Last Updated: January 29, 2015
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  • All players must register prior to first league game
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CEHL Player Registration 2014-2015 Winter Hockey


Winter Hockey Schedule is now posted.    Please check your schedule weekly for venues and double headers.


Sunday Feb 8th -  some games are scheduled at the same times however they will be on different rinks.  The arena will have the rink posted.





Team Reps - check your online roster periodically.  Players that are registered will be posted on your roster when they register.  Have all your players registered by the first league game and submit updated rosters with sweater numbers and goalie information  to Players can be registered anytime during the season.  They must play the minimum number of games to be eligible for the playoffs. Please pay your league fees as required to avoid the penalty.


Game Sheets

Each team must have an official game sheet (downloaded on the left tab Official Gamesheets) filled out and handed to the timekeeper before each game. If both teams do not have a game sheet filled out the game clock will run.  If one team does not have a game sheet they will get a 2 minute penalty.



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Summer 2014 Hockey Championship Congratulations

A DIV CHAMPIONS .... FreeAgents
C DIV CHAMPIONS .... Draft Picks
D DIV CHAMPIONS .... Panthers


Winter 2013-2014 Hockey Championships Congratulations

A DIV CHAMPIONS .... Paulina Gretsky
B DIV CHAMPIONS .... Mordiques
D DIV CHAMPIONS .... Sens-Asianz

E DIV CHAMPIONS .... Couch Potatos


Summer 2013 Hockey Championship Congratulations

A DIV CHAMPIONS .... Free Agents
B DIV CHAMPIONS .... Saucer Kings
C DIV CHAMPIONS .... Disturbed
D DIV CHAMPIONS .... Canadians






All players must be registered using ONLINE FORMS to be eligible to play.
Lookout Lounge - The bar upstairs at the Hamilton 4PAD is offering a Food and Team Sponsorship deal. See Lookout Lounge tab under the Main Menu.

If you have a team sponsor he can be acknowledged in the SPONSORS
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For more hockey information visit
Hamilton Hockey Directory website @


Last Schedule Change - Jan 29,
2015 11:00am


Upcoming Games

Sunday,  Feb 1
Winter B
Westdale Wagon Wheelz @ D Block 5:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Westdale Wagon Wheelz @ Dishin Magicians 6:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Winter D
Fussy Puckers @ Gentek Jokers 7:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Winter E
Stars @ Kings 8:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Sunday,  Feb 8
Winter B
Maguires Monsters @ Westdale Wagon Wheelz 6:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
D Block @ Dishin Magicians 6:45pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Hockey House @ Waterboys 7:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Smokey Bears @ Free Agents 7:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Boys @ Knighton's Knights 8:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Winter C
Sens-Asianz @ Backdoor Sneaks 5:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Disturbed @ Street Meat 5:45pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Hamilton Red Hawks @ Watch the Throne 8:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Ghostriders @ Sabres 9:00pm Dave Andreychuk Mountain Arena & Skating Centre
Hurricanes @ Grinders 9:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Winter D
Panthers @ Oilers 9:00pm Parkdale (Pat Quinn) Arena
Multiple Scorgasms @ Fussy Puckers 9:45pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Gentek Jokers @ NoDekes 10:00pm Dave Andreychuk Mountain Arena & Skating Centre
Sterling 76'ers @ Mob 10:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Winter E
Kings @ Pylons 9:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Stars @ Little Puckers 10:00pm Parkdale (Pat Quinn) Arena
Bandits @ BPM 10:45pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Sunday,  Feb 15
Winter B
Backdoor Sneaks @ Smokey Bears 10:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Winter D
Oilers @ Mob 5:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Sterling 76'ers @ Multiple Scorgasms 6:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Gentek Jokers @ Mob 6:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Multiple Scorgasms @ Oilers 7:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Fussy Puckers @ Sterling 76'ers 7:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Kings @ Fussy Puckers 8:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Winter E
Pylons @ Stars 8:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Little Puckers @ Bandits 9:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Stars @ Kings 9:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Sunday,  Feb 22
Winter D
Panthers @ Multiple Scorgasms 5:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
NoDekes @ Sterling 76'ers 6:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Mob @ Fussy Puckers 6:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Gentek Jokers @ Oilers 7:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Panthers @ NoDekes 7:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Winter E
BPM @ Pylons 7:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Bandits @ Kings 8:15pm Mohawk 4Ice Center
Little Puckers @ Stars 9:00pm Mohawk 4Ice Center

For a complete schedule listing, click here!