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  • Loss (17-11) Jun 10 vs Draft Dodgers
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BrOOZERS Beerstitution (Beer of Rights)

As a playing or coaching member of the BrOOZERS you are sworn to follow and uphold the Beerstitution throughout the season.

Article One: Strikeouts
A strike out occurs when a batter is called out by either:
1) Looking at the third pitch (punishable by 6 beer)
2) Swinging and missing the third pitch (punishable by 6 beer)
3) Fouling the third pitch (punishable by 6 beer)

Article Two: Home Runs
A home run violation occurs when a batter hits the ball over the outfield fence when:

1) There are no runners on base, otherwise known as a SOLO (punishable by 6 beer)
2) There are no home runs left for the team, otherwise known as an OUT (punishable by 6 beer)
3) Amendment - Home run out after being specifically told about it (punishable by 12 beer)

Article Three: Base Running
Base running violations will be based on a team vote, new amendments will be added as deemed reasonable and ratified by the team.

1) Leading off, you're dumb. (punishable by 6 beer)
2) Pinch Run leadoff = 12
3) Amendment - Poor base running, i.e. standing on second and not paying attention during an overthrow at first base or home. "It's not nice rule" (punishable by 6 beer)

Article Four: Fielding
Fielding amendment added Jun 2016.

1) Dropping routine fly ball. Even if the intention was to double up the person at second. (punishable by 6 beer)

Article Five = hitting pitcher
1 each game there is 1 free hitting the pitcher, after that it cost a 6 pack (not per player but per game as a team

Article six = bailing
Bailing on the team on game day will result in a 6 beer penalty

Beerstitution Violation List
ALLAN 2.2 (HR FOR AN OUT) - 6 (PAID - 0)
KATIE 4.1 1.3 (DROP, K) - 24 (PAID - 0
CAM 2.1 (SOLO) - 6 (PAID - 6)
SACHA 1.3 (K) - 6 (PAID - 0)

17 Tommy Rodrigues.867415157133015019.8671.2672.133
  Alex Fulton.85272727152350415040.8521.4812.333
  Allan Mazierski.78362323101861414038.7831.6522.435
  Cam Ryerson.75093636182750827056.7501.5562.306
  Deanna Fabiano.696623239160006016.696.6961.391
  Kristy Bell.60962323111441214026.6091.1301.739
  Raj Badve.5959373714226018031.595.8381.432
  Joe Mezza.593727275160015019.593.7041.296
  Katie Husak.579519193110002011.579.5791.158
  Sacha Pochni.5338303011163107021.533.7001.233
  Chris Mark.51972727101410311024.519.8891.407
  Carrie Nichols.50014412000002.500.5001.000
  Rich Allen.42972121591017013.429.6191.048
  kristen Tobin.385726265100004010.385.385.769
  Amanda Belbeck.3646222288000308.364.364.727
  Victoria Fulton.25014401000001.250.250.500
10 Ken Davidson.
  Sue Davidson.
  Andrew Goncalves.
  Gary Goncalves.
8 Vaughn Graston.
  Sarah Husak.
  Ally Kokucov.
11 Aaron Mark.
  Megan Roose.
  Olivia S
  Grace A

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