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Welcome To The Home of The

Cedar Grove Junior Baseball and Softball League

2017 Clothing pre-sale

Baseball Hats for sale

We have two styles of baseball hats for sale. They will be available at our league meetings or You can purchase online. Email info@cgjbsl.com with questions.


Style#1 $10



Style #2 $15



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Please note we have a new email address info@cgjbsl.com


Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, Apr 30
Baseball Minors
Game @ 9U-B Travel5:30pmBlasi Field
Monday, May 1
Baseball Minors
PRACTICE Little Falls Trophy4:00pmGeorge Street Field
Baseball Pee Wee
Cedar Grove Lions Club @ NG Foundation6:00pmNorth End School (Coaches Pitch)
Softball PeeWee/Instructional
Modell's PRACTICE6:00pmNorth End School (Softball)
Tuesday, May 2
Baseball Minors
Shook's Funeral Home @ FCS Metro5:30pmGeorge Street Field
Baseball Majors
Peluso Orthodontics @ Grasshopper6:00pmBlasi Field
Pirates @ Mets6:00pmEverett Field
Fume Cigar Lounge @ Yankees8:00pmEverett Field
Baseball Pee Wee
Degree Day Systems @ Precision Saw & Tool6:00pmNorth End School (Coaches Pitch)
Softball PeeWee/Instructional
23 Bagel Cafe @ LF McCauley & Assoc6:00pmLF Railroad Field
Wednesday, May 3
Baseball Minors
PRACTICE 10U Travel5:30pmGeorge Street Field
Baseball Majors
11u Travel PRACTICE6:00pmBlasi Field
Softball PeeWee/Instructional
NG Foundation @ Modell's6:00pmNorth End School (Softball)
Thursday, May 4
Baseball Minors
PRACTICE FCS Metro4:00pmGeorge Street Field
Supreme Energy @ Wonder Years Learning Center5:30pmGeorge Street Field
Baseball Majors
Cubs @ Fume Cigar Lounge6:00pmBlasi Field
Pirates @ Yankees6:00pmEverett Field
Baseball Pee Wee
Bloomfield Institute of Therapy @ NG Foundation6:00pmNorth End School (Coaches Pitch)
Softball PeeWee/Instructional
NG Foundation @ LF PBA Local 3466:00pmLF Railroad Field
LF Schumacher @ 23 Bagel Cafe6:00pmNorth End School (Softball)
Friday, May 5
Baseball Pee Wee
Precision Saw & Tool @ Cedar Grove Lions Club6:00pmNorth End School (Coaches Pitch)
Saturday, May 6
Baseball Minors
PRACTICE 10U Travel9:00amGeorge Street Field
PRACTICE 9U Travel10:30amGeorge Street Field
FCS Metro @ Wonder Years Learning Center1:00pmGeorge Street Field
Shook's Funeral Home @ Little Falls Trophy3:00pmGeorge Street Field
Baseball Majors
Mets @ Pirates9:00amEverett Field
Fume Cigar Lounge @ Peluso Orthodontics11:00amBlasi Field
11u Travel PRACTICE9:00pmBlasi Field
Softball PeeWee/Instructional
LF McCauley & Assoc @ Modell's10:00amNorth End School (Softball)

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 2
General Meeting8:00pmSouth End School
Tuesday, May 9
General Meeting8:00pmSouth End School
Tuesday, May 16
MMS Spring Concert
Tuesday, Jun 6
4th Grade Pool Party
4th Grade Pool Party Rain Date
General Meeting8:00pmSouth End School
General Meeting8:00pmSouth End School
Thursday, Jun 8
MMS Pool Party
Friday, Jun 9
MMS Pool Party Rain Date
Wednesday, Jul 5
General Meeting7:00pmSouth End School

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