39 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Dorothea   St. Dorothea's
Sun12/17/20172:00 pm F 43-40 St. Agnes  St. Clement's   St. Elizabeth's
Sun12/17/20173:00 pm F 50-49 St. Leo's  St. Elizabeth's   St. Elizabeth's
Wed1/3/20187:00 pm F 72-41 St. Leo's  St. Clement's   St. Dorothea's
Wed1/3/20188:00 pm F 55-70 St. Dorothea  St. Elizabeth's   St. Dorothea's
Sun1/7/20181:00 pm F 29-66 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Leo's   St. Elizabeth's
Sun1/7/20182:00 pm F 50-65 St. Margaret's  St. Elizabeth's   St. Elizabeth's
Wed1/10/20187:00 pm F 51-56 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Margaret's   St. Agnes
Wed1/10/20188:00 pm F 73-43 St. Agnes  St. Anselm   St. Agnes
Thu1/11/20187:00 pm F 0-2 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Dorothea   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Thu1/11/20188:00 pm F 57-63 St. Catherine's (NM)  St. Leo's   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Sun1/14/20185:00 pm F 57-43 St. Elizabeth's  Holy Cross   St. Agnes
Sun1/14/20186:00 pm F 57-64 St. Dorothea  St. Agnes   St. Agnes
Sun1/14/20186:30 pm F 50-40 St. Margaret's  St. Anselm   St. Clements
Sun1/14/20187:30 pm F 31-60 St. Clement's  St. Catherine's (NM)   St. Clements
Mon1/15/20187:00 pm F 89-43 St. Catherine's (NM)  St. Anselm   St. Clements
Mon1/15/20188:00 pm F 59-73 St. Clement's  St. Agnes   St. Clements
Wed1/17/20186:30 pm F 50-40 St. Leo's  St. Margaret's   Holy Cross
Wed1/17/20187:30 pm F 44-46 St. Dorothea  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Sun1/21/20181:00 pm F 51-58 St. Margaret's  Holy Cross   St. Elizabeth's
Sun1/21/20182:00 pm F 76-69 St. Agnes  St. Catherine's (NM)   St. Elizabeth's
Sun1/21/20183:00 pm F 67-60 St. Elizabeth's  St. Clement's   St. Elizabeth's
Mon1/22/20187:15 pm F 53-67 St. Dorothea  St. Leo's   St. Catherine's (Spring Lake)
Mon1/22/20188:15 pm F 40-50 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Margaret's   St. Catherine's (Spring Lake)
Wed1/24/20187:00 pm F 47-82 St. Anselm  St. Catherine's (NM)   St. Dorothea's
Wed1/24/20188:00 pm F 54-53 St. Elizabeth's  St. Dorothea   St. Dorothea's
Sun1/28/20181:00 pm F 57-45 St. Dorothea  St. Margaret's   St. Elizabeth's
Sun1/28/20182:00 pm F 38-68 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Catherine's (NM)   St. Elizabeth's
Sun1/28/20183:00 pm F 55-45 St. Leo's  St. Elizabeth's   St. Elizabeth's
Sun1/28/20186:30 pm F 51-45 St. Agnes  Holy Cross   St. Clements
Sun1/28/20187:30 pm F 40-50 St. Anselm  St. Clement's   St. Clements
Mon1/29/20187:00 pm F 51-40 St. Elizabeth's  St. Anselm   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Mon1/29/20188:00 pm F 83-49 St. Catherine's (NM)  St. Clement's   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Wed1/31/20186:30 pm F 81-41 Holy Cross  St. Clement's   Holy Cross
Wed1/31/20187:00 pm F 68-61 St. Leo's  St. Agnes   St. Dorothea's
Wed1/31/20187:30 pm F 58-66 St. Elizabeth's  St. Catherine's (NM)   Holy Cross
Wed1/31/20188:00 pm F 48-31 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Anselm   St. Dorothea's
Wed1/31/20189:00 pm F 63-67 St. Margaret's  St. Dorothea   St. Dorothea's
Thu2/1/20187:00 pm F 89-54 St. Leo's  St. Anselm   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Thu2/1/20188:00 pm F 40-52 Holy Cross  St. Catherine's (NM)   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Sun2/4/20181:00 pm F 43-55 St. Anselm  St. Agnes   St. Elizabeth's
Sun2/4/20182:00 pm F 47-53 St. Elizabeth's  St. Margaret's   St. Elizabeth's
Mon2/5/20187:15 pm F 76-59 Holy Cross  St. Catherine's (NM)   St. Catherine's (Spring Lake)
Mon2/5/20188:15 pm F 32-50 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Agnes   St. Catherine's (Spring Lake)
Wed2/7/20186:30 pm F 51-56 St. Margaret's  St. Clement's   Holy Cross
Wed2/7/20187:00 pm F 68-65 St. Leo's  St. Agnes   St. Dorothea's
Wed2/7/20187:30 pm F 40-46 St. Catherine's (SL)  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Wed2/7/20188:00 pm F 80-62 St. Dorothea  St. Anselm   St. Dorothea's
Sun2/11/20185:00 pm FFT 2-0 St. Elizabeth's  St. Catherine's (SL)   St. Agnes
Sun2/11/20186:00 pm F 54-56 St. Margaret's  St. Agnes   St. Agnes
Mon2/12/20187:00 pm F 0-2 St. Catherine's (SL)  St. Clement's   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Mon2/12/20188:00 pm F 59-55 St. Dorothea  St. Catherine's (NM)   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Tue2/13/20186:30 pm F 51-36 St. Leo's  Holy Cross   St. Clements
Tue2/13/20187:30 pm F 71-31 St. Clement's  St. Anselm   St. Clements
Wed2/14/20186:30 pm F 53-32 St. Dorothea  St. Clement's   Holy Cross
Wed2/14/20187:00 pm F 2-0 St. Leo's  St. Catherine's (SL)   St. Agnes
Wed2/14/20187:30 pm F 42-63 St. Anselm  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Wed2/14/20188:00 pm F 61-57 St. Elizabeth's  St. Agnes   St. Agnes
Thu2/15/20187:00 pm F 53-57 St. Clement's  Holy Cross   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Thu2/15/20188:00 pm F 35-43 St. Margaret's  St. Catherine's (NM)   St. Catherine's (North Middletown)
Sun2/18/20181:00 pm F 70-73 St. Dorothea  St. Leo's   St. Elizabeth's
Sun2/18/20182:00 pm F 2-0 St. Elizabeth's  St. Catherine's (SL)   St. Elizabeth's
Sun2/18/20185:00 pm F 68-42 Holy Cross  St. Anselm   St. Agnes
Sun2/18/20186:00 pm F 72-56 St. Catherine's (NM)  St. Agnes   St. Agnes
Wed2/21/20187:00 pm F 51-35 St. Leo's  St. Margaret's   St. Agnes
Wed2/21/20188:00 pm F 42-31 St. Agnes  Holy Cross   St. Agnes
Sun2/25/20185:30 pm F 80-68 St. Catherine's (NM)  St. Clement's   St. Elizabeth's
Sun2/25/20186:30 pm F 51-53 St. Elizabeth's  St. Dorothea   St. Elizabeth's
Tue2/27/20187:30 pm F 79-63 St. Leo's  St. Agnes   St. Elizabeth's
Tue2/27/20188:30 pm F 41-53 St. Catherine's (NM)  St. Dorothea   St. Elizabeth's
Thu3/1/20187:00 pm F 66-61 St. Dorothea  St. Leo's   St. Elizabeth's

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