Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sat8/26/2017BYEBYEBYEBYE  Wickenburg Wranglers  BYE
Sat8/26/20172:00 pm F 54-6 Flagstaff Rangers  Bagdad Razorbacks   Bagdad
Sat8/26/20172:00 pm F 0-56 McMullen Valley (Salome) Tarantula Hawks  Cottonwood Lions   Cottonwood Middle School
Sat8/26/20172:00 pm F 0-46 Camp Verde Coyotes  PV Hitmen   Prescott Valley Hitmen
Sat8/26/20172:00 pm F 6-38 Chino Valley Cougars  PVYFC Bears   Prescott Valley Bears - PVYFCA
Fri9/1/20172:00 am F 20-30 Bagdad Razorbacks  Williams Jr. High   Williams
Sat9/2/201712:00 pm F 51-6 Camp Verde Coyotes  McMullen Valley (Salome) Tarantula Hawks   Salome
Sat9/2/20172:00 pm F 18-12 Cottonwood Lions  Chino Valley Cougars   Chino Valley
Sat9/2/20172:00 pm F 22-6 PV Hitmen  Wickenburg Wranglers   Wickenburg
Sat9/2/20174:00 pm F 38-6 PVYFC Bears  Flagstaff Rangers   Williams
Sat9/9/2017BYEBYEBYEBYE  PV Hitmen  BYE
Sat9/9/201712:00 pm F 6-33 Flagstaff Rangers  Cottonwood Lions   Cottonwood Middle School
Sat9/9/201712:00 pm F 46-6 Wickenburg Wranglers  McMullen Valley (Salome) Tarantula Hawks   Salome
Sat9/9/20172:00 pm F 36-6 Chino Valley Cougars  Bagdad Razorbacks   Bagdad
Sat9/9/20172:00 pm F 26-0 PVYFC Bears  Camp Verde Coyotes   Camp Verde
Sat9/16/20172:00 pm F 6-45 Bagdad Razorbacks  Wickenburg Wranglers   Bagdad
Sat9/16/20172:00 pm F 20-33 Williams Jr. High  Camp Verde Coyotes   Camp Verde
Sat9/16/20172:00 pm F 32-24 Flagstaff Rangers  Chino Valley Cougars   Chino Valley
Sat9/16/20172:00 pm F 6-48 McMullen Valley (Salome) Tarantula Hawks  PVYFC Bears   Cottonwood Middle School
Sat9/16/20172:00 pm F 0-33 Cottonwood Lions  PV Hitmen   Prescott Valley Hitmen
Sat9/23/2017BYEBYEBYEBYE  McMullen Valley (Salome) Tarantula Hawks  BYE
Sat9/23/20172:00 pm F 54-6 Cottonwood Lions  Bagdad Razorbacks   Bagdad
Sat9/23/20172:00 pm F 41-0 PV Hitmen  Chino Valley Cougars   Chino Valley
Sat9/23/20172:00 pm F 53-19 Flagstaff Rangers  Camp Verde Coyotes   Cottonwood Middle School
Sat9/23/20172:00 pm F 31-14 Wickenburg Wranglers  PVYFC Bears   Prescott Valley Bears - PVYFCA
Sat9/30/20172:00 pm F 19-55 McMullen Valley (Salome) Tarantula Hawks  Bagdad Razorbacks   Bagdad
Sat9/30/20172:00 pm F 0-27 Williams Jr. High  Chino Valley Cougars   Chino Valley
Sat9/30/20172:00 pm F 8-25 PVYFC Bears  Cottonwood Lions   Cottonwood Middle School
Sat9/30/20172:00 pm F 15-45 Camp Verde Coyotes  Wickenburg Wranglers   Wickenburg
Sat9/30/20174:00 pm F 46-0 PV Hitmen  Flagstaff Rangers   Williams
Sat10/7/2017BYEBYEBYEBYE  Chino Valley Cougars  BYE
Sat10/7/201712:00 pm F 12-16 Wickenburg Wranglers  Cottonwood Lions   Cottonwood Middle School
Sat10/7/201712:00 pm F 40-0 Flagstaff Rangers  McMullen Valley (Salome) Tarantula Hawks   Salome
Sat10/7/20172:00 pm F 33-52 Bagdad Razorbacks  Camp Verde Coyotes   Cottonwood Middle School
Sat10/7/20172:00 pm F 0-49 PVYFC Bears  PV Hitmen   Prescott Valley Hitmen
Sat10/14/20172:00 pm F 19-6 Cottonwood Lions  Camp Verde Coyotes   Camp Verde
Sat10/14/20172:00 pm F 6-48 McMullen Valley (Salome) Tarantula Hawks  PV Hitmen   Prescott Valley Hitmen
Sat10/14/20172:00 pm F 7-38 Bagdad Razorbacks  PVYFC Bears   Prescott Valley Bears - PVYFCA
Sat10/14/20172:00 pm F 6-46 Chino Valley Cougars  Wickenburg Wranglers   Wickenburg
Sat10/14/20172:00 pm F 62-0 Flagstaff Rangers  Williams Jr. High   Williams

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CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
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