Draft Dodgers

  • Tim West (416-948-3387)
  • 19-11

Home Run Battle Rules

Each home run hit earns the following point values.

Solo HR...... -1 pt
2-run HR...... +1 pts
3-run HR...... +2 pts
GSlam...... +3 pts

Any inside the park HR regardless of runners on...... +2 pts

4 base award - Same points as regular home run except 0 pts if a solo shot.

HR for an out..... -1 pt

Person with most points at the end of the season (including playoffs) wins.


Tim +23
G +2
Jory +7
  Chris Buldyke1.000144242102081.0002.0003.000
33 Tim West.7072710099487013022821149.7001.5052.205
  Moses .61531313481127017.6151.3081.923
23 Jory Chamberlain.5782810410237591068442105.5671.0291.597
15 G Carmichael.6842799983767143437199.6771.0101.687
  Ariel Reyes.5742810310136581001043298.563.9701.533
19 Simon Hawley.670261001003667104224091.670.9101.580
3 Mark Hudson.575258987245073329272.562.8281.389
  Ryan Batten.532291091094258100627086.532.7891.321
4 Rob Adams.630291101083368111133284.618.7781.396
45 Brad Soltys.636248988285671024165.629.7391.368
  Sarah Berry.66726614000004.667.6671.333
  Liz Lynn.50024898831444007148.494.5451.040
24 Amanda Soltys.50028101100195021020154.495.5401.035
2 Courtney Hawley.47229109106275030030353.459.500.959
13 Zoe Carmichael.42927703000303.429.429.857
  Kate Christofides.35620737320263107031.356.425.781
  Sarah Summers.316227776132440018128.312.368.680
  Nicole Dillman.3166191936000406.316.316.632
  Tammy Mclaren.25014411000101.250.250.500

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