Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sun12/3/201710:00 am F 2-9 Steady Stoned  I'm Kick James, Pitch   BING1
Sun12/3/201711:00 am F 0-9 Nakedsaurus Rex  Steady Stoned   BING1
Sun12/3/201712:00 pm F 10-1 I'm Kick James, Pitch  Sit On My Base   BING1
Sun12/3/20171:00 pm F 3-5 Nakedsaurus Rex  Virgins Stop At 3rd   BING1
Sun12/3/20172:00 pm F 10-4 Drink 182  Sit On My Base   BING1
Sun12/3/20173:00 pm F 3-14 Virgins Stop At 3rd  Raging Homers   BING1
Sun12/3/20174:00 pm F 14-4 Raging Homers  Drink 182   BING1
Sun12/10/201710:00 am F 7-6 Virgins Stop At 3rd  Drink 182   BING1
Sun12/10/201711:00 am F 3-4 Virgins Stop At 3rd  Steady Stoned   BING1
Sun12/10/201712:00 pm F 2-3 Drink 182  Nakedsaurus Rex   BING1
Sun12/10/20171:00 pm F 9-2 Steady Stoned  Sit On My Base   BING1
Sun12/10/20172:00 pm F 12-0 I'm Kick James, Pitch  Nakedsaurus Rex   BING1
Sun12/10/20173:00 pm F 2-14 Sit On My Base  Raging Homers   BING1
Sun12/10/20174:00 pm F 6-2 Raging Homers  I'm Kick James, Pitch   BING1
Sun12/17/201710:00 am TBPRaging Homers  Nakedsaurus Rex   BING1
Sun12/17/201711:00 am TBPNakedsaurus Rex  Sit On My Base   BING1
Sun12/17/201712:00 pm TBPRaging Homers  Steady Stoned   BING1
Sun12/17/20171:00 pm TBPSit On My Base  Virgins Stop At 3rd   BING1
Sun12/17/20172:00 pm TBPDrink 182  Steady Stoned   BING1
Sun12/17/20173:00 pm TBPVirgins Stop At 3rd  I'm Kick James, Pitch   BING1
Sun12/17/20174:00 pm TBPI'm Kick James, Pitch  Drink 182   BING1
Sun1/7/201810:00 am TBPRaging Homers  Virgins Stop At 3rd   BING1
Sun1/7/201811:00 am TBPSteady Stoned  Virgins Stop At 3rd   BING1
Sun1/7/201812:00 pm TBPRaging Homers  Sit On My Base   BING1
Sun1/7/20181:00 pm TBPSteady Stoned  Drink 182   BING1
Sun1/7/20182:00 pm TBPSit On My Base  I'm Kick James, Pitch   BING1
Sun1/7/20183:00 pm TBPNakedsaurus Rex  Drink 182   BING1
Sun1/7/20184:00 pm TBPNakedsaurus Rex  I'm Kick James, Pitch   BING1
Sun1/14/201810:00 am TBPNakedsaurus Rex  Virgins Stop At 3rd   BING1
Sun1/14/201811:00 am TBPVirgins Stop At 3rd  Raging Homers   BING1
Sun1/14/201812:00 pm TBPDrink 182  Nakedsaurus Rex   BING1
Sun1/14/20181:00 pm TBPRaging Homers  Drink 182   BING1
Sun1/14/20182:00 pm TBPSteady Stoned  I'm Kick James, Pitch   BING1
Sun1/14/20183:00 pm TBPI'm Kick James, Pitch  Sit On My Base   BING1
Sun1/14/20184:00 pm TBPSteady Stoned  Sit On My Base   BING1
Sun1/21/201810:00 am TBPI'm Kick James, Pitch  Raging Homers   BING1
Sun1/21/201811:00 am TBPI'm Kick James, Pitch  Steady Stoned   BING1
Sun1/21/201812:00 pm TBPDrink 182  Raging Homers   BING1
Sun1/21/20181:00 pm TBPSit On My Base  Steady Stoned   BING1
Sun1/21/20182:00 pm TBPDrink 182  Virgins Stop At 3rd   BING1
Sun1/21/20183:00 pm TBPSit On My Base  Nakedsaurus Rex   BING1
Sun1/21/20184:00 pm TBPVirgins Stop At 3rd  Nakedsaurus Rex   BING1

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CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
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