2017 Make up Game Schedule

Taunton East Little League – Rain out Make up Schedule

Sunday 6/4/2017 @ 5pm  (From 5/9/2017)
Pirates vs Angels
Saturday June 10, 2017

Tigers vs Mets move to B Field same Time  

Pirates vs Phillies  move to A Field at 7:30pm instead of 5:30pm
Sunday 6/11/17 @ 5pm (From 5/5/2017
A Field -Angels vs Phillies
B Field - Tigers vs Sox

Tuesday 6/13/2017 @ 5:30 PM (From 5/22/2017)
A Field -Pirates vs Tigers
B Field - Angels vs Rangers
C Field - Mets vs Phillies

D Field - White Sox vs A’s
Friday 6/16/2017 – Meat on the stick NO GAMES

Meat on the Stick Fundraiser 5-9 pm @ PACC School Street Taunton


Saturday 6/17/2017 @ 5:30 (From 5/26/2017

 B Field –Tigers vs Phillies
C Field - Pirates vs Mets

D Field - Rangers vs A’s
A Field -Angels vs White Sox


Sunday 6/18/2017 @ 4pm (From 6/5/2017 Continuation Games)

A Field -Tigers vs White Sox

B Field Rangers vs Mets

C Field - Pirates vs A’s

D Field - Angels vs Phillies


Sunday 6/18/2017 @ 5:30 (From 6/2/2017
A Field -Angels vs A’s

B Field Mets vs Tigers

C Field - Sox vs Rangers 

D Field - Pirates vs Phillies


Monday 6/19/2017 @ 5:30 (From 6/3/2017

A Field -Pirates vs White Sox


Tuesday 6/20/17 @ 5:30 (From 6/6/2017)

A Field -Mets vs Phillies

B Field White Sox vs A’s

C Field - Pirates vs Tigers


D Field - Angels vs Rangers