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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sun2/11/2018BYEBYEBYEThat Terrible Team  BYE  BYE
Sun2/11/2018BYEBYEBYEGet Off My Balls  BYE  BYE
Sun2/11/201811:00 am F 7-0 Hello my name is/Raging Homers  Kickin 'N" Waffles   BING1
Sun2/11/201811:00 am F 2-11 Here for the Beer  ThunderCankles   BING2
Sun2/11/201812:00 pm F 0-7 ThunderCankles  Frozen Snatches   BING1
Sun2/11/201812:00 pm F 1-19 Here for the Beer  Lucille's Balls   BING2
Sun2/11/20181:00 pm F 1-13 Lucille's Balls  Nakedsaurus Kicks   BING1
Sun2/11/20181:00 pm F 14-12 Frozen Snatches  Hello my name is/Raging Homers   BING2
Sun2/11/20182:00 pm F 6-10 Get Off My Balls  Nakedsaurus Kicks   BING1
Sun2/11/20182:00 pm F 7-0 That Terrible Team  Kickin 'N" Waffles   BING2
Sun2/18/2018BYEBYEBYELucille's Balls  BYE  BYE
Sun2/18/2018BYEBYEBYEThunderCankles  BYE  BYE
Sun2/18/201811:00 am F 11-8 Nakedsaurus Kicks  ThunderCankles   BING1
Sun2/18/201811:00 am F 16-0 Frozen Snatches  Here for the Beer   BING2
Sun2/18/201812:00 pm F 4-19 Here for the Beer  Hello my name is/Raging Homers   BING1
Sun2/18/201812:00 pm F 1-15 Kickin 'N" Waffles  Get Off My Balls   BING2
Sun2/18/20181:00 pm F 19-2 Get Off My Balls  That Terrible Team   BING1
Sun2/18/20181:00 pm F 19-3 Frozen Snatches  Nakedsaurus Kicks   BING2
Sun2/18/20182:00 pm F 18-9 Hello my name is/Raging Homers  That Terrible Team   BING1
Sun2/18/20182:00 pm F 18-8 Lucille's Balls  Kickin 'N" Waffles   BING2
Sun2/25/2018BYEBYEBYEFrozen Snatches  BYE  BYE
Sun2/25/2018BYEBYEBYEHere for the Beer  BYE  BYE
Sun2/25/201811:00 am F 5-6 Hello my name is/Raging Homers  Get Off My Balls   BING1
Sun2/25/201811:00 am F 3-22 That Terrible Team  Lucille's Balls   BING2
Sun2/25/201812:00 pm F 4-5 Lucille's Balls  Get Off My Balls   BING1
Sun2/25/201812:00 pm F 4-3 ThunderCankles  That Terrible Team   BING2
Sun2/25/20181:00 pm F 2-5 Kickin 'N" Waffles  ThunderCankles   BING1
Sun2/25/20181:00 pm F 7-5 Nakedsaurus Kicks  Hello my name is/Raging Homers   BING2
Sun2/25/20182:00 pm F 15-2 Frozen Snatches  Kickin 'N" Waffles   BING1
Sun2/25/20182:00 pm F 16-0 Nakedsaurus Kicks  Here for the Beer   BING2
Sun3/4/2018BYEBYEBYEHello my name is/Raging Homers  BYE  BYE
Sun3/4/2018BYEBYEBYENakedsaurus Kicks  BYE  BYE
Sun3/4/201811:00 am F 11-8 Kickin 'N" Waffles  Here for the Beer   BING1
Sun3/4/201811:00 am F 15-5 Hello my name is/Raging Homers  Lucille's Balls   BING2
Sun3/4/201812:00 pm F 17-2 Nakedsaurus Kicks  Kickin 'N" Waffles   BING1
Sun3/4/201812:00 pm F 5-2 ThunderCankles  Lucille's Balls   BING2
Sun3/4/20181:00 pm F 6-11 Here for the Beer  That Terrible Team   BING1
Sun3/4/20181:00 pm F 8-1 Frozen Snatches  Get Off My Balls   BING2
Sun3/4/20182:00 pm F 3-13 That Terrible Team  Frozen Snatches   BING1
Sun3/4/20182:00 pm F 8-4 ThunderCankles  Get Off My Balls   BING2
Sun3/11/2018BYEBYEBYEKickin 'N" Waffles  BYE  BYE
Sun3/11/2018BYEBYEBYEThat Terrible Team  BYE  BYE
Sun3/11/201811:00 am F 1-14 Kickin 'N" Waffles  Hello my name is/Raging Homers   BING1
Sun3/11/201811:00 am F 3-18 That Terrible Team  Nakedsaurus Kicks   BING2
Sun3/11/201812:00 pm F 7-0 Hello my name is/Raging Homers  ThunderCankles   BING1
Sun3/11/201812:00 pm F 10-0 Get Off My Balls  Nakedsaurus Kicks   BING2
Sun3/11/20181:00 pm F 7-2 Frozen Snatches  ThunderCankles   BING1
Sun3/11/20181:00 pm F 18-3 Lucille's Balls  Here for the Beer   BING2
Sun3/11/20182:00 pm F 3-10 Lucille's Balls  Frozen Snatches   BING1
Sun3/11/20182:00 pm F 5-3 Get Off My Balls  Here for the Beer   BING2
Sun3/18/2018BYEBYEBYELucille's Balls  BYE  BYE
Sun3/18/2018BYEBYEBYEGet Off My Balls  BYE  BYE
Sun3/18/201811:00 am F 0-8 Hello my name is/Raging Homers  Frozen Snatches   BING1
Sun3/18/201811:00 am F 16-4 ThunderCankles  Here for the Beer   BING2
Sun3/18/201812:00 pm F 3-14 Here for the Beer  Frozen Snatches   BING1
Sun3/18/201812:00 pm F 7-10 ThunderCankles  Nakedsaurus Kicks   BING2
Sun3/18/20181:00 pm F 6-20 That Terrible Team  Hello my name is/Raging Homers   BING1
Sun3/18/20181:00 pm F 30-1 Get Off My Balls  Kickin 'N" Waffles   BING2
Sun3/18/20182:00 pm F 3-4 Kickin 'N" Waffles  That Terrible Team   BING1
Sun3/18/20182:00 pm F 7-2 Lucille's Balls  Nakedsaurus Kicks   BING2
Sun3/25/201811:00 am TBPGet Off My Balls  Lucille's Balls   BING1
Sun3/25/201811:00 am TBPHello my name is/Raging Homers  Nakedsaurus Kicks   BING2
Sun3/25/201812:00 pm TBPGet Off My Balls  That Terrible Team   BING1
Sun3/25/201812:00 pm TBPFrozen Snatches  Lucille's Balls   BING2
Sun3/25/20181:00 pm TBPHere for the Beer  That Terrible Team   BING1
Sun3/25/20181:00 pm TBPThunderCankles  Kickin 'N" Waffles   BING2

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