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Paul VI Baseball has a rich history of sending players to the next level. PVI Alums have played at every level of college baseball, competing in some of the top conferences in the nation such as the ACC and the SEC. Several Panther Alums have experienced the thrill of playing in the NCAA Regionals and Super Regionals. Three PVI Alums have been drafted by MLB teams, and eight have become pros. Few other high school programs send so many to college baseball, while seeing some eventually become pros. 

PVI Baseball Alumni who have been drafted or played professional baseball:

Mike Venafro- '91- Texas Rangers 29th Round (from James Madison University 1995)
Played in the Major Leagues for the Rangers, A's, Rays, Dodogers, and Rockies from 1999-2006
Alex Gregory- '05 - New York Mets 17th Round (from Radford University 2009)

- Peter Verdin- '08 Washington Nationals 39th Round (from University of Georgia 2011) did not sign, returned to UGA.  

- Brett Moore- '06 Pecos League/Can Am League (From Mount St. Mary's University 2011)
 -Ben Garner- '11 Los Angeles Angels Free Agent (from JMU 2016)
Ben Garner Signing
-Mitch Aker- '12 Arizona Diamondbacks Free Agent (from William & Mary and Utica Unicorns/USPBL 2016)
Mitchell Aker
-Robbie Kidd '11 Birmingha-Bloomfield Beavers/United Shore Professional Baseball League (USPBL) Free Agent 2016
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-Matt Kianka- '11 Fargo Morehead Redhawks/American Association (from U. South Carolina Beaufort) Free Agent 2016

PVI Baseball Alumni who are playing or played in college:
CLASS OF 2016 (6)
Kevin Kelley - '16 James Madison University (NCAA Div I)
Devon Adams - '16 Old Dominion University (NCAA Div I)
Clayton Baine - '16 Radford University (NCAA Div I)
Jack Cunningham - '16 Boston College (NCAA Div I)
Michael Coritz - '16 US Naval Academy (NCAA Div I)
Tim Newell - '16 Immaculatta University (NCAA Div III)
CLASS OF 2015 (2)
Trey Ramsey - '15 Princeton University (NCAA Div I)
Matthew Herzog - '15 Louisburg College (NJCAA)
CLASS OF 2014 (3)
Andy Page - '14 Millsaps College (NCAA Div III)
Jon Wiltshire - '14 Millsaps College (NCAA Div III)
Brady Moore - '14 Lynchburg College (NCAA Div III)
CLASS OF 2013 (5)
George Capen - '13 Holy Cross (NCAA Div I)
Lucas Martinez - '13 New Mexico State Univ (NCAA Div I)
Thomas VandeHouten - '13 William and Mary (NCAA Div I)
Braedon Lawson - '13 Saint Joseph's (NCAA Div I)
Joe Salzano - '13 Catholic University (NCAA Div III)
CLASS  of 2012 (3)
• Mitch Aker- '12 William & Mary (NCAA Div. I)
• Tyler Alger- '12 Merchant Marine Academy (NCAA Div. III)
• Mark Gunst- '12 James Madison University (NCAA Div. I)
CLASS OF 2011 (7)
• Ben Garner- '11 James Madsion University (NCAA Div. I)
• Matt Kianka- ’11- Virginia Commowealth University (NCAA Div. I), Central Arizona College (NJCAA Div.I) 
• Robbie Kidd- ’11- University of Tennessee (NCAA Div. I)
• Brian Robbett- ’11- Greensboro College (NCAA Div. II)
• Lansing Veeder- ’11- St. Joseph's University (NCAA Div. I)
• Alex Bryant- ’11- Mary Washington University (NCAA Div. III)
• Damon Frezza- ’11- Bucknell University (NCAA Div. I)

CLASS OF 2010 (3)
• Tyler Costello- ’10- Radford University (NCAA Div. I)
• Eric McGee- ’10- Penn State (NCAA Div. I)
• Josh Ruffin- ’10- Duke University (NCAA Div. I)

CLASS OF 2009 (7)
• Chad Morgan- ’09- Virginia Tech (NCAA Div. I)
• Cody Reeves- ’09- Towson University (NCAA Div. I)
• Dan Savage- ’09- Lynchburg College (NCAA Div. III)
• Justin Puentes- ’09- Lynchburg College (NCAA Div. III)
• Charles Beacom- ’09- Ferrum College (NCAA Div. III)
• Torey Mancari- ’09- University of Mary Washington (NCAA Div. III)
• Koji Marks- ’09- Methodist University (NCAA Div. III)

CLASS OF 2008 (9)
• Reed Bromley- ’08- Tennessee Wesleyan College (NAIA), Catawaba Valley CC (NJCAA), Frederick CC (NJCAA) 
• Mike McMcMenamin- ’08- Virginia Tech (NCAA Div. I) 
• Tim McCormick- ’08- St. John's University (NCAA Div. I), Frederick CC (NJCAA) 
• Mike Mitchell- ’08- St. John's University (NCAA Div. I), Frederick CC (NJCAA), University of Maryland Baltimore County (NCAA Div. I) 
• Drew Shaw- ’08- Temple University (NCAA Div. I), Eastern University (NCAA Div. III) 
• Greg Wiegand- ’08- University of Dayton (NCAA Div. I)
• Brett Bowers- ’08- East Carolina University (NCAA Div. I), George Washington University (NCAA Div. I)
• Matt Murakami- ’08- University of Maryland (NCAA Div. I), George Washington University (NCAA Div. I)
• Peter Verdin- ’08- University of Georgia (NCAA Div. I)

CLASS OF 2007 (2)
• Zach Costello- ’07- University of Delaware (NCAA Div. I), Radford University (NCAA Div. I)
• John Ralston- ’07- Rider University (NCAA Div. I)

CLASS OF 2006 (4)
• Don Foor- ’06- Catholic University of America (NCAA Div. III)
• Rob Lamas- ’06- Virginia Military Institute (NCAA Div. I), Radford University (NCAA Div. I) 
• Brett Moore- '06- Winthrop University (NCAA Div. I), Mt. Saint Mary's University (NCAA Div. I)
• JD Polcari- '06- Salisbury University (NCAA Div. III)

CLASS OF 2005 (8)
• Dan Brosnan '05- Wheeling Jesuit University (NCAA Div. II)
• Chuck Evans- ’05- Morehouse College (NCAA Div. II)
• Scott Eastment- '05- Georgetown University (NCAA Div. I), Frostburg State University (NCAA Div. III)
• Alex Gregory- ’05- Radford University (NCAA Div. I)
• Trey McMenamin- '05- Wingate University (NCAA Div. II)
• Will Naylor- ’05- Radford University (NCAA Div. I)
• JT Richardson- '05- Ferrum College (NCAA Div. III)
• Brian Short- ’05- Frostburg State University (NCAA Div. III)

CLASS OF 2004 (5)
• Ryne Bromley- ’04- Shepherd University (NCAA Div. II)
• Sean Fitzgerald- '04- Marshall University (NCAA Div. I)
• Mike Geraghty- ’04- Catholic University of America (NCAA Div. III)
• T.J. Guinan- ’04- Catonsville C.C. of Balt. Co. (NJCAA), Lander University (NCAA Div. II) 
• Jose Herrera- ’04- University of Toronto (CANADA)

CLASS OF 2003 (3)
• Steve Grodek- ’03- Mary Washington College (NCAA Div. III)
• Gabe Ralston- ’03- Frederick CC (NJCAA), Lebanon Valley College (NCAA Div. III)
• Aaron Ward- ’03- Norwich University (NCAA Div. III)

CLASS OF 2002 (3)
• Pat Commins- ’02- Denison University (NCAA Div. III)
• Steve Jones- ’02- Ithaca College (NCAA Div. III)
• Dan Bracht- ’02- George Mason University (NCAA Div. I)

CLASS OF 2001 (1)
• Karl Weimer- ’01- Lehigh University (NCAA Div. I)

CLASS OF 2000 (4)
• Todd Boesson- ’00- University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (NCAA Div. I)
• Tim Bottomley- ’00- Catholic University of America (NCAA Div. III)
• Greg Jones- ’00- Emory University (NCAA Div. II)
• Tom McCarty '00 - College of Charleston (NCAA Div. I)

CLASS OF 1999 (2)
• Matt Carullo- ’99- Georgetown University (NCAA Div. I)
• Chip Grawey- ’99- University of North Carolina-Wilmington (NCAA Div. I)

CLASS OF 1998 (4)
• Jimmy Torrell- ’98- Emory University (NCAA Div. II)
• John McCarty '98 - College of Charleston (NCAA Div. I)
• Dan Woodley '98 - James Madison & Western Carolina (NCAA Div. I)
• Chris Bettini '98 - St Mary's College (NCAA Div. III)

CLASS OF 1991 (1)
• Mike Venafro '91 - James Madison University (NCAA Div. I)
CLASS OF 1988 (3)
• Mark Fostek '88 - VA Wesleyan (NCAA Div. III), George Mason University (NCAA Div. I)
• Brian Harper '88 - Washington & Lee University (NCAA Div. III)

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